Arsenal Sign a String of Players; Third-Gen’s Blog of the Week: Coming Soon.

Arsenal defeated Newcastle by a convincing 3-0 scoreline on Tuesday, leaving them top of the table until a Ronaldo-inspired Manchester United ripped Portsmouth to shreds a day later to reclaim the Number One on goal difference.

Flamini Daily Mail Many sites have already reported on Arsenal’s win over a still-goalless Keagan-Newcastle, with Adebayor putting a wonderful header on an equally wonderful Flamini assist, before Flamini again decided to blow the stadiums’ mind with a thumping 25-yard drive that rasped past the despairing Shay Given. Fabregas scored his first goal in three months after finishing off a move started by an offside-Bendtner, rounding off an enjoyable night for the red and white.

-{Lately I have been pondering who – if the season were to end tomorrow – would be Arsenal’s player of the season.}-

No surprises (after all the adulations he’s received in the press) that Mathieu Flamini gets man of the match for his performance – tackling, backtracking, crossing, running and scoring – he simply did it all that night.

Lately I have been pondering who – if the season were to end tomorrow – would be Arsenal’s player of the season. The beginning was run by Fabregas, with Hleb then Gallas taking over the honours in November and early December, until Adebayor (with an Eduardo cameo) hit his scoring straps and then some up to the present day. Yet all the while, the combative midfielder known to his teammates as ‘Gattuso’ – to some of us as ‘Katita’ – has consistently put in performances that gel Arsenal into a cohesive, combative title-pushing side. With him in our side, fear is never an issue against the Chelsea’s, Liverpool’s and Manchester United’s of the world.

Hopefully I can put a poll up sometime soon so we can start getting our votes in for such things. Sticking with Flamini, and implications from the midfielder and management suggest that a new contract is a matter of ‘when, not if’, despite interest from Juventus. In an article on, Flamini talks of his friendships in the team, as well as the imminent new contract, saying:

My priority is to stay here. I’m very happy here. I’m happy to play in the team and everything is good. My representatives are talking with the Club and I hope everything will be good. I want to play game after game. The rest, we will see later.

So it is all looking fairly positive at this juncture. Another player who has extended his own contract until 2012 is the Vieira-imatition himself, Abou Diaby. Despite giving some on-and-off performances down Arsenal’s flanks, he has still managed to show glimpses of his potential, earning him the extension. From what we have all seen (we have all seen good things from him, right?), I certainly hope he will become a success with the club in some measure.

-{(Djourou) got more games as a stand-in midfielder, rather than settling him into a position he has shown new, refreshing talent in.}-

Walcott has personally rubbished claims he might have gone on loan before the transfer window ended, saying that it would benefit him more to train with ‘some of the best players in the world’, rather than move clubs temporarily. It’s probably the correct decision, especially considering Arsene Wenger will insist on developing him into the position he feels is best. The experience with Birmingham and Johann Djourou was less than helpful – the Arsenal defender got more games as a stand-in midfielder, rather than settling him into a position he has shown new, refreshing talent in.

-{A recent development that I have been front-running amongst the major Arsenal bloggers…is to establish a weekly ‘Arsenal Blog of the Week’ award.}-

An Englishman who has also signed the dotted line is young Luke Freeman, who after a ‘protracted’ saga with his club Gillingham, has agreed a student-registration with Arsenal. Gillingham are set to receive bonus payouts should Freeman make enough appearances and score enough goals for Arsenal in the future, so they will be rewarded (hopefully) for their allowing Freeman to enhance his gifts at a major club.

And with that, there’s just one thing left to mention before signing off. A recent development that I have been front-running amongst the major Arsenal bloggers (all on the blogroll to the right, there) is to establish a weekly ‘Arsenal Blog of the Week’ award to those that demonstrate outstanding writing, enterprise and originality in the upkeep of their blog and the provision of news to their readers.

I expect the award to evolve over time, both in its adjudication and in its recipients. A full explaination of the award and what it hopes to achieve can be located here. Hopefully it develops into something worthwhile and deserving.

With that, it’s another night of me signing off. Stay well, all.



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10 responses to “Arsenal Sign a String of Players; Third-Gen’s Blog of the Week: Coming Soon.

  1. bob

    arseblog will win every time.

  2. Finsburygun

    Did anyone get to the bottom of the Katita thing?

  3. TonyB

    Good God.

    I’ve only just seen the blog from Monday (been working away). I would never believe such a large number of people can misunderstand something like that – truly jaw-dropping.

    The bit that made me laugh most was the way Ade luckily stumbled his way 40+ metres . . quality writing Jammathon.

  4. Joe Gooner

    This blogger is worse than Jonathan Chong. Retire!

  5. spacemonkey82

    Good writing.

    I was very excited about the overall playing of the team and the passion shown by Flamini. He’s like the midfield captain. I’m just surprised that he’s not in the French national team, maybe in a few years with Arsenal. The player of the season would be interesting to see as Arsenal never really has that one player that always stands out. Arsenal has always been a team, Henry was the only exception.

    Here’s to the Gunners taking trophies.

  6. scarface007

    Why in the world do people think that a new face has to be brought in in the jan transfer window . id like to see the jan transfer window actually used only for signing and promoting reserve/youth players from within the premiership/english leagues. used only to bolster the squad but not change it completely and fins the hidden gems if not temp cover till summer. coz its unfair on some teams facing a “weaker”team home n away after the jan transfer window while others havent .

  7. how about my blog…hehehe..

  8. anonymous

    Djourou’s got a preference as a DM.

  9. I too, coincidentally, have been thinking along the lines of who will go down as our best player this season. What’s incredible is that many of the squad are all serious candidates – Gallas, Toure, Sagna, Clichy, Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini and Adebayor. I find myself changing my mind constantly but coming up with a top three has been a horrendously difficult task. Right now I would say the following based on the season so far…

    1. Emmanuel Adebayor

    2. Aliaksandr Hleb

    3. Mathieu Flamini

    No, I’m not sure actually. Oh I don’t know. It pains me to leave out Cesc but he just has not shown the same consistency as the others. His impressive start means he could still make my top three by the season’s end but if he is to do so, a stepping up on his part is in order. Honorable mentions to the other guys. William Gallas and Kolo Toure have been rocks at the back. Sagna has proved an excellent acquisition and fitted into the team superbly. Clichy has come on leaps and bounds.

    Oh well. It is only a good thing that this season I find it a little harder than last season to select the best of the crop. Actually maybe it should be something more like this.

    1. Emmanuel Adebayor

    2. Aliaksandr Hleb/Mathieu Flamini

    3. Cesc Fabregas/The Back Four