Introducing: Commenter of the Month

I’ve introduced the odd hair-brained ‘awards’ on the blog every now and then, so consider this one of them.

New to Third-Gen! Each month, the poster who tallied the most comments earns a guest-interview that will be conducted for a fan’s-eye-view article each month.

To compliment this, a tally will also be kept of the most ‘first commenters’ on each article published. That includes little updates like this very article. So be the first to slip in with a ‘First Gen’ (that could be Bergkamp, Overmars, Tony Adams, even an Anelka if you’re really desperate), and you along with the leading commenter will get a spot in the lime light.

Or can you do the double? Rack in the most views, diatribes, rants and conversations with fellow Arsenal-fans from around the world, and you can earn yourself your chance to air your ideas on what direction Arsenal FC is heading. And before you ask: Yes! You can absolutely lambast the opinions of the writer, and still rank at the top. Which would make for a rather interesting interview, wouldn’t it?

Comments* are measured from the first day of each month, and you might just get your own mug-shot posted on the sidebar, if that’s your cup of tea.

*Comments are defined as being of at least one full sentence that is in response to the posted article concerned or a recent posted article by Third-Gen. Comments can also be in response to discussions already running in the comments-board of a particular article. Comments by affiliated bloggers are not counted.

In short: Get contributing! This site isn’t just about one-way traffic of my all-knowing Sage-Guru wisdom on all things Arsenal. Third-Gen is home to readers from around the world (and some pretty exotic locations to boot), so your opinion is as valued as it is interesting.

See you on the blog…



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10 responses to “Introducing: Commenter of the Month

  1. noel reynolds

    i see.that gives us all something to play for. nice idea.

  2. jammathon

    It also encourages people to keep the same username throughout their time commenting not just on Third-Gen, but on other Arsenal sites as well. It develops the online-gunners community.

    Of course, I can see the IP addresses of everyone commenting, but thats just an incidental point.

  3. dylan savage

    i like the idea ^_^

    very clever and fun way to get the lurkers out of hiding

  4. jammathon

    Third-Gen has never been about the ‘first comment’ dig that some blogs like Arseblog, et al, have. I’m wondering if people would enjoy one on here, which could be intergrated into the competition.

    Eg, ‘most comments’ and ‘most first Gens’.

    Hmmm. First-Gen. Wenger’s first generation…Let’s make it a Tony Adams.

    Consider that added to the above article.

  5. London Tom


    What the hell is going on!

    ‘Third-Gen has never been about the ‘hits’ or comments that come along with it.’

    Now you’re all about the comments?

    Not a bad idea, a bit of original thinking for once – now that is a lot more fun than satire.

  6. jammathon

    It’s not about hits. Do you see any advertising? It’s a passion of mine that I do in my own spare time, and put as much effort into as I can afford.

  7. Great idea, can I nominate our good friend Dr. Whiff? I get the strangest feeling London Tom is coming around to you, how nice.

    Can’t stand that first comment thing on Arseblog, don’t encourage it.

    Think I might put a link to you on my blog, that should guarantee an extra reader every few months.

  8. jammathon

    Andrew…which blog do you run?

    The first-poster thing looks like it might cause problems. We’ll see how it goes.

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  10. Ah, I commented late last night and didn’t realise I was using my real name (andrew), instead of the proper one. Won’t happen again.