Relief for Toure and a Lifeline for Lehmann.

It’s Newcastle United again tonight, after a day where the whole world seemed to forget how satire worked, and I was accused of everything from racism to ‘a complete lack of intelligence. Such is life.

-{ (Lehmann) remains a top-class goalkeeper (albeit a human one)…}-

Jens Lehmann has been promised by his manager that he will play in all of Arsenal’s FA Cup fixtures this season, whether that be a solitary match against Manchester United, or a successful run to the final. Though Wenger emphasized the club was not taking such a run for granted, he affirmed that the selection was a tactical one, in that Lehmann would be motivated to extend his run of games in Arsenal colours in a knockout environment. The manager says:

I am happy that he is rewarded and as long as he does not gain his place back, he will be difficult to beat in the FA Cup, as he knows that means games for him. You could wish that the Final would be his last game. But we are far from that.

In every round he is highly up for it. You could still see that this guy at 38 comes in like he has never missed a game because he prepares so well every day. There is a huge respect for him inside the squad.

Jens Lehmann has come under some heavy stick this season, both for his high-profile errors on the field and his ill-chosen words off of it. Nevertheless, he remains a top-class goalkeeper (albeit a human one) that seems to have righted his wrongs of late with some mature views on transfers out of Arsenal, as well as binning the Almunia-slander. Since the latter was the major problem I had with him this season, and that it seems to have been cleared up, you can safely say I do not have any niggling problems with our brilliant – but erratic – goalkeeper.

As already mentioned, we have been drawn with Manchester United away in the FA Cup – and as juicy a fixture as it is, Wenger’s got some choice words for the Man Utd management concerning their recent foray into Saudi Arabia. Using every chance they can get to make a quick buck out of their fanbase in the land of human rights abuses, Wenger has criticised their trip as ‘quite stupid, really’.

If it has a negative bearing on Manchester United’s title-tilt, I am all for the trip, frankly. Who’s side is Wenger on, eh? Arsene also had some words of warning for the players assigned to marking Newcastle’s Michael Owen, saying the player remains a dangerous entity in spite of his recurring injuries. Focus is also the key for young Catalan midfielder Cesc Fabregas (and I apologise to any readers who take the slightest bit of offence at the mere mention of someone’s nationality – at least Cesc Fabregas is not African, that would be really be bad), who has pushed the team to ‘put the blinkers on‘ and concentrate only on the games we play, and not our rivals.

-{Wenger has confirmed (Toure) will only miss a few games…}-

Last night saw some interesting (rediculous) shenanigans involving some agent mischief in the transfer market, with reports coming out that Jonathan Woodgate was about to be poached from under an interested Spurs nose by Arsenal. Every paper jumped on it, and while I myself am not too interested in the player, I joined a wide reaching group of blogs that took the bait and set the story on the site. The truth of course, is that Spurs got their man in the end – not without a few heart-leaping moments, though.

A central defender that most definitely is ours but is being borrowed by another team that went and got him injured is Kolo Toure, whose groin strain is not as bad as first feared. Wenger has confirmed the player will only miss a few games of Ivory Coast’s, rather than any of ours once he returns:

Kolo has a Grade One groin problem. It will keep him out for eight to 10 days – but he will stay with the Ivory Coast squad for the rest of the tournament.

290108newcastleOnto the Newcastle  preview, and I think picking this team is a little easier this time round, with the only question being who will replace Rosicky after he pulled short ten minutes into the FA Cup fixture on Saturday.

I’ve plumped for Walcott which will keep the team almost exactly the same as the last fixture, with Almunia coming in for Lehmann. The rest pick themselves, and the result of this game is dependent on keeping the confidence gained from the last fixture going into this one.

If: Senderos can keep his good form going, Flamini can assert himself as he has done all season, Hleb remains his diminutive self, and Adebayor carves up Newcastle like he always carves up his doubters, then Arsenal will win this. If Fabregas can find scoring form, then it could be a right mauling.

In the end, it’s always a ‘wait and see’ deal. Here’s hoping for threee points, and some nice healthy pressure on Saudi Arabia United. Comment away..!



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7 responses to “Relief for Toure and a Lifeline for Lehmann.

  1. Anonymous

    It is a good opportunity for Diaby to extend his contrct till 2011. I’m really convinced dat, he will sign the new deal coz his contributions will help the team excel in their Premier Leauge title race.Congrats!

  2. Faceman

    Excellent blog again, not much to add so I thought I would go off on a bit of a tangent. I remember reading a while back that Carlos Vela would be joining up with the first team in January when his Spanish citizenship comes through. This obviously did not happen any ideas why not and will he definitely be coming over from Spain in the summer?


  3. Scooch

    Following on from yesterdays posts…….. HOW can you say that Cesc isn’t African??? Do you know that??? Does he know that??? Maybe he’s a third generation African??? You’re a bloody racist!!!

    Anyway, now I got that outta my systems….. Good article, I too have no problem with Jens (as long as he keeps his big mouth shut) and think that it’s a great idea by AW to play him in the FA cup. Lets just hope he can keep his cool when the Man USA players start treading on his toes at corners tho.

    I’d much prefer to see Diaby play on the left tonight with Hleb on the right. Walcott could then come on and be as ineffectual as he usually is later in the game (tho he was far better than I’ve seen in a long time on saturday).

    Face, as far as I’ve heard Vela will be coming to us in the summer and not before. Not sure it’s down to passport problems rather than AW wanting him to get more experience in Spain.

    Ps. You’re not a bloody racist, Jammathon. That was a joke and should in no way be interpretted otherwise!!!

  4. arsenalviper

    Hey scooh i was about 2 launch into you, 4 attackin thirdgen, then i read the last line.
    Apologies to you and yours, cause i was about to launch a diatribe!!! Sorry

  5. Scooch

    Viper, I’m assuming you didn’t read yesterdays article and subsequent posts?

    Too many people not understanding the concept of satire and accusing Jammathon of being racist. It was very very funny!!!

  6. arsenalviper

    i hang my head in shame and adsmit i didnt. slap handie bad viperr

  7. Steve

    I think that you are all racists. Its clear in what you say. This blog should be shut down with immediate effect and an intelligent sensible blog put in its place with no satire. Satire? Oh….