Adebayor gives Arsenal ‘fans’ a ‘Swivel on This’…

The first player to score two hattricks against the same opposition within the same season, ever. The first player other than Thierry Henry in donkey’s years to score 30 in a season for Arsenal.

Thirty Goals and CountingTo reiterate – a 30-goal a season striker.

His name is Adebayor. He is 24 years old. He’s from Lome, Togo.

And everyone wants to get rid of him.

To be fair, the word ‘everyone’ is a bit of a broad brush to stroke across the myriad of Arsenal supporters out there. But read the comments of Arsenal blogs and forums around the net – dominated by pubescent, Championship Manager addicts – and you would forgive me for getting a hint of that impression.

Sure, next season he should aim for 20 goals and take it from there (second-season syndrome can be a nasty mistress), but what Emmanuel has achieved this season is phenomenal.

Thirty goals. Count them, you impatient temprementals out there. Thirty goals.

“But hark! Six of those – twenty percent – came against Derby!”, I hear you shout.

No-one took Fernando Torres’ hattrick that he scored against the same opposition away from him. No-one even mentions how he did not score against Derby the second time round.

Not to take anything away from the force of nature that is Fernando. It’s just that, well, our own Togolese gladiator has scored the exact same amount of goals in all competitions. Leading the line on his own. Under the disproportionate heckling and unfair pressure sustained by ungrateful, Johnny-come-lately Arsenal ‘fans’.

The PFA acknowledge him, my life-long Manchester United-supporting uncle fears him, and my Liverpool mates shake their heads with a muted disbelief that Arsenal fans are the way they are given the amount of goals the young forward scores.

How many goals would Benzema or Huntelaar have scored in this season, were they playing for Arsenal? Adebayor’s power, hard-work, troublesome dribbling and all-action displays make him one of the world’s top strikers. Like it or not.

He has his faults, but he’s young, still. Tractor-comparisons are unfair, given his other qualities. He’s a match winner, a storm-trooper, a rolling boulder. Very few defences have proved to be an Indiana Jones in the face of his efforts.

This certainly is a season to remember for young Ade. He will only get better. That is frightening.

He’s scored 30 goals for Arsenal. Arsenal fans bemoan his ‘mere presence’ on the field. That too, is frightening.



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27 responses to “Adebayor gives Arsenal ‘fans’ a ‘Swivel on This’…

  1. tkn

    couldn’t agree more. some so called ‘fan’ blogs have been absolutely pathetic in recent weeks.

  2. rb

    great article

    get behind ade!!!

  3. David Bell

    Well it was a fantastic display by the Gunners tonight…the passing was excellent,the movment magical…And had we finished off all the chances we could have scored more than six!!We have a habit of scoring many goals towards the end of the season…Adebayor is another star in the Wenger making,difficult to mark,strong on the ball,good in the air,can come inside and works hard for the team,and he scores goals,I believe he was disallowed a couple that were not offside but for the moment he has to settle for 30!not bad for a striker that when he came to Arsenal we all went Adebayor who???
    All football supporters who love this game even ones that dont like Arsenal agree on one thing,that the gunners play the game like it should be,one and two touch football most of the times you ask yourself…this is playstation stuff…Towards the end of a season march was not a good month and hence a trophyless season..but all the fans out there know that on the day Arsenal can hit any team for six not just Derby County!
    From the bottom of my Heart i wish Derby County a hasty return to the premiership is was just a shame that it went wrong for them,however a club with the history and passion of there fans who were fantastic all season it will not be long before we meet again…

  4. marty

    Great Article!!! keep on blogging

  5. Droz

    I agree completely with the article.

    He can’t dribble, he can’t shoot, he can’t do anything except destroy our rhythm, etc… well, with all the time he spends doing nothing and sabotaging arsenal’s game-plans, I wonder where he found the time to score a shitload of goals.

    Nice blog, good to have you writing something again…

  6. CaribKid


    Very well said, and like you I am totally fed up of all the Ade haters out there. Here are just a few more facts to bolster your already convincing summation.

