The Latest Test: Will Arsenal fluff their lines or get the job done?

Absolutely huge match tonight. After Manchester United were convincingly beaten 2-1 on their own turf by Manchester City and Chelsea bored the tears out of China in their 0-0 home draw against ‘Pool, Arsenal have a gold-plated platinum opportunity to take a five point lead on top of the table, should they beat Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates Stadium.

Tough ask, though. While Blackburn are not exempt from their own injury and suspension problems (fair call to Jimmy who spotted my mistake of Gamst-Pederson’s being suspended), we really are looking at a makeshift team ourselves, tonight. I doubt to the highest extreme that neither Eboue nor Toure will be used in tonight’s match unless as a desperate substitute requirement, and Flamini may be saved for the FA Cup fixture against Manchester United.

-{It is no time to be timid, but it is most definitely a time to be smart.}-

110208blackburnWith this in mind, I’ve gone for Gilberto and Hoyte to step in, with Walcott and Eduardo hugging the wings, Cesc and Gilberto doing what they do in the middle and Hleb to play in his support-striking role behind Adebayor.

Hoyte steps into central defence in front of Jens Lehmann, while the rest figure themselves out. If Flamini is indeed fit enough, the formation may revert back to an attacking 4-4-2. It is no time to be timid, but it is most definitely a time to be smart.

Blackburn will probably let loose physically, knowing of our injury-predicament, so tonight is going to be an edgy, tetchy affair, and nerves may play a part. It certainly will be a litmus test to see what this side can do.

-{…let’s see what this side can conjure up tonight.}-

Mark Hughes has remarked that Arsenal have toughened up this season, and I will give them man kudos for the irony. Nevertheless, there is truth to what he says, which will make this match up an intruiging one, as it has been over the past few seasons. Meanwhile, Michael Carrick gazes into his rose-tinted crystal ball and predicts us dropping points for various desperate reasons.

I have the utmost faith in this side, and I have had it throughout what has been a scintillating season thus far. Tonight is what we call ‘one hell of an important match’. As always, let’s see what this side can conjure up tonight.

Two fat red and white fingers crossed.



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10 responses to “The Latest Test: Will Arsenal fluff their lines or get the job done?

  1. Goofle

    Get rid of Theo and play Bendtner alongisde adebayor.

  2. @Goofle: on any other day I’d have disagreed, but those two stomping all over Blackburn’s back four might just give them something to think about and take the pressure off our midfield (slightly)

  3. Jim brown

    I’m convinced Arsenal can get the job done agaginst BR.First they must not try to passto eternity.Cut out all the unnecessay pretty soccer and then I’m sure AW will be in the driving seat. This is not to say three points are in the bag. The important thing is to cnoncentrate until the ref blows for ft.
    beware of gamesmanship because this could cause a red card for one gunner.

    Looking forward to three points and hoping that saf’s face get redder.

  4. I appreciate inclusion of Theo but we are in need of not just winning but a decent winning to wipe out the deficit of goal deference we are behing manure. This is golden chance for these lads to cement our position- putting Chelski 8 points behind. I prefer Bendtner alongside Ade and Eduardo so they can trouble their defence without Samba who is suspended. But usually when a team is lacking the regular the reserves fight to shine- so Blackburn is a danger tonoght but we ought to gunn em.

  5. hlebster

    If gilberto plays we will drop points – lets pray Flamini makes it!

  6. Ole Gunner

    @Jim Brown

    The Pretty soccer is Arsenal’s strength. Forget what Alan Hansen & co would have you believe, but our quick passing and unending movement is hard to defend against.

    If anything, I hope we play the pretty soccer. When we don’t, we usually don’t get results.

  7. rayman

    Agree with Goofle, Nik and Ade could give them some real problems without samba there. Also if they are packing the midfield, as they should do unless they are crazy, we can go long to those two and they will win a lot of the aerial battles. Eduardo and hleb out wide will put in quality balls for the big boys. It could really be very effective.

    Theo has not earned a place in the starting 11, certainly not out wide. I would also hate to see the hleb / Sagna combo disrupted, they really look amazing when they get going and they allow nothing to come attacking down that wing. Teams are about pairs and trios (gallas toure, flam cesc hleb, bob ash henry) we will be disrupted enough with Gilberto and Hoyte in the team so we need to keep the rest as close to normal as possible and keep one of our most effective pairings.

    Come on Gunners, clear by 5 by the end of the day, 3-1 to us (Hoyte / Gilberto are bound to give away at least one goal).

  8. SudaniGunner

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    While for a good read you can go to the likes of arsenalland where they have some great articles…but a recent blog to reallly catch my eye is ‘a cultered left foot’ i think its well worth checking out & while it may not rival areblog in terms of hilarity & overall entertainment, its probably the most well written arsenal blog ive read in a long time & definately should be a contender for one of your upcoming blog of the week awards!

  9. Walcott would be a good choice I think. Biggest threats from Rovers will be Bentley (oh the irony) and Santa Cruz. Let’s hope Lehmann is able to keep a clean sheet! 5 points will mean a lot!

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