When Exactly are we going to Slip Up, Man Utd?

It was far from easy, though perhaps it might have been. It was not a walkover, though an early goal suggested it would be otherwise. But last night’s win was three points all the same, a clean sheet, and a five point lead over the defending champions, Manchester United.In what is usually a very spikey fixture against the blue and white of Lancashire, last night’s fixture was a little sedate, given prior standards set. Our first attack of the game led to a corner – Eduardo stepped up to take it, and sumptuously hit an inviting cross for the bold Phillipe Senderos to pummel past Friedel with the full force of a defender’s header. Swamped by celebrating team mates, Senderos’ goal looked to have opened up a side determined to win an important fixture.

And yet…the second goal never really came. It was all Arsenal for a long while, until the first half dragged on into the final minutes, where predictably Blackburn got more of a grip on the game before the whistle went.

Given the spectre of ‘monumental stuff up’ looming over this match, things could have all gone badly for The Arsenal, given the tense atmosphere permeating throughout the ground. Despite the fact Blackburn never really threatened for the whole of the second half, the pessimists amongst us notoriously hate 1-0 leads. Brad Friedel seemed to have Adebayor’s number for the night, while Fabregas shot over and wide while Hleb hit the post.

Blackburn finally capitulated in the closing minutes when Hleb’s pass found Adebayor in the centre of the penalty area for red-hot striker to finish for his 12th goal in 8 games. Game, set, match – whether Blackburn deserved a 2-0 defeat instead of a 1-0 is cause for debate, but a trivial cause in my eyes.

We now turn our attentions to our FA Cup date with the denizens of Old Trafford. Hopefully Senderos and Flamini dont feel any afterburn from their lingering injuries, and the rest of the injury-list starts to ease up quickly. There really isn’t a lot of time spare on this side of the Pacific to write a full-scale match report, but I will say that the lead on top of the table is a very useful one.

Carrick and Ferguson can go on all they like about how Arsenal will slip up while they continue to play poorly, but we have our destiny firmly in our grasp. It’s now just a matter of concentration and nerve.

As always, it remains a matter of ignoring what others say (the fickle bookies now putting us as favourites for the title, for one thing), and stick to what we do best – continuing with our passing game so often criticised throughout the season; letting Wenger manage the side in his unique way; and for us fans to keep faith (easily renewed, now) in a young side brimming with a petulant confidence.

Drink something merry to savour the moment, folks. We could play better, even with our ‘bare-bones’ selection, and yet we are still picking up maximum points. Savour it well.



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30 responses to “When Exactly are we going to Slip Up, Man Utd?

  1. the artist formerly known as eboue's hand

    I missed most of the first half but i thought we actually played pretty well in the second half, contrary to what a few blogs are saying, and were definitely good value for the 2-0 win. what we’ve actually done now is put ourselves in a position where we can afford to draw at old trafford and Stamford Bridge, so long as we pick up maximum points in pretty much every other game, and we’re well capable of doing that. ferguson only starts the mind games when he’s freaking out so we should take it as a compliment that they are so scared of us. I’ve a pretty good feeling about this season now.

  2. One United

    You pr*ck! Think you’re a great side? why don’t you ask Nottingham Forest of League 1 on how to hold on to a 1-0 lead in a European Cup Final, after all they managed it twice. F*cking idiotic supporters.

  3. the artist formerly known as eboue's hand

    Oh look, united fans are so worried they’ve already taken to leaving abuse on Arsenal blogs. Sylvain Wiltord says hi.

  4. herdee string

    OneUnited – you scumbag faggot. We’re five points greater than your side it seems. AND we didn’t fork out anywhere near the money you did this last summer, or the summer before or even the summer before that…

    So screw you. And by the way, you want some with a ‘fucking idiotic supporter’ on saturday either before or after we give you a good beating then i’m more than willing.

  5. hello

    Well did they have 10 men for most of the game ? u one utd prat. jealous freak.

  6. Stand Up for United

    One Pr*ck, don’t be a sour pr*ck … football result, not your pr*ck’s performance. Can’t you accommodate others than your pr*ck. Disgrace a great club like United have pr*ck like you. PR*CK!

  7. Kayo

    Was going to reply to One United but realised he doesn’t deserve one. So let’s all let the idiot be.

  8. Fran

    One United. Is that a message from Essex then?

    Lovely intelligent response from a typical Manure fan.

    Well done, you are meeting your expectations by not even answering the question posed.

    Now go off and drink your nose red.

  9. Jezzman

    One United… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. mjc

    One United – how’s the ebay listing for the memorial scarf going? Tosser….

  11. hello

    I feel sorry for oneutd, let’s leave him alone now.lol

  12. Peter

    One United – sleep well … don’t let all the curses affect you

  13. all you united fans can suck me off oneutd you should give head and guzzle on cum your team is rubbish unlike the gunners on there day god cant even stop them better recognize little bitch ps rooney should play with marbles his sickening

  14. Mcfc fan

    One Manure Nited:

    There are only two good teams in Manchester. Man City and Man City Reserves!