    1. Ade has a better goal to shot ratio than Ronaldo prior to todays game:
    Adebayor 23 goals in 106 shots (57 SOG) – 1 goal/4.6 shots
    Ronaldo 34 goals in 216 shots (109 SOG) – 1 goal/6.4 shots

    2. He is 3rd behind only Ronaldo and Torres in goals per minute on the pitch.
    3. Rated as the #3 best player in the EPL based on this season stats by Actim, the foremost and most reputable sports analysis and statistical combine. Of note is that Fab is #4 and Clichy #12.
    4. Ade is one of 4 Arsenal players who were selected for on the PFA team of the year.
    5. Rio Ferdinand has said on more than one occasion that Ade provides the most coverage problems of all strikers he has faced in the EPL.

    The above story tells it all. In addition, Ade’s pace, work ethic and hustle also adds another dimension not often seen in the prototypical striker. Yes, he is still an unfinished product and there are areas in which he can improve such as first touch, shot selection and passing awareness. Unfinished product or not, I prefer to have him on my side on any given day.

  7. arsenalroc

    stupid arsenal fans want his to be the next HENRY
    he is great striker in his own right and love it!
    and for not winning anything is not because we could not score but because we could not defend!
    Ade led the line at his age by himself!
    Torres was an impact player in the beginning and had voronin,crouch,kuyt….
    Ronaldo had Rooney,Tevez…
    Ade had injured Eduardo,injured Van Persie, Theo on the wing, Bendtner only 19….
    so 30 goals a season…. ANOTHER ARSENAL GREAT!

  8. Completely agree – well said.

  9. Lenga

    Ade haters? Definately Arsenal haters.
    Ade is a phenomenon in the making. Think of it poor first touch, poor passing, poor shot selection, poor finishing …….. and the guy still gets 30 goals ..and still counting!!! To hell with Ade haters most who probably dont know the difference between soccer and a cow.
    So what if Ade scores another 5 goals and ends up wit the golden boot??
    This guy will only get better. Long live Ade. Long live Wenger. Go on Ade.

  10. Goons_with_Guns

    What I ask of all the Adehater’s out there:

    If Ade had not been in the squad or went to ANC, do you think we would have had a fighting chance this year?

    Who would have scored those goals exactly?

  11. Nice to hear from you mate. I’ve been backing Adebayor all along. Shame some sites continually bash him even after the performance today. He plays one half and scores three goals and makes thirty for the season, and already i’ve seen sites that say “he should have scored 40 this year.” I think they must not realize our next closest scorer is Cesc with 13 goals all year. He’s carried this team all season and it’s ridiculous the shite he’s getting. Great article.

  12. jammathon

    I believe Ade’s first goal of the season was a penalty against Portsmouth. I remember watching him line up to take it, and thinking ‘great, our strikers across the board are getting off the mark this season’.

    No-one, least of all myself, expected the big man to get to where he is currently. It quickly became evident to me by about November that we had something really special in Adebayor.

    To expect 40 goals from *anyone* is just a joke. Keep whacking off to your computer games if that’s the case.

    To regular readers, I’ll do my best to post a little bit more regularly. I’ve made these promises before, but I have a few end-of-season ideas lined up. Thanks for reading.

  13. stevus

    Twice we have tried benching Ade for a rest and both times we needed him to come on to make a real difference. He’s only 24 so will improve technically. Even after 50 games the guy has energy to burn and we should all be thankful that he has helped us move on so quickly from the Henry era. On the other hand the talented Bendtner needs to watch and learn from Ade’s dedication and hard work.

  14. Bunter

    shame he missed a hatful at Old Trafford in the first half, otherwise we would be fighting for tht title still, he’s done well for a limited striker, but we are the Arsenal, we deserve a top class striker as our midfield work is world class.

  15. Goofle

    He is black. So they do not like him. Its as simple as that.

