Adebayor shows up his Detractors yet again; Fabregas is a GOD

The striker ‘those in the know’ wrote off as egotistical and ‘thinks he’s Henry’ has now shown up all the scaremongers for what they are: know-nothing, knee-jerk reactionists.

Yes, Adebayor has now come out and written off the rumours linking him away from Arsenal for the third time, saying:

I am an Arsenal player and have three years left on my contract. The most important thing for me is to keep on enjoying my football. I’m staying at Arsenal.

When I was young I had a dream to be a good footballer and play for a big team,” he said. “I was born in Togo so I never cared about playing for money, my happiness was to play to enjoy myself. That’s what I’ve been doing until now. You can see people changing clubs because of money, because they want a change of atmosphere or to get their names in the big leagues. I just play football to enjoy myself. I play because I love it.

TAKE A BOW. That means none of the 120,000 a week reported in rags like the Sun, none of the money-loving scumminess that certain ‘fans’ claim he’s all about. No, just badge-thumping, 30-goals a season, COVETED striker, playing for us.

To all the fans who chastised him for being a ‘money-grabbing c***’…there are two words I have in mind for you. One begins with ‘F’, and the other begins with ‘Y’. In some countries, it’s often abbreviated to ‘F.U’ as a matter of courtesy.

Oh yes.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Ade’s. And just to make sure I’m not completely deluded, let’s get a few things straight.

  • Assuming it to be factually true, his famously cited ‘1 in 3 chances’-conversion rate can be improved on, and then some. Yes, he can put more chances away. But those that sniff at 30 goals in a season really are looking a gift horse in the mouth. Adebayor had to put up with leading the line on his own for most of a very long season, as well as being a young striker still learning a thing or two.
  • But that’s exactly the point! He can only get better, and assuming he can play alongside another striker (what with van Persie and Eduardo out injured for so long), this team will be very dangerous. What’s more, Henry was our last 30-goal a season striker, who was far more clinical, yes, but that entails him having less chances to deal with than our Fabregas (more on him later) inspired team, that creates a shedload of opportunities. It is a young team, that is growing quickly and will eventually fully teeth into a very clinical, very dangerous side. And Adebayor is a part of that.

Besides, our defence could have done a MUCH better job than they did on many occassions. Although I’m not one to categorically ensure that this is exactly the state of affairs, I would imagine his time in Togo and now a recent arrival to watch the EURO competition in Vienna has prevented him from making this statement. While he could have done a bit more to either shut his agent up or speak out directly amidst the recent hubbub, to his credit, he’s denied these rumours personally before.

Onto things even more Fabulous, and our young Catalan midfielder showed up an array of talents last night while playing for Spain in the second EURO semifinal against Russia. The likes of Arshavin, Torres and Iniesta were well and truly blitzed for class by, quite possibly, the best footballer of his generation. Occassionally I am prone to hyperbole, but I honestly think that Fabregas could prove that statement right. Will it be in the future, or is it happening right now, that he is justifying this kind of praise?

All I know is that we are watching a young titan play before us under the Spanish colours. What is even more of a privilege is to have this incredible, incredible player playing in the red-and-white and sorta-Charlton-like colours of The Arsenal. Fabregas is pure, unadulterated marvelousness. And you can quote me on that.

Before I end off, one or two people have emailed and asked if I’m going to shed any thoughts on this year’s EURO competition. Generally, I’m not that fussed by internationals, but I do share my fellow Australian blogger Spanish Fry’s sentiments that this is the best EURO competition in a long while. I will shed my aggregated thoughts after the Germany vs Spain final, certainly.

One player who has stood out but was made totally anonymous last night by a certain Catalan deity is Andrei Arshavin. For those that like their transfer-rumours, you will be glad to know that I definitely rate the Russian superstar who is the inverse to Adebayor. Adebayor looks like a war-veteran yet is only 27; Arshavin looks like a newborn baby but is three years Ade’s senior. Go figure.

His performances prior to the semifinal were mesmeric, though. It would be unfair to jump on him and say ‘oh well, guess he was overrated afterall’, given the blissfully stylish way he cut through Holland and Sweden (not the meanest of feats), and the way he spearheaded Zenit St Petersburg’s UEFA Cup run.

He’s a very Arsenal-type player, and I would be more than happy to see Wenger pursue him. Barcelona can be considered favourites for his signature, though.

And with that, I might just head off to bed. Good night, those who have read up to the last line.



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47 responses to “Adebayor shows up his Detractors yet again; Fabregas is a GOD

  1. noel reynolds

    just an update now. an hour after he gave the press conference he completely contradicted himself and said his future will be decided next week. what a prick!



  3. jammathon

    Noel…a link, please? I haven;t seen that yet…

  4. georgia gunner

    good post. ade u are real man!!!

  5. Paulinho

    He has changed his tune with his interview to Bryan Swanson on SSN. He will decide next week as he has several offers on the table.

    Don’t jump the gun defending Ade. Plonker!

  6. Paulinho

    Change the headline!

    “Ade shows up his defenders once again!”

  7. jammathon

    …don’t jump the gun implying he’s going to jump ship?

    It will take a fair bit to contradict that ‘Im from Togo, I dont do it for the money sentiment’. But hey, I could be wrong.

  8. jammathon

    And someone please provide a link so I can cast my PR genius over it and spin it in favour of my fragile argument.

