Aaron Ramsey to Sign for Charlton Athletic Lookalikes

A quick one while I cram this in amongst my study needs. For the record, Constructivists are all a bunch of pretenders who stole elements of political theory from the English School, who in the end, are all a bunch of sad realists. Communism is so much more fun.

No prizes for guessing what I’m bogged down with, but the rest of the Arsenal fans seem continually bogged down by any lack of transfer activity in the market. A shining glimmer of hope comes in the form of Aaron Ramsey, however, who looks like he just might be signing for The Arsenal soon, after his round-the-world trip in a jetplane, visiting the likes of David Moyes and Alex Ferguson to boot. According to The Mirror (*cough*), Ramsey favours the move to Arsenal in a deal which will see him get game time in Arsenal’s first team (read: Carling Cup squad), as opposed to the loan deals on offer from Manchester and Everton’s squad.

UPDATE: BBC are also reporting that Ramsey is indeed ours. Huzzah!

The big news of recent days has been Arsenal’s kit change, again, for next season. While some protest against the constant ‘having to buy’ a new kit every season, the real trauma is seeing the dampening down of the white on Arsenal’s sleeves.

Have a look at Kolo Toure on the left. Had that shot been taken a little lower, I would have seen little more than a training kit. Mark Brindle at REDaction has spat tongues of fury at it, saying:

“…my strongest objection is that the home kit does not have white sleeves. That is the Arsenal tradition. Can you imagine Nike messing about with Barcelona’s shirt or Man United’s shirt? We will look more like Charlton Athletic next season.”

Succinctly put, sir. And again, the only thing you can do to protest against it is to not buy it. Seriously, I have supported this team since 1993, and I own the grand total of 3 shirts. One home kit, the 02/03 blue away jumper, and the Highbury Farewell. I have no impetus to purchase another until that home kit (which has got a bit of wear and tear) gets a few too many cigarette burns. And I’m no smoker.

Buying the shirt is not what makes you a supporter. Save some money and buy a retro shirt. Whenever I see a man in an 80s jumper (of any side), it’s social kudos and ‘we are not worthy’ praises coming at him from all angles. The new shirts today really do have a ‘plastic’ look to them, anyway.

In other news, Fabio Cappelo has stuck his pen into Spanish ink by saying that young Cesc Fabregas is unable to handle the ‘pressure’ of international football. To that, I say two things:

  1. See how much Arsenal fans care. In fact, see how many football followers (other than the Spanish, who have always been more passionate about their clubs than their own federation) actually give any credence to that, in a world where club football is the cream of the crop, and international tournements are just a distraction from the mind-numbing nothingness of the transfer window.
  2. Fabregas is 21 years old, with time on his side. People like Capello have nothing better to do, clearly.

A Euro roundup then, and I must say that Mertesacker (PRAISE BE) and Metzelder (a man who singlehandedly could win the Premier League on his own) played little more than averagely against a brave Polish side. A big no-thanks from me. Robin van Persie got a late run out in Holland’s spectacular 3-0 win over Italy, with Gio van Bronckhorst pulling off a pre-Greed-is-Good Ashley Cole performance.

Oh, and another shout out to those Championship Manager wannabes: See Luca Toni? Yes…he is in fact quite human. Whaddaya know. Best turn our attentions to all those other false idols elsewhere.

Nothing more to say other than grab a look at a little friendly competition I’ve gone and set up where you could get a fan’s-eye-view feature of your thoughts on Arsenal FC’s direction, transfers, season prospects and other mish mash. All for the sake of a little community, of course. Get commenting!

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Until we cross paths again…



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6 responses to “Aaron Ramsey to Sign for Charlton Athletic Lookalikes

  1. Sue

    Nice to get one over the mancs with our new signing. I only hope he isnt included in the 2/3 players Arsene said he was after. I suppose in a few days it will all come out in the wash as to why he chose us.

    I agree buying a shirt doesnt make you a supporter.
    I have no objection to the new kit infact I think it looks classy. It has white in its sleeves so what are red action so uptight about because the sleeves aren’t all white – get over it. No one is twisting your arm to buy it. Just like the new crest a few moans then all forgotten about.

    Was good to see Robin getting a run out last night; he looked rather nippy, still after all that time out he should be. Well done Gio as well on being named man of the match. Lets hope all our players in euro 2008 stay injury free.

  2. DeiseGooner

    Don’t see what the big deal is to be honest. I quite like it. The 04/05 & 95/96 kits had similar sleeve designs and the 92/93 had red and black strips on the sleeves. So we have had sleeves that weren’t all white before…..

  3. jammathon

    In the end, the hubbub eventually quietens down when the season gets underway. People do need a reason to be grouchy, but I do still wish Nike would quit trying to wring us dry of our clout while some other clubs remain relatively untouched.

  4. Arsenal Tom


    I forgot to reply to you the other day you sly old dog!

    I said:

    “‘Third-Gen has never been about the ‘hits’ or comments that come along with it.’

    Now you’re all about the comments?”

    Then you said:

    “It’s not about hits. Do you see any advertising? It’s a passion of mine that I do in my own spare time, and put as much effort into as I can afford.”

    Ok, now you’re acting like a politician. Did I say ‘Now you’re all about the hits’? No.

    You know what I was talking about. One minute you are not about the comments, and now you are running a commenter of the day? You are trying to get more people to comment by rewarding them.

    I am pointing out that you say one thing and do another.

    Not that I am knocking your idea, I like it. But don’t pretend you don’t want comments, when we all know you are desperate for them. Someone pointed out yesterday that you mentioned you would like to see Kompany at Arsenal, that is a bit rich coming from the man who wrote this:

    “So. We need some SUPERSTAR defenders (because SUPERSTAR is a nice word). I like Mertesacker. I’ve been doing some quintessential Gunners-fan-I-swear-I-am scouting on the German, and my indepth research has satisfied me into concluding he is exactly what we need. Believe me, I know much more than the Economics-Masters degree graduate Wenger and his worldwide scouting network. Click here for the fruits of my labour. Similarly, Kompany or Mexes will do just fine.”

    Then the next day, you said this:

    “When it comes to transfers, my opinions are pretty clear.

    1. Kompany and Zapata are two names we can all oggle over, and while they are good players, defenders are usually found through scouting networks and not by reputation.”

    So, it is not on to report that Mertesacker is an Arsenal fan and he is everything Arsene said he required in a defender (6ft6, good in the air, experienced), but it is ok to suggest 2 players you’ve never watched before?

    Are you blog projecting?

    “Projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.”

    By being mean about other blogs you detest, are you actually suppressing your desires to be like these other sites?

    After reading for 4 days, I would say yes.

    Comment 4. I have a 25% chance of winning commenter of the day.

  5. Cafc Steve

    How Dare You say shit lyk that about us. im really pissed off that this has been put here it is insulting for you to imply that it is a disgrace to have a shirt like ours because we are a championship club. arsenals fans are just a bunch of complete cunts

  6. jammathon

    I like Kompany, after having seen him play a fair bit. I know it’s probably not as likely to happen that we sign him, or another ‘well known defender’, simply because central defenders are usually scouted out. Look at Vidic and Skyrtel for Man U and Liverpool respectively.

    And yes, we could do with a few more comments on the board. There are far more readers of this blog than there are commentors, and it would be nice to redress that gap. What else would you like to know? I’ve never been focussed on the hits (though we get a decent amount to keep me satisfied), but I accept that it would be nice to foster a bit more discussion on here than we’ve had before.

    Besides, I would like to get three or four interviews with some fans with regards to the club. This is a way for me to gauge who I’d like to talk to. It’s not all that sinister.