Any more mention of ‘Personal Reasons’, and I’ll break something…

The outlook gets more and more dire as we approach our FA Cup fixture with the Red Devils. An already bloated injury list has added the likes of Gael Clichy (hamstring) and Bacary Sagna (sciatica plus a secret want to transfer to Barcelona), with Arsenal gearing up to play their U/16s at Old Trafford.

Somewhat tongue in cheek there, but the injury problems do border on the ridiculous. So much so that one just has to suspect that a mind game with at least one player is being played here – all the mystery and intrigue is being cranked to maximum for this match, and no-one is aware whether Arsene will try and surprise Ferguson with some first teamers in his squad; if we’re simply saving our players for the raunchy date with AC Milan; or if we’re just generally, well and truly buggered.

-{…if we are going to be nonchalant about our chances in the FA Cup, we may as well give Kolo a competitive kick up the backside…}-

The only genuine thing that gives the slightest whiff of fishy business from Wenger is the much publicized ‘Personal Reasons’ for Bacary Sagna’s absence. Running the risk of being profoundly insensitive to something that may have happened in the rightback’s personal life, it simply could be a disguise for his playing against Manchester United, or a more likely rest for AC Milan.

-{…I hope both (Fabregas) and his teammates can handle that kind of monetary weight.}-

Quite the conundrum, yes? Anyways, the good news – sorta – is that Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue will probably play on Saturday, when I’d much rather see both of them rest up for the Champions League. We really do not have much of a choice, but if we are going to be nonchalant about our chances in the FA Cup, we may as well give Kolo a competitive kick up the backside with this fixture after his moments of zombie-ness against Egypt.

Some even reckon it is imperative that Senderos rest up with Clichy’s injury, so as to have a back four of Sagna-Senderos-Toure-Gallas: Ordinarily that would be slightly makeshift, but it’s one hell of a makeshift lineup if ever there was one. Hopefully there is more clarification closer to the match.

Other news outside the realms of the Devil concerns Francesc Fabregas, who is set to earn in excess of £33million in an extended contract lasting until 2014. All I can say is that I hope both he and his teammates can handle that kind of monetary weight. It is heavy stuff, brother. I sincerely hope it continues to be justified. Furthermore, Arsene Wenger has spoken about his commitment to football, and how he could not see himself doing anything else. Long may your reign continue, my liege.

That’s all for now. More moving about tomorrow should still see me have time to whip up a preview. I’ve been enjoying the Man United rants on the comments section lately…am I to be disappointed in their absence this time around?

Don’t leave me in tears, now…



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15 responses to “Any more mention of ‘Personal Reasons’, and I’ll break something…

  1. Del

    Is it me or am I just being cynical but everytime we play at Old Trafford we have many players injured! I’m begining to think our players are scared of playing there as this cant keep being bad-luck!!!

  2. Players are people too with everyday problems just like the rest of us. One US basketball player recently left his team for personal reasons- turns out the fellow was having surgery for testicular cancer!!

  3. lame

    so much written with little being said…oh man

  4. piken79

    i think sagna girlfriend broke up with him cuz of his hair. I think Wenger dont want to anger the fans by fielding a weaken team at united, so he made some of these injury up. He wants to pay more attention to the PL & CL. go gunners

  5. lc

    If AW is planning this only to rest players, I think he is blowing our chance to win any trophy this season. There were always players injured while we kept playing our first team available. We did very well with that. AW should carry on with that policy if he doesn’t want another Spurs’ gate(5-1). This week is very crutial for both the Premiership title and CL. Fielding an unbalanced squad against Manchester and lose the game could do badly on the squad facing Milan next week.
    We should be able to run for the four trophies while we are the fifth richest club in the world instead of making choice of wich trophy to win.

  6. king gooner

    not usually pessimistic-but i fear if we have a makeshift 11 against these c****ts we’re in for a right tanking similar to that nightmare 6-1 thrashing of a few years back which still gives me sleepless nights.whenever we go up their we rarely appear to have a full strength team why?questions need to be asked?

  7. Wewillwin

    Hoyte Toure Gallas Traore
    Eboue Fabregas Gilberto Hleb
    Adebayor or Bendtner Eduardo

    That isn’t a bad side. The full backs are a concern but we still have a good chance, especially if Manure play like they did against Spurs and City..

  8. lc






    We need Flamini in middle to win this game.

  9. ck

    lol.. just chill guys.. its pretty much going to be a strong side!! chelsea any1?

  10. LouGooner

    Is it not that time of year where we all have to stand up and be counted? no excuses, no listening to shite from any one else! it is now down to us and what we can do with whatever players we have available! tomorrow, wednesday and the twelve premiership games that follow have to be won! no more shilly shallying or whingeing! It does not matter what any other team does! if we win all our games we win every competition we are still involved in! it may sound simplistic but it is! let us just go to it! PLAY UP THE ARSENAL!

  11. @WeWillWin: “The full backs are a concern”

    Errrr, OK.

    So a) much of our game plan involves the full backs overlapping the midfielders, both with and without the ball, dragging their defence out of position for the forwards/attacking midfielders to take advantage and b) Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I’d be more worried than that. And I am.

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  13. MICKEY


  14. rolothegoonna

    well done the majority that pedicted this one. like against spurs the bookies tell us all we need to know. Lets focus all our energy on europe and the c/ship, trust our leader and prepare to celebrate, the least of what we got today was that maybe the boss got to see who is his to trust going foreward and who is not, for the latter I suggest Gilberto does a Freddie.

  15. Nick

    You twat, Sagna’s brother died, that’s the team wore black armbands against Birmingham.
    Support the team and the manager if you want us to succeed.