Arsenal’s Omens look up as team packs bags for Old Trafford

A very quick one today, as I have a new fan to install in this wreck of a computer, before formatting the whole thing to get rid of a stupid trojan. You just have to wonder how these people sleep at night, wiping us clean of our bank accounts – so thoughtful of them.

Anyways, Arsenal don’t care much for my little tuppence-worth, more so they want Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue fit and ready as soon as possible, with the Ivorian duo having returned to Arsenal pastures after their African sojourn. I was fairly surprised to see how much Ivory Coast underperformed in the tournement, but with all said and done, I really could not give a toss so long as we have our players back.

The two will hopefully get a game against Manchester United in this week’s FA Cup clash at Old Trafford, where many reckon we will not be seeing our first team rocking up against the Mancs. This may be true, but I still imagine that whatever team we do end up putting on the pitch will be more than up for it against the Red Devils, despite the intimidation of the most racist prawn-sandwich brigade known to Roy Keane’s man.

Of course, were Wenger to choose between an FA Cup match (even against Man Utd) and a Champions League date with AC Milan, the latter would be preferenced by quite a distance. While Senderos gets his rest, Kolo Toure will get his fitness back; while Hleb grabs a breather, Eboue will do what he does best (whatever that is). AC Milan are the priority, here, and thank high heaven that match is actually being televised here for a change.

Arsene Wenger had his usual cautious things to say after Arsenal opened up a five point lead on Man Utd, focusiong purely on the way his team are playing, rather than the activities of others. He says:

Five points in front, we’re not going to believe we have no chance. We believe we have a chance to do it, but we’re conscious as well that we have to keep our humility, our team spirit and the way we want to play the game. We have to focus on that.

We have still 12 games to go. We are in a good position. We believe we can do it. We always had the belief from the first day, but there’s still a long way to go. As soon as you’re not at your best at the top, you can drop points.

In other news, there’s some tiresome speculation on Barcalona courting Wenger as Rjikaard’s replacement (yawn), and Liam Brady talks about his Ireland appointments and his staying with Arsenal’s youth setup.

And now, I’m off to disembowel this hunkajunk. Hopefully Im still alive to bring you something else tomorrow. Adios.



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8 responses to “Arsenal’s Omens look up as team packs bags for Old Trafford

  1. You implying that Eboue does something bad/unbecomming. What is it about you guys who keep on carping about Eboue. Wenger thinks he is fine and so do I. Give a break

  2. Arselicked

    His problem is the persistent diving and rolling over at the faintest of touches, hoping to get other players booked, otherwise i believe he can be one the best players. He should copy Adebayor, after being tripped at City he got up and ran on to score our third goal, thats what we are looking for.

  3. DPM Gooner

    All this talk of us not fielding a full strength side…
    What about Man U? They are in a bit of a crisis. They haven’t played well for a while now. Lucky to snatch a point at Tottenham and then were outplayed and humiliated on home turf by their fiercest rivals.
    They will be hurting and will want to put things right against us on Saturday. But don’t forget about their trip to Lyon on Wednesday. They way they’ve been playing lately Fergie MUST be a bit worried. Lyon are no push-overs and they will take the game to United who will be happy with a drawer.
    The pressure will definately be on them this Saturday so whoever we put out should relax and enjoy themselves and hopefully teach them a lesson just like City did!!
    My guess for the team selection:
    Hoyte Toure Gallas Clichy
    Eboue Gilberto Diaby Rosicky
    Bentdner Eduardo

  4. piken79

    yes, eboue is a real talent. many people dont understand this is his 1st season in a new position. once he gets adjusted, he will be just fine. as for the diving, look at ronaldo, he’s the king of it but you dont hear us complaining. ARSENAL FANS FOR EBOUE

  5. Lebenglese

    Eboue adds a bit of defensive grit to the team … i do agree he can be a clown but he has also had some rather solid performances on the wing. Still a bit raw could do with a few more tricks to get past players cos he definitely has the pace and a decent cross on him…

    I would like Arsene to try Rosicky through the middle with Gilberto

    Hoyte Toure Gallas Traore/Clichy
    Eboue Gilberto Rosicky Eduardo
    Bendtner Walcott

  6. ck

    don’t think walcott should be starting… should be bendtner and edu.. have we lost when these two have started up front? think not… walcott can come in for edu later on when we’re winning….

    and we need at lease one of hleb, cesc or flam in there…

  7. I believe both teams will field very strong sides. ManU need something to assure silverware since its not guaranteed in the league and the Champions League is always a tough one. For us, as much as I love our team, but I think the CL is beyond our reach, we only need a little bit more experience. The league is still too close to call, so I think both managers will field very strong teams but the game will be free flowing and not too aggressive hopefully, with both worrying about injuries.