Third-Gen’s ‘Great New Blog!’ is: The Arsenal Way

gnbB704The inaugural ‘Great New Blog’, thanks to some handy nominations and a fresh contribution to the wide world of Arsenal blogging, goes to our friend ‘Q’ at The Arsenal Way.

The Arsenal Way, while having not hit the heights of fame (yet), came onto the scene with some surprisingly in-depth statistical analysis of the then-man of the moment, Eduardo da Silva. Since then, the blog has come along in a modest but very readable way, giving some keen insights into the performances of our players with statistical backing, coupled with a great, fresh presentation.

It is my view that the blog deserves a handsome influx of readership, to develop the interest in more non-UK Arsenal blogs. We’re just as valid as the United Kingdom denizens, you know.

Congratulations, The Arsenal Way.



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3 responses to “Third-Gen’s ‘Great New Blog!’ is: The Arsenal Way

  1. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    Now, unless there’s something seriously wrong with my ISP then it appears that the guy on the Arsenal Way hasn’t posted anything since January 21st, meaning he now has to catch up on the Sp*rs debacle, our 3 nils against Newcastle and the Man City game. a lot happens in a couple of weeks, doesn’t it?
    I understand that not everyone is able to blog every day, but this guy is going to have to be a lot more regular than that if he wants to be taken remotely seriously.

  2. jammathon

    This much is obvious. Had the new awards been finalised and conjured up a couple of weeks ago, it might have changed a few opinions. This blog has caught my eye for the time it has been up, and it’s up to the blogger to make use of the new exposure.

  3. skantius

    Hi Mr Bok-of-Oz, it is so wonderful to be a gooner, not just because we support a great institution, but also because we find ourselves in the company of the greatest , most innovative, and most intelligent bloggers around. keep up the good work, jammathon