Arsenal in Deep, Deep, Deep, Deep, Hyperbolic Trouble

I know for a fact there are several people who would not know what that ‘H’ word in the headline means. Joke’s on them, I guess. The day dawns with some vultures circling the club after losing their nine-year stranglehold over their old rivals, and everyone forgetting that it was a largely inconsequential league cup match.

The news story that everyone is talking about today is Arsenal’s transformation into the new Newcastle United, with it now revealed that Adebayor headbutted Nicklas Bendtner which caused all the handbags that we spotted on the telly against Spurs.

It was all caused by a sly remark on Bendtner’s footballing ability by Adebayor, who came on with the side 4-1 down. There are a number of blogs who have already covered the story: A Cultured Left Foot and Arseblog do a good job in their commentary, so for now I’ll just wade in with my thirty-three cents.

It obviously all comes down to the FA’s panel, where they will sit down and decide for how many years Adebayor will be banned from appearing publicly, or some such thing. The best that Arsenal can do (and will be expected of Wenger), is to keep the punishments all in-house. Bendtner is young and ‘still maturing’ (euphemism alert), while Adebayor cannot be faulted for his passion and devotion to Arsenal (see his celebration in the 2-2 draw against Spurs last year for evidence).

Make no mistake, it was a disgraceful thing to see, and to do it in front of the Spurs supporters is like parents having a fight in front of their kids. It’s not something they should be seeing. It’s all added to Spurs delusioned belief that they are now better than Arsenal – which frankly ignores the fact we have double their points tally in the league and that Man Utd in all likelyhood will walk all over them in the FA Cup – and Arsenal now have to shut up shop.

Criticisms of Gallas’ captaincy (he handled the Bendtner/Adebayor incident very well, I thought) have been founded not on analysis of his track record thus far, but only upon a reactive crowd of Arsenal ‘fans’ who have probably only watched the side since the 2000’s – losing to Spurs is a very new experience, I am sure, but it’s not the first time you’ve seen a cup loss, neither. Get a grip.

The other news that has been spurred on by the Tottenham ‘fallout’ is the angle of Theo Walcott being shipped out on loan as his form continues to dip. Simply put, this will not help Theo or Arsenal out at all. How much more pressure could you possibly put on an 18 year old? It’s a credit to Theo that he has not booked himself into a clinic of some sort without the mad fanatics hounding him constantly in the media.

All he needs is time. There is no guarantee that he will make it at Arsenal, but he is talented enough to forge a career somewhere in the Premiership. It’s high time fans started ignoring the transfer fee that brought young Theo to the club, and started putting about as much expectation on him as we do on, say, Fran Merida. Moderation, please.

And with that, I’m off to pack my bags for a little drive tomorrow. Nothing like the trip Joey Barton is about to make, but nearly as important. Hopefully there’ll be time to stew over all the low news surrounding the club, and get on with the FA Cup fixture on our doorstep.

More tomorrow – peace out.



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14 responses to “Arsenal in Deep, Deep, Deep, Deep, Hyperbolic Trouble

  1. rayman

    Nice balanced views and sensible. However I think you are being unfair to some of the fans who have been critical of Walcott. I have been appalled at how bad he has been for us at times this season regardless of his age.

    He is getting preferrential treatment and that is what gets so many people irate. Is he really deserving of a first team EPL place ahead of Gibbs or Randall, for example? No matter how poor he plays other first team and reserve players get ignored and he gets to play. All I think the fans want to see is some merit based team selection. Barazite was tearing up the Reserve league and was continually ignored even though he is happy to play wide right. Theo is unhappy to play there, is frankly rubbish there and yet Barazite is ignored.

    Theo can’t have it both ways if he is happy to accept preferential treatment becasue he is so special then he has to work on the pitch to show that he deserves that treatment. Why can’t he play to his allocated position? Whay can’t he stay out wide, play simple give and goes, track back with the opposition left mid etc? What makes him so special that he is unwilling to do any of those things but they are expected of Ronanldo, Rooney, Tevez and many other talented players who are sometimes asked to play ‘out of position’? You do whats required for the team, end of story. You take your instructions and you follow them.

    I agree that sending him out on loan is not a good idea, I think he should go back to the Reserves and get back to the basics of the game and play regularly. Only when he starts scoring and following instructions to the letter should he come back into consideration for the first team. In the meantime, if injuries / suspensions mean we need to dip into the fringe players / reserves for the wide right postition I would like to see some other options being looked at (Randall, Barazite, Gibbs etc) based on who is doing the best in the Reserve games / training.

  2. Rudgy

    Why is everyone so overhyping this incident. This ort of thing happens everyday in training – So it spilled onto the pitch – so what?! It shows we have passion and it shows we dont like to lose. Tell me whats wrong with that. All video cameras have been inconclusive of the incident – cant have been that bad then.

  3. jammathon

    Rudgy, youve just told me what I forgot to mention in the blog. (is smacking head at this point). I meant to mention the incident involving Patrick Vieira and Fredrik Ljungberg some time ago. They constantly berrated each other when moves were not pulled off. They still won two titles together.

    And Rayman, Barazite is only 17 years old. As are Gibbs and Randall. 18 is too young (what I’ve argued with Walcott) apart from super-exceptions like Fabregas, so the same logic applies to them. If anything, the right approach has been taken with Barazite, Randall, Gibbs, et al. Ditto Merida. It’s a big wait and see game, and I cannot emphasize enough that we have to be lenient with Walcott – perhaps there is an insinuation in your comment that Walcott needs more time in the reserves. Who knows, that could be spot on.

