Third-Gen struck with the Internet Curse: Life Goes On.

Blah! Internet problems are a real bane of my existence as I finally get a window of opportunity to recap on all things Arsenal. Now that it’s finally up, I’m doing a quick blog as it’s 1am here, and I have plans to catch up on sleep as well as the blog. Here goes…

Gilberto Silva has called for talks with Arsene Wenger after his well publicized unhapiness at playing second-fiddle to the greatly-improved Mathieu Flamini. Given that he is the captain of Brazil, we can all emphathise with his plight, given his outstanding performances of last season in Henry’ absence.It would not be surprising to see him move on in the summer, but in the meantime, we could be seeing more of him after both Diaby and Flamini got themselves nicked in a ‘France Reserve’ game against The Congo. Could you write this stuff?

It’s annoying as all hell, not only that we have international friendlies but also that we have international friendly-friendlies. Simply put, if you really want to test a manager’s skill in the international game, let them only have the chance to play players in Qualifying and/or tournement games. None of this friendly rubbish. Before I hear all the ‘how will my little promising youngster’ ever get a go at the national side, I say: Screw him. Concentrate on your club more.

As eloquent a thing as I’ve ever written. Phillipe Senderos, in the meantime, reckons he could be in enough form to give Wenger a real selection headache when Toure returns from the AfCon. He’s played himself into form of late, and with a tired Toure, he may still have a few more games to go. It will be interesting to see his performances once placed under the microscope. Senderos says:

At Arsenal, we are having a good season and, for me personally, it is great to be getting a run in the team, and the results are coming as well.

Every time I come into a game, I always try to give my best and try to keep in the team. Hopefully I will give good problems to the manager. I always try to fight for my place.

Another man who is ‘quite friggin’ happy’ is Aliaksandr Hleb, who has dispelled rumours that Barcelona want to poach the in form-midfielder. His agent says a bit of this and that, but I am sure that we will be seeing Alex in the red and white for quite a bit yet. Think of how long Overmars was at Arsenal, and imagine Hleb for a year or two more. Injuries aside, of course.

In other news, Wenger reckons that the eventual winner of the title race will need in excess of a mammoth 90 points on the table; pays tribute to the Munich disaster and the Busby Babes, we’re being linked with N’Zogbia for the nth time, and Actim have five Arsenal players in the Team of the Week.

That’s all for tonight. I apologise for not updating regularly, though most of it was beyond my control. Hopefully the ship’s afloat once more coming into the morrow. Until then, bye for now…



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    The only curse on the internet is that they still allow for your blog to be up and running.

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  6. Joe Gooner……UR BORING SON…….

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