Third-Gen’s ‘Great New Blog’ is: GunnersLive

gnbB511This is proof that recommendations sent through the email is encouraged greatly at this site. Just less than a week ago, a nomination for the second ‘Great New Blog’ award came through recommending Chris at the new ‘GunnersLive’ blog – and boy, was I more than impressed.

There is not much to say, other than the site is exceptional in content, clarity, writing style and design. This is all coupled with fantastic analysis and focussed angles on news stories surrounding Arsenal FC.

The Blog has already been listed as one of the ‘fastest growing’ on WordPress, but give it some further impetus, and pay it as many visits as you can. Favourite it, even. I already have.

Chris at GunnersLive: Exceptional work. May the blog last longer than a Lindsay Lohan rehab session. Good tidings…



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6 responses to “Third-Gen’s ‘Great New Blog’ is: GunnersLive

  1. BerlinGunner

    Great Blog Chris!!!
    hey thirdgen, I have already added you as a link but I wait for your link to Carlos Vela News!!

  2. Thanks BerlinGunner,

    And of course, thanks Mr Jammathon =]

  3. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    Jammathon, agree completely with your choices but am still eagerly awaiting your take on the Eduardo situation. I’m not even gonna comment on it for now because so much has been said elsewhere and it just makes me sad and angry to think about it.

  4. may I alert you to a new arsenal blog that myself and a couple of my gooner mates have set up:

  5. the artist formerly known as eboue's hand

    Jammathon, just saw your post on Goonerholic’s page saying you’ll be back tonight. Good job too!
    Where’ve you been during this most massive of weeks in our season? Blogging is ajob for life, not just for Christmas. You shopuld just talk about tonight and not bother too much with the events of the past week or so cos more than enough has been said already.