Adebayor is God – the Blogs of the Week to be Revealed soon…

While Manchester United did the ultimate choke in dropping 2 points to Spurs in the league and Chelsea shared a similar fate at the hands of Portsmouth, Arsenal played Manchester City off the back of their own turf, thumping Sven-Goron Erikson’s side 3-1 to return to the top of the table.

adebayormancityThe man who did the damage was none other than current King of the Pitch, Emmanuel Adebayor who scored twice and assisted Eduardo da Silva for the Croatian/Brazillian’s rather picturesque bicycle finish.

What was important about the victory – reported on enough by many other sources – was the verve in which we played, the tempo we set throughout, and the ability to dominate a team that has been undefeated at home all season.

-{…all (Senderos) needs is a little faith and a string of games under his belt}-

Phillipe Senderos continues to impress and prove many of his supporters right that all he needs is a little faith and a string of games under his belt. Gael Clichy – his mistake for Gelson Fernandes’ goal aside – demonstrated his remarkable improvement in his crossing, while Bacary Sagna put in his best performance yet in an Arsenal shirt, beating Petrov countless times to whip in crosses and play the ball to his advancing team mates.

Many adulations and superlatives are being thrown Adebayor’s way, now – his 561st goal in 8 games is showing a total transformation of a player who used to have pace, long legs and nothing more, but is now a fearsome striker who is now emulating Didier Drogba in every way, apart from his build and any notions of jumping ship to Real Madrid. (uuuuhh….?)

-{…I will be revealing the first recipients of the new ‘Arsenal Blog of the Week’ and ‘Great New Blog’ awards, later tonight.}-

Kolo Toure, on the other hand, has expressed concerns of ‘burnout’, given the workload in blazing African heat he is expected to tackle should Ivory Coast progress further in the AfCon. They are currently sitting pretty in a Semi-Final fixture, but with Senderos’ form (avoiding injuries, please), this hopefully should not be too much of a problem. Kolo says:

I have done this before but these are tough and physical games in a knockout competition.

Later rounds may have extra-time and it will be very hot. That is not ideal considering the schedule we have ahead of us at Arsenal. We are going for the Premier League and we also have hopes in the Champions League and the FA Cup.

Just a quick one today, it seems; I need to hop off to work shortly. When I get back, I will be revealing the first recipients of the new ‘Arsenal Blog of the Week’ and ‘Great New Blog’ awards, later tonight. I expect controversial discussion, tomatoes being lobbed at yours truly, and general vile and villification to follow.

Where-else would we get to enjoy ourselves so much? More coming soon your way…



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11 responses to “Adebayor is God – the Blogs of the Week to be Revealed soon…

  1. Daryl Tay

    Couldn’t agree more. Adebayor is really quickly becoming one of our best players along with…. well, everyone else really! It seems awhile ago Helb and Rosicky were dominating, then of course Fabregas and Flamini, and now Clichy and Sagna too. Couldn’t be a better time for the team to come together.

  2. Phobia

    Adebayor is good,but not god.Compare him to great players.

  3. Gunner4Life

    ADEBAYOR IS KING. Thank you for playing at Arsenal. You are truly Arsenal’s top gun at the moment.
    Without him…we would definitely not be top of the table. I am so surprised by his performance. I have never seen such an improvement in a player ever!! Where is Van the man? That is what Ade has done. We don’t even miss Van Persie anymore.
    Words of the best manager in the world (Arsene Wenger):
    And, when you consider that Robin van Persie has been out for much of 2007 while Eduardo and Nicklas Bendtner have been undergoing a process of adaptation for much of the current campaign, it is easy to see why Wenger heaped praise on the 24-year-old at his pre-match press conference ahead of the Manchester City game.
    “Adebayor is the best striker in the Premier League at the moment,” said the Frenchman. “He’s mobile, he’s quick, he’s not scared and he’s brave. For me that’s a fantastic quality, especially in England.
    “He doesn’t get enough credit for his touch. He has good feet, quick feet, and is a complete striker. He can still improve the timing of his runs as he sometimes gets caught offside, and, just with that, he can score 10 more goals each season.
    “He’s a strong character in the dressing room and a winner. He’s a guy who made mistakes at the start of his career, and has realised here that there’s another life rather than being easy.
    “He smells that he can win, and is a winner. When he realised that he could live in the big world of top-class football players it changed him, and today he’s a different animal, mainly mentally. He realised he wasted some time and it was time for him to be serious.

  4. daniel

    yes he is god. the lord. all hail adebayor!

  5. daniel

    all hail adebayorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. daniel

    i am the best by the way. so is adebayor!

  7. Arselicked

    The only thing that can stop Adebayor being god is Adebayor. Recently he has being playing very well because he has stoppped the flicks and back passes when we are leading 1 – 0 and there are 70 minutes remaining. I say keep it that way for the remainining 13 games and we win the league and you win the golden boot.

    Senderous you are next. Sometimes i wonder how this team would be like if we play Sagna Gallas Senderous and Clichy at the back Toure in front of defenders as DM and Flamini as DM with freedom to roam. I wouldn’t this system deal better with the likes of Kaka, Seedorf, Berbatov, Anderson, etc etc etc. Anyway, i’m not Wenger and IN WENGER I TRUST

  8. iyanda babaniji

    I was so surprised to see adebayor plays so well, and scores many goals this season. To be sincere, ade proved me wrong

  9. T-buzz

    So glad Adebayor is proving the doubters wrong. There is still plenty of room for him to improve but he will get there in no time because his transformation has been electric this season, from being RVP and T.Henry’s sidkick to becoming a force reckoned with.

  10. Ole Gunner

    Arselicked, you might want to become an AC Milan fan. At Arsenal we play offensive football and are doing well enough so far.

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