Adebayor needs Fernando Torres’ Agent

Just a quick one to let you know I’m still alive. I’m flooded with work at the newspaper I’m working with at present, so blogging has taken a backseat to latenight shifts with the media.

I hope none of you are being rocked by constant shouts from Adebayor’s agent trying to press for a move. We’ve all heard Ade’s constant and consistent words to the press that he is very happy at the club and dedicated to Wenger and Arsenal. Arsene Wenger himself has repeatedly told AC Milan to go jump in a hole.

His agent, however, has been stoking the fires of transfer rumours in order to hike up a pay-rise for his client, in the midst of interest from AC Milan and Barcelona.

Two things to say here are:

  • Adebayor is going nowhere. Compared to other players we might mention, Ade has constantly allayed fears he is leaving, saying he wants to improve on his goalscoring record this season just gone, and build on it for forthcoming campaigns.
  • Ade – you’ve just signed a new contract. Now you want another raise? I, for the record, have always stood by the often under-fire striker. Given his flaws as a player, I still stand by the fact he is exceptionally talented in so many other faculties, but this contract wrangling is grating on myself and others.

So what to make of it all? I believe Adebayor to be quite a loyal player by today’s standards. His constant scoring against Spurs is a joy to behold, as is the thumping of badge upon chest everytime he does it. His line to the media has been as consistent as his agent has been infuriating. I do not believe for a second that either Milan or Barca will get ‘their man’.

I also do not believe that Ade is deserving of a pay-rise just yet, but the Arsenal board may be in a more precarious position than I am (all I have to do is offer snobby opinions). They have to pay the damn players, and that they probably will with regards to Adebayor’s new contract.

Before you jump on his back, let’s give him a season. He played very well this season just gone, scoring a mammoth 30 goals. That’s no spare change. If he can get anything above 20 this season coming, then the pay-rise is justified. Anything else (with reasonable excuse, like injuries), then we can all have a whine and a moan.

If any queries are being made towards the headline, compare Adebayor’s plight to Fernando Torres. Chelsea are reportedly offering up to £40million for the forward’s services. That’s a massive £4million or so for the agent to possibly recoup. Have we heard a pip? Not a squeak. Something to learn, Ade’s agent.

Don’t you just hate today’s wages and spending?



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26 responses to “Adebayor needs Fernando Torres’ Agent

  1. Simmo

    The difference is that Torres’ agent just made about 2m last summer and although they are all greedy he can’t make it that obvious. Ade’s agent has collected lest than a mil from his transfers (350k to 600k). A big money move is necessary for him to make some real money off Ade soon … who knows what the future holds, he might dump you like Cesc did with his old agent and then what do you have?

  2. Ian

    Sorry, Adebayor’s deficiencies are unacceptable in a top-class striker. We should be so lucky as to get a few bob for him, let alone 25 million. Good riddance.

  3. Chopper

    nice one for the post, please stop saying things like “ade is going nowhere” the guy is the consumate twat, far 2 big headed asking for a raise after one season, always screamin down team mates necks when they dont pass 2 him, he really believes he’s reached henry status, the man is not a world class striker in my view his finishing is still poor, remove the handball against united andthe 6 goals against derby and u have a 17 premier league goal striker, as he scored 24 alltogether in the league. He is bog standard, and shud piss off once and for all, i cant wait i dream of the day he leaves.

    now u say ade has re-iterated his desire 2 stay, the man is a liar. gunners needs 2 realise this cos its getting ridiculous. french newspaper l’quipe do not lie and he clearly talked up a move to barca, his cock wud spring with delight at the thought of linking up with henry again at the nou camp – and thats the truth, let him go. that beanpole is soooooo annoying. sign gouffran he’s the closest striker 2 torres i’ve seen. I would say benzema but theres no chance of that happening.

  4. jammathon

    Chopper…you’ve asked Adebayor this personally, or are you just guaging from his stage presence?

    Give me a break.

  5. georgesydaust

    “Dont count those goals and that wasn’t a real goal”, so I suppose anyone who scores against a bottom 3 club cant really add those goals to their tally because they’re a shit team. How about the goal against Sp*rs or even 07’s winner against manure, do they count?
    Snap out of it, go follow Chelsea or some other buying team. Man City seem to have a good bandwagon for you to jump on!
    Why on earth would you want to get rid of a player who just scored 30 goals, even if he is a beanpole?

  6. Gunner fan

    c’mon guys.. are all of you a real gunner fan? lets not bring down or criticise our own players.. and most of all, lets just pray hard that, our boss will successfully tie up some good players soon.. really looking forward to a completed signings, rather then speculations

  7. cupid4real

    Please who is this guy called Chopper or whatever his name is. You are just bleeding a whole shit load of crap. I guess no one scored mored than 20 goals this season bcos most of Ronaldo’s goals were against tems like Derby and co. You must be drunk while writing

  8. Tim

    I wonder whether “chopper” has ever seen ade play – the man is a monster and no striker has looked as mobile and as powerful for any team in the euros. He’s proven premiership talent and we couldn’t afford him if he performed like this for another team. Absolutely amazing that people keep trying to undermine support for him when he has shown his loyalty time and time again. If you are not an arsenal fan then stop wasting our time on our blogs.