    But you wouldn’t know that would you because you’re probably from Harlow or Hong Kong!

  15. all gooners http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaY-AUiMbP0 this is a must see best clip in the world enjoy i love yous

  16. Jim brown

    I expect the red faced one to start his usual mind games. But fear not he seems to have found his nemesis in AW who I believe is smareter than the lord of the scottish manor.
    All arsenal need to do keep things simple and it would be great if the gunners can beat them at ot. they have seldom or never lost two games in a row. All good things must come to an end and I expect the rd to be aggressive and it’s up to the ref to punish the two footed challenge with a stragiht red. Let therebe no doubt abt it whether it’s at ot or es.

  17. AFC forever

    Why are the manure scum bags even bothering to read this site, Oh yeah I get it,The Arsenal are top and clear by five points and ‘they’ feel as if, after all their money spending they have a divine right to be where we are. I have listened to a number of manure players harp on about ‘we are coming to get you’ bullshite. Please fuck off back to Grim Gunchester, that miserable hell hole

  18. Red, white and black

    Ah, the great debate that is football. As a United fan, I salute Arsenal. They have played some great football and the whole league is looking up at you right now on your lofty perch, all be it after 26 games. When it comes down to it, after 38 games, who will remember you? Will defeats at Chelsea and United cost you the chance of winning our trophy? We’ve got our trophy back and we’re not giving it back.

    Come back to me after 38 games if you can call yourself the champions, until then, stand up. For the champions, Manchester United.

  19. Although you are in a great position, surely the 2002/03 should allow for some caution. Arsenal have played superb this season and proved a fair few people wrong. But as history tells us you lost a 7 point lead in that season and we went on to win the Championship (having lost to you in the FA Cup in February also!). My point is that you’re in a great position, but confidence can border on arrogance, so I would wait until the season is over first.

    Should be a cracking cup tie on Saturday.

  20. Jim brown

    In the 2002-2003 season Mu won 16 of the final 18 games with Scholes and giggs major performers. Fast forward 2008 the legs are getting weary and i doubt they can perform at such a high tempo.remember you can’t force an aging horse to run faster then his natural speed because of father time.
    The Arsenal of 2003 had some mediocre players as compared to the 2008 lot.These young players are full of speed and are more capable than the guys like Cygan,etc
    let’s wait for feb16 and i ecpect the gunners to give the red nosed one a beating for all his arrogance.

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  22. I don’t think anyone who supports Arsenal are getting ahead of themselves. We’re just happy to be leading, which I think we have every right to be. If someone asked me the question, “Who is going to win the title?” my answer would still be “I’m not sure”, but Arsenal’s lead at the top has put them in a great position. Great stuff.

  23. This is still far from being over, but for the first time this season, I think the reality of really being able to win has hit most supporters! Our guys need to keep their cool for the next 12 games and pray for more slip ups from ManU.

    Although ManU have the easier schedule with most big games being at home, we have a slight advantage of easy last 4 games, so if we can hold on for the next 8, we should be fine!

    I posted a premiership run-in points calculator which the author kindly allowed me to on my last post. Play around with it, you’ll see it really is far from over.

  24. Red, white and black

    Jim Brown,

    Scholes and Giggs were major performers? Do you not remember Ruud Van Nistelrooy? He was the most important player for the champions that season. For this season, replace Ruud Van Nistelrooy with Christiano Ronaldo. What do you get? Champions again, thats what!

  25. United

    All of you gooners are jokers! Give me a break. Enjoy your stay at the top. I can’t remember the trophy ever being won in February!

    After Saturday, we’ll be on course for another treble while you will be desperate that you can hold on to your massive lead.

    All said and done, we’ll be toasting another treble while you lot, well who really cares about you lot?

  26. jammathon

    So we’re not allowed to ‘celebrate in Februrary’ (not that anyone is), and Man U fans can already dream of the treble.

    ‘Daydreaming’ is a sweet hobby.

  27. Come on guys. Let us all Arsenal supporters be gracious and avoid getting shirty with these visitors. They angry and very bitter. Forgive them because we know what they’ve lost and they know they may fall behind even further if they continue to play badly. That we are to visit them is no proof that we are gonna lose: Man City has just beaten them at their home ground. But we know that its a tough season and we are prepared for everything. Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Credulla Postello.

  28. United

    Guys, it’s only February. A bit early for April Fools jokes! I’m lookinging forward to seeing Wenger’s children getting taught a very good lesson on sat. 2-0 to the champions and a nice taster of things to come when you visit the champions in the league.

  29. Red, white and black

    Day dreaming? lol. It’s not. It’s fact. Look back at 98/99, you played your part in defeat then, you’ll play the same role again this year.