Arsenal will not Surrender their Premiership-lead during February

Saying Arsenal-news is scant would be putting it mildly, today. With the dust settling after some all-important international friendlies, Wenger’s ire has been as forecast as it is true.

Mathieu Flamini of course was the high profile injury scare after the international-round, though since then the player has come out and said the injury is far from what we all feared. The midfielder says:

It is just a little tight spot behind the right thigh. It is nothing serious, I hope I’ll be ready for Blackburn.

We’ll leave that for the club-physios to decide, but I’m sure he knows the gist of his bodily makeup. In the end, the only other news to report on is what actually happened in the international matches: Senderos captained his country as Switzerland lost 1-2 to England (said as if England was some far-off oriental country), Lehmann got a hammering in the local press even as he kept a clean-sheet for Germany, Bendtner and Walcott both scored for their respective teams while Eduardo did not have the best of days for Croatia. have put up a report showing key seasons with the first teams to break the 60-point barrier in each season – Arsenal broke the threshold first this season, in the same number of matches as the Invincibles did several seasons ago. While not jumping to too many conclusions, it’s lead a few people including myself to have a look at the fixture list immediately before us.

February is dominated by ‘non-Premiership’ matches, being the FA Cup fixture against Manchester United and our Champions League welcoming of the Italian matchfixers. Of the league matches to be played, one involved a win against Manchester City a few days ago, with only Blackburn at home and Birmingham away to be played later on.

Manchester United have their local derby against City at home and eventually travel to Newcastle for a game at St James’, while Chelsea have a Liverpool side to fend off at Stamford Bridge as their solitary league commitment for the remainder of the month.

Barring an absolute stuff-up, Arsenal should be getting maximum points from these fixtures. Even as badly as we were playing last season, we annihilated a Blackburn side 6-2 at home, and while that scoreline may not happen again, a win by anything should at least be expected. The Birmingham ghost should be put to rest at St Andrew’s, too.

Will Manchester United fumble their lines in the big Munich tribute – especially with their nifty AIG logo next to their ‘we remember’ slogan, don’t bet that they wont. A trip to Tyneside is somewhat tricky as well, though it would be no surprise to see their getting maximum points from their outings as well.

In the end, the point is that the league is not going to be decided this month, despite what some members of the press have been saying. Only one thing could possibly distract said competitors from the job at hand, and that is the Champions League and cup commitments – While Arsenal and Manchester United have each other in the FA Cup and Milan and Lyon respectively, Chelsea have their date with Olympiacos, Huddersfield in the FA Cup and Tottenham in the League Cup – the only bet I’d be willing to have is on Chelsea fading away in the league for the sake of those competitions.

Which of course, would be hilarious in its own right – Chelsea were famous for being a cup team way back when, and after millions of pounds spent, still are.

Hopefully there’s something proper to report soon. Good night, all.



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12 responses to “Arsenal will not Surrender their Premiership-lead during February

  1. Romford Pele

    City are pplaying really badly and tjhe Toon are a joke so I expect manure to collect maximum points this month. Hopefully the Pool can steal even a draw at Stamford Bridge, which would all but destroy the chavs chances.

    The one bummer is facing Manure in the cup – totally unwanted distration in my view. To my mind AW needs to ignore the fact its his old rival Fergie and play a B team and keep the main guys fresh for the CL and the league. We don’t have a squad big enough to compete in all comps and the priority right now has got to be grabbing this great chance we have to win the premiership. I think we’ll do it.

  2. TrickyDicky

    Sorry Romford Pele, must disagree with you there, a winning team doesn’t get tired, if the drunken jock beats us in the FA cup that will give them a massive boost for the league match. Just look at the response from the scum when we let them beat us, its bad enough that they have the cheeck to make a DVD of it but they have convinced themselves that they beat the “A” team and don’t be surprised if thats the response of Manure. If we beat them we will win all our matches in Feb.

  3. Arselicked

    True TrickyDicky. We must beat Manure to send fear into the heart of AC Milan. A loss in the FA might just do somethintg to our confidence going into the Milan game, so i’m 100% in agreement with your argument.

    Lets get the Journos, commentators, referees, fans, etc etc etc behind us by beating Manure.

  4. caligoon

    I read on some other blog that Arsenal are trying to field a team in the spanish 2nd division? Has anyone else heard ANYTHING about this? Not sure where I read it, and the blog cited no sources… It might have been on UNTOLD ARSENAL… either way… I think we’ll be fine this month… GO GOONERS

  5. Casicky

    This month is all about psychology but the main thing in that is we have to concentrate on our games and win them if we win all our games that will heap pressure on the chasing pack.

    we cant start resting players for the big games,becoz that will damage our season it nearly did before and it will next time.The squad has to realise that to win things you have to wotk hard every game and thats what we going to have to do.

  6. I think Arsenal will be fine this month. We have some big games and these are the games that will focus the players. We know we have to keep winning and I’m confident that this Arsenal side will do the business………

  7. BattleStations

    We must win the Blackburn and Birmingham games. Manure will destroy City and the Toon. Chelsea will win their three games. For Blackburn, my guess is the same team as Eastlands minus Flamini, plus Gilberto with Rosicky on the bench. We’ll win but let’s hope Gilberto gets his act together.
    Manure will see Lehmann, and then 5 in midfield including Eboue, Diaby and Gilberto, but again no Flamini with Ade on his lonesome up front. Gilberto up against Anderson. It’ll be the 2005 cup final all over again but this time the other team will win.
    Milan will get the first eleven. The same as Eastlands except Rosicky for Diaby. Flamini will be back and your guess is as good as mine but a draw seems probable.
    Then the game of the month, in a sense. We underestimated Birmingham at the Emirates and paid the price. Fabregas v Larsson. The Spaniard needs a bit of a scrap to get going again full throttle. Remember Hleb having a go and being sorted out by Ridgewell? We need to bully Birmingham to get the points. Avoid giving anything away. If Pompey are the old boys, Birmingham are the ones that didn’t quite make it and they have a big point to prove. They’ve got Jerome but we’ve got Eduardo. He seems better away from home at the moment.
    If we don’t win the two league games I’m not going to be worth knowing.

  8. Romford Pele

    We play Manure on saturday the 16th and Milan come to town the Wednesday afterwards.

    I find it very difficult to believe that AW will risk the whole first team in a full blooded game, 4 days before the biggest game of the season. Something has to give, let it be the FA cup

  9. JohnDemetriou

    Weird article.

    Arsenal are off the boil and are only doing ok because of recent shite opposition.

    Long may the scum continue to fall off the perch.

    The worst, scum-festing football team in the history of the world.

  10. jammathon

    Considering there’s only five more games to go this month (three league, one FA Cup, one European), I think the first team could be used in all five. The FA Cup will be prioritized.

  11. jammathon

    Is that the same team that recently blew Manchester City away on their own ground?

    The one that’s now two points ahead on the top of the table?