  4. AusGunner

    rayman, it’s absurd to suggest that Walcott is ‘unwilling’ to do his best for the team, as you put it. He’s just not a natural midfield player. He had a poor showing as striker at only his, what, second time of asking? but the midfield service was appalling and any young striker would have struggled in those conditions.

  5. J-Gooner

    I think Walcott going on loan will dent his confidence, he should just remain playing with the reserves, afterall in a few years time some of the reserves will be our first team, so he’ll get to know them better.

    But yea, with the Ade n Bendtner issue, all it shows is passion! Even though it was wrong, but at least us fans know that the game and club means a lot to them for them to be acting like that.

  6. TonyB

    I disagree . . . not generally, but with the theory that going on loan will be bad for Theo’s confidence.

    Lets’ face it, the position Arsene has put himself in is that anything other than a first team place will be considered a ‘demotion’ now.

    Going back a few years, West Ham sent Jermaine Defoe out on loan to Bournemouth (my local team). To this day, he still holds the record for scoring in 11 successive matches.

    Of course, poor old Jermaine ended up at Spurs, but the Bournemouth experience stood him in good stead to make the leap into top flight football.

  7. Casicky

    ‘large inconsequential league cup match’ why cant you admit we floppt???i mean we havent won anything in a while when you get to a semi a two-legged semi at that you have to at least have a proper go….’large inconsequential league cup match’..have read ur posts for a while and that statement is by far the most IRRITATING!!!

  8. rayman


    Yes my point is he should have more time in the reserves. I didn’t realise that the players I mentioned were significantly younger than Theo, but you are right Gibbs and Randall are 6 months younger than him, Barazite, Lansbury and Murphy are another year younger. Maybe, as you point out, the problem is that none of these players are old enough for first team action, including Theo. So if thats the case we need to spend and stop pretending we have a deep squad.

    When i looked at the club website I realised the following: We have 27 first team squad members. Three are keepers. Kerrea Gilbert, Traore and Randall are in there and they never get chosen for EPL first team action. RVP is long term absent, 3 at the ACN, leaving us 17 outfield players in our squad, the ‘fringe’ or backup ones being Diaby and Denilson. We have 15 genuine first team outfield players to chose from, and at any time some of those may be suspended or injured. Putting it plainly the squad is too small until the ACN ends and thats probably why Theo has to play, there’s nobody else, unless Randall is considered good enough, but as jammathon says, he’s even younger than Theo.

    Maybe, even though the ACN will be over in Feb, its time we bought that left winger or back up for Flam, bumped the squad numbers up a bit and increased competition / protection from absences of key players.

    Oh and if RVP stays injured and Theo is out of contention we will have three possible forwards to chose from for the foreseeable future, even after the ACN finishes. Lets hope those three stay injury and suspension free till the end of the season. RVP please come back soon!

  9. Ryan

    Casicky I’m not sure anyone is saying we didn’t flop. But as much as we all want to win every tournament and if at the end of the season we win nothing that will be frustrating, what’s really so fantastic about winning it?

    Sure the trophy is ours for a year and our name will go down in the records, but seriously, in a competition where Chelsea are just about the only good team who play their best squad who really cares? Winning it is not a major achievement, although it would be nice, and is having the ability to say ‘we won something’ even if it was only the Carling Cup really that satisfying? Frankly I’d rather finish second place in everything than win the Carling Cup and go out of everything else worse. Winning isn’t all that counts- especially in such a lightweight competition. Wenger plays mostly squad players and kids to give them games and considering how relatively small this competition is, he does the right thing. Christ we almost won the tournament against Chelsea’s best team last year and missed only one game this season. If you can’t consider that a great positive and are only worried about being able to say we won a trophy then I think your priorities are strange.

  10. Ryan

    Whoever mentioned Theo’s preferential treatment- what about Eboue?! He’s playing just as badly, the difference is he plays very regularly. Some people have said playing our very young reserves at the moment might be bad for their development and maybe that’s true as with Theo, I just can’t tell- or maybe it varies a lot from player to player, but frankly I’d rather sacrifice Theo and Eboue now and replace them with just about any 13 year old kid who can put in a 3/10 performance on a regular basis- ruining his career in the long run than persist with playing two guys who seem to be even worse at the moment.


  11. Ryan

    I must admit I do like this site.

  12. Cassidy

    I agree with Rudgy and jammathon.

    What happened between Nick and Adebayor happens a lot (take Rooney + Ronaldo for example), both of their tempers were probably already heated, especially as we didn’t play well and lost 5-1.
    However I hate the way some newspapers have blown it out of proportion. There are so many different stories, some papers are saying that Ade hit Nick, some say that Nick kicked/clipped Ade’s heel, and some papers just say it was an argument.
    As there’s not too much clear evidence, I think it’s best for everyone to just use it as a learning experience and move on.

    On a positive note, at least the FA aren’t charging Ade for anything. It would be a real shame for us to lose him now, especially as RVP is still out, and Adebayor is becoming such an important part of our play.

    Anyway, here’s to hoping for 3 points against Newcastle.
    cool site by the way..

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  14. skantius

    hi jammathon, great article as usual. i, for one, am pleased that we got this lose out of the way, it was bound to come anyway. better that it came in an inconcequential game, now i can relax, safe in the knowledge that the next time we will lose to the spuds will be the year 2017 or beyond