  9. Spike


    I guess thats your ID coz you’re a bit of a dick?


    Sell Ade? Well, not for at least £30 million!!!!!!!!!

  10. California Steve

    Here’s a number for the anti-Ade brigade: Fernando Torres is considered the second coming and he scored 24 league goals with a 25% strike rate. Ade ALSO had 24 goals with a 24% strike rate, making their efficiency virtually equal — and yet there are supposed Gooners who want to dump Ade but who would bite off their arms for Torres.

    Does this make any sense?

    Ade gives us a versatility we haven’t had in years and with more service from the wings — exciting young players like Walcott and Vela — Ade will score at least as often.

    If RVP is healthy and you pair him with Ade for most of a season they’ll be electric with Eduardo and Bendtner (not to mention Vela, Walcott and maybe even Barazite as back-ups).

    I’m totally baffled why anyone would think we’d improve by swapping Ade for Villa and winding up with strikers who all need to play off somebody else!

    Look, Villa’s a heck of a player and I’d love to have him alongside Ade with RVP on a wing where he plays for Holland, but that’s not going to happen.

    But selling the farm — our only lead-the-line type of big guy up front — just to add Villa is just crazy and would leave the attack totally unbalanced.

    Makes no sense at all.

  11. jammathon

    Comment of the day, California Steve. Kudos.

  12. Yeah, excellent comment from Steve. I fucking hate agents, they are ruining football and the time will come when I get sick of top-class football altogether and just watch my local team hoofing a ball round a field instead.

  13. Chopper

    u absolute clueless dickheads, unbelevable…its unbelievable how sucked in you are over the fact that ade has lied time n time again saying he wants to stay but then says his dream is 2 move to barca, when he leaves this summer i will come back and ask you lot what u think of him then – i wanna then hear u say “oh he always re-iterates hes happy and wants to stay” u fucking CLUELESS people, this blog and its followers is an absolute embarassment.

  14. Arsharvin4Arsenal

    I have to say i agree, adebayor’s blatantly asking for those 80k a week wages after 1 season, u lot fucking grow up, arsenal r bigger than adebayor.

  15. Skittle

    it’s true, adebayor is a complete and utter tosser who deserves to leave, i stuck up for him sooooooooooo much thru his bullshit whining at other players berating the likes of walcott when he doesnt get the ball, i cant stand people who are so big headed when they wud miss open goals galore, fuck his 30 goals, do people not realise this arsenal side r unbelievable enough 2 fashion chances for anybody, akinbyi however u spell his name couldve scored just as much as ade

  16. JumpStart


  17. Ethan

    Adebayor has done well, he gives us that plan b we never had before, he’s physical and his mobility is superb butim sorry for a team like arsenal we need an absolute top top class finisher and a consistent one, not one who goes missing in games against chelsea away, united away where he missed like 4 clear cut chances, and scored a bate handball, he couldve won us the league that day. his quality in the air is undoubted but again – liverpool away campions league he missed an absolute sitter – thats the difference, adebayor is good, but to be champions and champions league winners – we need GREAT.

    i hope people udnerstand that cause the people saying we are adebayor haters dont know what theyre talking about, i salute the likes of chopper and jump start who have the balls to state when something is so obviously clear. He doesnt deserve 80k and if he wants to go to barca – let him. I dont believe his constant lying on saying he wants 2 stay, reyes did the same thing. l’quipe dont lie, the interview took place where adebayor confessed his desire to go 2 barca, the only thing is u arsenal fans believe his lies when he tries 2 cover his own ass on – WAKE THE FUCK UP

  18. jammathon

    Ethan – our defence lost that game against Man U. He went missing in games late on in the season because of fatigue, and no-one else was picking up from him. Is that his fault? Only as much as it’s the team’s fault.

    Skittle – put Hleb up front and see how many goals we score.

    Frankly, I wont put up with any of this ‘fucking unloyal foreigners’ remarks. All the talk has been from Adebayor’s agent, and the only mention of words from Adebayor has been one of insisted loyalty.

    People never had a problem with Henry’s ego, who scored the same amount of goals. ‘Humble’ strikers are the ones like Dean Ashton and John Hartson. It’s his personality, and it’s the only thing that drives you towards such high scoring numbers. Ego comes from somewhere. I’m sure you can ask Ronaldo and Torres their opinion of themselves, and they’ll think they’re pretty awesome blokes.

