The Arsenal Story set to be Flaminified

As we all wait for the dust to settle after the ever-falling fallout from the Carling Cup, Arsenal are suddenly hit with some rather pomp and proper good news – some of it involving people getting leniently off the hook, and a certain midfielder giving some very good vibes off with wink-of-the-eye hints.

Personally, I cannot think of any better news to distract us from Togo’s war on Denmark than that of Mathieu Flamini hinting very strongly that a new contract is well on the horizon. Sometimes Mount Fuji looks like it will never get any closer (and those that have tried to walk to Melbourne University on foot can attest to this), but eventually good things come one’s way. This time, it looks like Flamini’s in for the long haul, and we’ll be seeing his welcome signature on a piece of paper that will be sending some well-deserved dosh his way.

With Flamini on form (how often has bee off form this season? I can scarcely remember…), very few teams can get past our midfield. The reason I felt so confident we would play well against Manchester United way back when was because they had not played a team with a terrier like Flamini yet. He is essential to any title chase we have, and he is making my job of choosing a player of the season very difficult – though that would be speaking a bit too soon, now. On signing a contract, Flamini says:

I’m talking with the club. I am very happy and have some close friends here. I really hope that I will be staying and I’m very optimistic about it.

Arsenal is my priority and I hope that everything gets sorted out because I love this club – the atmosphere is amazing, the new stadium, the supporters, everything. We are creating a new story here and I want to be part of that story.

Of course, let’s not divert too much attention from the always-concerning matter of Adebayor’s indiscretion, who looks set to be let off scott free, after the FA deemed the video evidence of his and Bendtner’s African-greeting to be ‘inconclusive’. Perhaps David Dein had a cheeky say in matters? Nevertheless, there is a chance that Arsenal will be fined instead for not controlling their players, which in a way is fair – if someone did not get punished for a pretty disgraceful incident, then the world really has gone mad.

Nevertheless, there is some tightrope walking to be done on the team-management side of things. Adebayor, in spite of what has happened, has earned his place in this side with his 16 goals, given the van-Persielessness of the current squad. Wenger cannot drop him while Robin remains injured, which means that some stern words will have to be made behind closed doors. It will be interesting to see the team’s reaction in tomorrow’s FA Cup match against Newcastle.

Speaking of which, it seems Gael Clichy and Phillipe Senderos are set to make their return to the side in that very match, which alleviates our defensive selection problems greatly. Senderos in particular has been building a steady string of solid performances lately, and I am looking forward to see if he can keep up the good work.

To round the rest of the news off, it seems Theo Walcott will not be going out on loan afterall, despite what Stoke and Liverpool rumours you might hear (the correct decision from Wenger); fifteen-year-old Englishman Luke Freeman’s status has been changed from ‘Imminent arrival’ to ‘definitely definitely coming’; and the Fabregas-to-Madrid rumours may finally, finally be scrubbed away once and for all. Thank God for that.

Now we will only have to put up with Fabregas-to-Barcelona rumours, instead. As we say in nondescript lands: “Ah well…”


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  1. mike

    lets face it, I didnt see the incident between the two lads but in fairness there was no bones broken and maybe the odd slap or two. Isn’t it purely down to passion for success that drove them to the bust-up. As for Flamini – Now thats great news. He’s the French Keown.