  16. arsenalroc

    BUNTER- go support CHELSEA YOU TWAT!
    done well for a limited striker? rooney a limited striker, he has not scored 30 goals neither has torres,sheva,drogba,anelka,tevez, santa cruz…. so who in your opinion is a top class striker?
    like i said earlier, he led the line BY HIMSELF- he was not even considered a guarenteed starter last season.. and he is 24!
    i am so sick of arsenal fans who want us to be like chelski or united. True Gooners dont support the club becuase of the trophies we have won but for the culture and style of football they play… and no harp of a single game!

  17. the whisperer

    i love ade!

    he’s been doing a lot of the scoring on his own because the other players do not contribute as often or regularly as we would like. so it IS unfair to just blame Ade when we look at the amount of work he puts in each time. i must admit sometimes i’m frustrated with him when he misses a few chances in a game but whenever he’s on the pitch, i’m confident somehow that there’s a reliable goal outlet there. if he and RvP aren’t playing, i don’t feel so sure..

    congrats on your 30 goals, Ade.

  18. jammathon

    What Arsenalroc said…

  19. The artist formerly known as eboue's hand

    That Adebayor is useless, he missed a chance last night!
    That match just frustrated me so much because it brought up so many ‘what ifs’.
    Things would only have had to have gone very slightly differently in a couple of matches and we would be champions, still in the CL and have Ade with the golden boot. It’s amazing how a season of 60 odd matches can boil down to one or two mistakes and a cpoule of dodgy refereeing decisions. I’m unbelievably proud of what our team has done this year.

  20. cdjones

    Ade should be memorialized in song for his goal at Shite Hart Lane alone. He carried the team at times (I believe he scored in something like 8 premiership games on the trot, something not even TH14 ever did) and his workrate is typically phenomenal. Hard to hate on someone who works so hard.

  21. you’re right it is hard to hate on someone who works so hard…unless you read le-grove every day

  22. I think the fans have been too hard on Ade ( my humble self not excluded) but I think he can only get better in the coming season , the only thing is he needs a worthy partner ,Jay can do it but he should not be rushed…David Villa could be the perfect partner that Ade needs to become a true Arsenal Lengend…any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.

  23. Yeah, but think about how many goals Pele would score if he was playing for this side. It’s not that Ade isn’t good at what he does, it’s that what he doesn’t do (put away the easy ones) stands out so much. Love him for his work-rate and physicality, hate him for those glaring misses. And this comes from a Championship Manager addict who regularly watches Ade and van Persie fluff 10 one-on-ones per game.

  24. I absolutely love this article – i hate the so called ade haters.

    Spot on with your Championship/Football manager comments. Addicts of the game base there knowledge of football from the game itself. I should know – i’m a recoverd Champ addict.

    I’ve been of “the game” for 4 seasons now. At first it was difficult, i suffered from withdrawl, but will power and the help and encouragement pulled me through what seemed a traumatic period.

    and to think i rated players such as Kim Kalstrom, Julius Aghahowa, and Pawel Brozuk… oh the shame!

    Without Ade in our side, we don’t look like scoring.

  25. Ben Panther

    For the masochistic among you, consider how slight the margins were this season.

    P Team Pld W D L Pts GD
    1 Arsenal 38 25 11 2 86 45
    2 Chelsea 38 25 10 3 85 39
    3 Man U 38 26 6 6 84 56

    This is how the table should have looked. Not after major alterations in our season, but if we had kept our concentration for the last 35+ minutes of the game at Old Trafford where we played them off the park. Instead we conceeded two needless set-pieces. That’s how close it was.

    I know hindsight is always 20/20, and some will argue that if we had won, the other results may not have panned out they way they did, but that argument would also work in our favour, considering the morale boost a win over Utd would have given the lads. THAT”S how CLOSE it was!

    Keep the faith Gooners!!

  26. Come on Jammathon, end of season review time!

    And drop by your “favourite commenter’s” (non-Arsenal related) new blog and leave a comment or two.

  27. That was excellent. I mean to score one hattrick is crazy but to do it twice agsint the same time. Unbelievable!