Fabregas’ Destiny-Charge and Clichy’s Call-up

Let’s have a quick news round up, as there are just too many things going on in the real world at this current juncture of this blogger’s life. Not that I’d ever prioritise anything above my readers, I swear!

With Manchester United crowing about how they’re top of the league (tied, actually, but goal difference means the world to them at this point), Cesc Fabregas has come out with his own sharp tongue and spoken of what a dissapointment it would be to not win the league. The young midfielder says:

Even though we are young now we have shown everyone what we can do. If we do not win it of course we will be disappointed. Definitely, definitely.

Not the most profound quote, I’ll give you that much, but what it does show is the right attitude from Cesc. In isolation, the only team that should be dissapointed (given what the papers write) should they not win the league is Manchester United, such is their taken-for-granted Ronaldo’s-best-free-kick mentality to the rest of their opponents. Make no mistake, Arsenal have a big ask in front of them to pull it off – but you cannot fault them for not having their heads about them. Thank you, Cesc.

Arsene Wenger has again reiterated that Robin van Persie will not be rushed back into first-team action like last time. The remark comes after it was revealed that van Persie is back training with the first team, but so long as Eduardo and Adebayor keep working the good magic, we can afford to be patient in the short term. As for the Man City match tomorrow, we are still without the afformentioned striker, Johann Djourou and Tomas Rosicky.

Gael Clichy hit the news early in the morning when it was revealed he has recieved his first call-up to the French squad by Ray Domanech (a name best avoided in Arsenal-circles). While no-one usually gets excited by such things, it has contrarily acted as a time of back-patting for the Arsenal left back who has been nothing short of sensational this season. GoodPlaya decided to very eloquently congratulate him in his latest post.

There was some last minute transfer deals done in the wee-hours of the 31st, with Mark Randall and Kieran Gibbs being loaned out to Burnley and Norwhich respectively. Some encouraging words from the Burnley manager on Mark Randall can be found here. In other transfer rumours, the buzz about Edin Dzeko has died down, with the striker playing down Arsenal’s interest in him.

And for today, that is that. Please continue to send in your ideas / nominations / criticisms / thoughts with regards to the Blog-of-the-Week awards I’m setting up. I’m really not afraid of criticism, so anything said will be taken on board (some more so than others, obviously – so long as you’re honest and constructive about it all).

Promise me you’ll stay well until tomorrow’s entry, and we’ll all be happy. Adios, for now.



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3 responses to “Fabregas’ Destiny-Charge and Clichy’s Call-up

  1. soccerdad123


    I am based in Birmingham, Ala and two (2) sons who play at the college level in the U.S. One (Jonah) plays for UAB and the middle one (Josh) plays for the Univ of So Carolina. My youngest (Joel) plays h.s. soccer, and also will pay at the Div I level one day.

    Our family is a big fan of Arsenal football. I have immensely enjoyed your blog comments on the team. Thanks for your labor of love.


  2. skantius

    hello soccerdad123 from Aaah LaaH Bama! I welcome you to this worldwide community of gooners. I, like you, am a big fan of jammathon, I prefer to refer to him as The Bok of Oz, and if you are a southern hemispherean you will understand this moniker. welcome once again

  3. jammathon

    That’s -Mr- Bok-of-Oz to you, skantius 😉

    soccerdad, many thanks and welcome. We dont discriminate between ‘soccer’ fans and ‘football’ fans, so long as they have Arsenal in the cockles of their hearts (‘maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockel area…’). Keep reading, and I’ll do my best to not dissapoint. Stay well.