Hypocritical Media Reaction must be Ignored – Gooners Must Keep their Heads

A quick one while I sit here between lectures – studiousness and scholarship are all admirable traits, but sticking to the long haul is another that needs to be drilled in to me at times. In short, this is the only time today that I have to pen something, so lets make it a little interesting…

There are all sorts of stories reporting on our historic win at the San Siro the other night, and we can all concede that it’s all rather glowing, for once. Certainly, it makes a welcome reprieve from the hammering the club have gotten in recent weeks following our dumping out of the FA Cup, an unlucky draw against Birmingham followed by quite a lucky draw against Aston Villa. Nonetheless, reprieve though it may be, the hypocrisy in the media of labelling us ‘too naive to win anything’ to suddenly hailing us as the next best thing since Figs and Camembert Cheese is galling, frustrating and – annoyingly – little more than what is expected of the British media.

It can probably be traced to when Ryan Giggs and co decided to open their yaps and blurt out the profundity that Arsenal would – shock horror – drop points in the run-in. This coming from a man who plays for a side that also – shock horror – drops points in many run-ins, as all teams do (and as recently as this very season when they lost two very winnable games.

So why the catastrophic shock (and horror) abounded around our dropping points soon after was very off-putting to put it mildly. The result at the San Siro looks likely to jumpstart our season once more (certainly Fabregas’), but the flip-flopping of the media’s reaction to our side makes unpopular politicians seem like big slabs of impregnable rock.

Nothing can be better illustrated than the opinions voiced on William Gallas petulant whacking of the advertising boards against Birmingham. Where he demonstrated clear passion for his side (more than he ever displayed for Chelsea) in a match where all sorts of horrible things went wrong, the media decided to call into question his ability to captain the side – hideously ignoring the fact that it was his captaincy all along (and not the discarded Gilberto’s) that got us into the league position we currently find ourselves.

Sure, Gallas might have to do better as a captain next time round when we find ourselves in another sticky situation, but he’s proved himself in the good streams of form. Simply put, let’s set up a good run of momentum here, and we can return quickly to hailing him for his no-nonsense attitude, while still aware that as good a player as he is, he can still improve even now. Cue the media: Gallas is once more captain fantastic, all of a sudden.

After Milan, Wigan simply must be smashed this weekend – no necessary emphasis on the scoreline, but certainly a convincing three points is the bare minimum to get ourselves back on track domestically. We cannot underestimate anyone in the run-in, least of all a relegation candidate fighting for their credentials, but we must start believing in our right to assert ourselves, so aptly demonstrated against Milan.

In short, ignore the media, block your ears, sing yourself to la-la land and keep the tunnel vision squarely on the red and whites (not the Englander red and white mind you…they tend to lie quite a bit thank you, Arseblogger.)

Being a journalism student (off I run to class…), I’m allowed to tell you that our industry is never, ever to be trusted.



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4 responses to “Hypocritical Media Reaction must be Ignored – Gooners Must Keep their Heads


    thats what bloggers are 4 to keep the gunner fans focused and grounded. that was an important blog.

  2. jason boyd

    I hope the lads keep themselves grounded and focussed on the job: to win the title and cl
    which can be done barring injuries and refs decisions. I hope we get the red nosed and send the bulldog back where he belongs: an over rated and over priced player.

  3. team spirit

    yes. am glad everone is advocationg focus.

    We have not won anything yet, but we will get there on this evidence.

    congrats to all gunners.

  4. Gogsy

    Nice blog, timely points well made. Cheers.