It’s Manchester United at Old Trafford in the FA Cup

One more update to make up for a missed day.

The most predictable draw tonight was Chelsea’s home match against Huddersfield.

Arsenal were drawn against Manchester United. At Old Trafford.

The full draw as follows:

  • Bristol Rovers v Southampton
  • Cardiff City v Wolves
  • Sheff Utd v Middlesbrough
  • Liverpool v Barnsley
  • Manchester United v Arsenal
  • Preston v Portsmouth
  • Coventry v West Brom
  • Chelsea v Huddersfield

A review of tonight’s mess tomorrow, friends.



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6 responses to “It’s Manchester United at Old Trafford in the FA Cup

  1. Jim brown

    I f you want to win any trophy you have to beat the best. There is no running away from this even in the cl.My sincere hope is that Arsenal beat that som for his arrogance.
    I’m confiednt Arsenal can do the job at OT even though you have cl fixtures coming up.compared to 1999 when Arsenal lost the sf I’m sure Wenger has his full team at his disposal. Unlike then a number of key players were suspended leading to the conspiracy theory which I fully support.
    Let the gunners do the job .I don’t care what the overated Bri bull dog can do.
    When he and the other arrogant R don’t have the time and space see how good they are.

  2. Frichie

    Bring ’em on

  3. Rob


    You should have added ‘bitches’ to the end of your comment, it has a much stronger effect.

    Bring ’em on…bitches.

  4. johnnybergkamp

    I’m just glad that we missed Huddersfield!

  5. Kid Kle

    While I knew we’d draw man u at some point (preferably at the grove), I’d hoped it would have been later but as frichie said bring em on. Clichy seems to be the only left back in the prem that can mark that mousse-haired, arrogant shit. honestly of the 3 games i’ve watched in last 2 years, i forgot he was on the pitch except when i hear the boos and when he pops up to score. it sounds like a tautology but it’s true. cl fixtures might dictate who le boss plays tho

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