Gary Neville: Arsene Wenger’s Heart Surely Skipped a Beat

A simple question, today. You are 17 year old Aaron Ramsey. Who do you choose?

You’re shown around a train-wreck by the scariest creature alive. A creature so foul, he makes train-wrecking zombies weep. A real English charmer, Gary Neville tells you how awesome Manchester United is, emphasizing the commitment of having to be ‘100% commited to Man U; Man U always on your mind 24/7, chappie..!”…while we plan to conveniently send you back to Cardiff for a season, anyway.


You get the classy, classy trip to Switzerland to meet the man who knows how to treat up-and-coming players.

I give you: Arsene Wenger.

Again, I cannot substantiate it was a beach-buggy that was used. Some say it was a private jet. Pending your medical and other contractual guff…Welcome to Arsenal FC, Mr Ramsey.



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18 responses to “Gary Neville: Arsene Wenger’s Heart Surely Skipped a Beat

  1. Elijah

    I can’t stop laughing.It’s hilarious video I’ve
    seen for ages.Oh man,Just only look at Arsene !!
    Great job who ever done it.Just the best !!

  2. Sorry Gary westeel need more to came in. one of them is David V so that we see your guy nex season ok.

  3. THABO

    good lad, choosin the professor over faggotson is only natural for anyone with atleast half a brain

  4. brdgunner

    This is more evidence as to why arsene is the best man for The Arsenal Football Club

  5. Lebenglese

    Mate whats the link to the video on youtube as its now unavailable on your site…

  6. Arlo

    This is the best post I have seen a long time-good news hilario vid . Third Gen you are the Gooner super-psyh.
    Nice one chief!

  7. Arsenal Tom

    Funny post Jammers, much better.

  8. Stevo

    What a video….great post

  9. cdjones

    This post is even funnier than the “light in the loafers” speculation post.
    I’ll be laughing all day.

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  11. Arsene did a great Job getting Ramsey for us , other teams just can not match our style of going about our transfers

  12. Gary neville is seriously hot.

    If I post that a load of times can I be your first commenter interview?

  13. harrie91

    gary nevill photo is good