  19. Mickey C

    it’s true guys i have to agree with these lot, adebayor did say those things first and foremost about a move to barca:

    “There is not a player who could say no to Barcelona. If Barcelona make an offer for me and reach an agreement with Arsenal, I would be delighted to go there.”

    the quotes are from l’quipe the most respected french football magazine, theyre not gonna bullshit, they are a higher source of reliability than adebayor is im afraid and it shows.

    sorry, not to take the piss but its not exactly rocket science. adebayor’s agent wudnt speak 2 milan and talk about how adebayor is open to a move away from arsenal unless adebayor told him that himself. I think if adebayor really wants to stay he wud tell his agent not to say those things to the media – several times, but he’s doing it to cover himself so the fans still love him. i’m sorry but ur pretty dense on an awesome level if u stand by adebayor and want him to stay after that.

  20. TopGun

    Jammathon, fuck the fatigue factor why are u just repeating wenger’s excuses, adebayor is not the only striker in the premiership to play the amount of games he played. If he was that fatigued he shudnt have been playing – period, for gods sake fuck the excuses he missed four glorious opportunities that day,(when we needed to win) whereas torres wouldve absolutely bury them, i wanna hear u disagree with that. He was anonymous against chelsea away(when we needed to win), hit the bar with an open goal against milan (when we needed to win) and missed clear cut chances v liverpool away champs league semi (when we needed to win) he sliced unbelivable opportunity.

    He is a good player, NOBODY can deny he is a good player who gives arsenal something different, he’s always moving, works his socks off, but im sorry his attitude is fucked! he thinks he’s henry after ONE season, demanding 80k??? are u serious…he can go for all i care, i love the club and i wanna see people who want to play 4 the shirt not people who demand 80k a season after theyve extended their fooking contract and discuss moves to barcelona so casually, fuck that. Chopper mate, ur spot on and i salute u for having the balls to spell out the obvious truth, which seems a task far too difficult for some arsenal fans who just wanna suck up and agree with everything saying “ade haters fuck off, ade haters fuck off”, instead of understanding the basic facts – its fucking unbelievable how stupid some arsenal fans are.

  21. FrenchToast

    oh this is just the comment of the day by ethan –

    “thats the difference, adebayor is good, but to be champions and champions league winners – we need GREAT.”

    that is so true, adebayor lacks that ability to be ruthless when needed, what u gonna reply to that? 30 goals? fack off..he’s not reliable enough and the guys here have shown countless situations where he has flopped. torres, van nistelrooy when he played for united, henry when he played for arsenal, and benzema will be – great strikers – adebayor will never be a great striker and before u say anything on that see for urself next season because he will always miss those important gift given chances, he is not a striker who i would rely on in a cup final or a huge game, when the going gets tough he’s a shadow of the player who expresses himself against the likes of derby.

    adebayor is a clumsy striker who has seen his best days already. what we have at arsenal is 2nd best, whereas the other strikers for united and chelsea can change a game, the likes of rooney or tevez, they have that knack where u can back them to give u a goal when the going gets tough, as with drogba and torres – not with adebayor, thats the difference, u lot hating on ethan and chop and them are blind to simple footballing facts.

  22. marmite

    horrid post, useless posting a post that lacks footballing knowledge it really is.

  23. jammathon

    Yes, I will argue with that. Torres cannot score outside of Anfield. See the no-show that was Liverpool against Manchester United? Twice?

    I see Adebayor scoring goals against Manchester United, against Liverpool, against Chelsea (ruled offside).

    I see unrealistic fans demanding 4 goals a match. Adebayor was a lone striker for a whole season. The other teams and their strikers were not forced to be in that position.

    I back Adebayor. Suck on it.

  24. Gooner Chris

    You’ve just proved chopper’s point – you see the goals going in but you dont acknowledge the costly misses because you clearly are content with 3rd place. Sorry mate, your beaten all ends up here by real fans.

  25. jammathon

    How about the fact the striker is only 23, and can only get better. Yes, he missed a bagful of chances, but who else scores so many at such a young age? Not many.

    If I’m not a ‘real fan’ because I stand by one of our players instead of demanding we buy some Valencia mercenary, then fine. I’m a plastic. Let’s shout it to the world.

    Did you notice a handball by Gallas, by any chance? Or a loss of form by Toure?

  26. Bob_Bobson

    Wow, some people are never satisfied eh?
    I’m with Jammathon here, the last time a striker scored 30 goals for Arsenal was years ago (& yes, was Henry)
    Ade may appear greedy (asking for more money already) but don’t let the agent fool you, he’s got the most to gain & i’d imagine he’s running the show
    regardless, weren’t we all complaining we were becoming a selling club only a few days ago & now you want to sell our top scorer?
    if we’re plastic then what’s the term for “fans” who change their tune to suit them (complaining all the while)?