  9. TA6

    What planet are you on.
    Adeego’s agent only does what he wants him to do. If you think he hasn’t angled for a move away you are very nieve. He is only backpeddling ’cause his move might backfire on him, he is a big a scumbag as cashley. I still don’t think (and hope) he will ever pull on our shirt again. If blood suckers like him and Pleb play for us again it will be a very sad day for Arsenal. If and when these two leave they will fall flat on their faces.
    Bring in Crouch, a true pro great first touch and reads the game unlike Ade, he would have scored 40+ goals for us last season and ran us ragged at Emirites.
    David Silva looked great, and there must be some monster of a centre back somewhere in eastern european just waiting for AW.
    That only leaves us to replace Flamini.

  10. jammathon


    …you know Ade personally, do you? Or are you really good at gaging from your armchair, over there?

    We’ve seen with Hleb, Flamini, Anelka and Ashley Cole that agents run the show trying to earn their cut from transfers. They are the ones that run riot. Don’t think that Ade’s is going to follow him all the way to spend time with his family in Lome, Togo. He’ll stay in his office in Europe keeping the phone hot to make sure his ‘client’ is in demand and whoever he’s playing for (Arsenal) is earning top dollar, or shipping out to another club who will pay that plus a handsome transfer fee.

    Adebayor has denied it three times. More than you can say for ANY of Flamini, Hleb, Ashley or Anelka.

  11. brdgunner

    I really feel for Ade who has been a great asset to Arsenal Football Club. He continues to deny these rumors, which to me is evidence as to why other players stay quite, if Hleb was to say every week that he wishes to remain at Arsenal it would change nothing. Maybe he does wish to go, however why should he say he doesn’t every week. We will see, I read an article that quoted Wenger saying that he believes the Milan game was as detrimental as it was positive as the players were now scouted on the world stage. For me Flamini finished the season poorly, Bolton was a very bad performance and the own goal at Arsenal against Gerrard was uncharacteristically his fault. He tries to knock the ball past Gerrard rather than go through him with the ball, the ball bounces off Gerrard chins and sets him on his way.
    I am very disappointed to have lost him because he is a great player that i thought would dominate Europe with Cesc, now who knows Cesc will dominate with, because it will be Cesc who dominates Europe for a long time. COME ON THE GUNNERS, I HATE TOTNUM

  12. Paulinho

    It’s in his body language Jammathon. Anyone who can read someone knows Ade is full of crap and loves the money and that is all he interested in. This Arsenal family nonsense is nice little extra but it’s hardly a deal breaker or maker for him.

    Have you not noticed the guy has got the biggest ego in football. He doesn’t celebrate anyone else’s goals!

  13. jammathon

    So you’d prefer a modest striker, like…Darius Vassell?

    Strikers often have egos. Henry did, Ronaldo does, Torres does, Ronaldo (Brazillian)…heck, I could go on forever. It’s natural to love yourself a bit if everyone notices you. And even at the ‘modest’ salary of 35,000 a week…wouldnt you love the money, too?

    Explain how Henry played eight seasons with us instead of 3 before buggering off to Real, then?

  14. TA6

    jammathon – so you know Ade then. If a players agent steps out of line or embarasses a player they get sacked, ala Cesc, Ade talks shite is stupid and constantly contradicts himself.

  15. jammathon

    He’s only EVER said he’s staying at Arsenal.

    To be continued tomorrow. It’s late, and Im in need of a kip.

  16. TA6

    brdgunner – you are right with Flamini, he was excellent for us, never complained for being played out of position, always gave everything when called on, warmed the subs bench for most of his career with us and just got on with it. He asked for a new contract last summer but was told to wait. He had every right to go, and I wish him good luck.

  17. noel reynolds

    check sky sports news jammathon and youll notice that in the press conference he was talking about “i love club manager etc” an hour later he is talking about “we will sit down and discuss my future next week”. all this while wearing a team adebayor sweat top. what’s all that about?

    he is either

    a. very stupid
    b. easily manipulated by his agents
    c. only interested in money
    d. all of the above

    i’d wager it’s d.

  18. Paulinho

    Noel, he is the biggest wanker ever to play for Arsenal.

  19. mjc

    Why does: “we will sit down and discuss my future next week” contradict anything?
    Could he not simply mean that he has been offered an extended contract on improved terms, just like Clichy, Fabregas and Sagna?

  20. TA6

    He should be a stand up comeidian. What is there to discuss. he is contracted to Arsenal. I only wish he had the balls to ask for a transfer, oh but that would cost him.

  21. TA6

    Paulinho – totally agree

  22. kunle

    let the transfer market go 1st b4 we can say ade will stay. but i think ade needs arsenal more than arsenal needs him. but i thnk i like him. but arsenal needs another striker

  23. noel reynolds

    because mjc one minute he is saying i will be at arsenal next season and the next he will be discussing his future next week and not dismissing milans interest in him. let him go to the old men of milan and he can do fuck all in the stodgy serie a. should also be a good season in the uefa cup as well. i look forward to him being a failure when and not if he leaves arsenal, just as all the others who jumped ship have found out to their cost.

  24. guest

    repeat a lie over and over and eventually everyone will believe in it.

  25. Paul

    noel reynlds

    it is you that is stupid believing all the press reports

  26. noel reynolds

    paul, when the words come from the player’s own lips then its not really a press report, is it?

  27. noel reynolds

    you also have to question the integrity of a man who calls a press conference to announce to the world that he is staying and then an hour later decides to change his tune. ever since the speculation around his future started i have been a staunch supporter of the man as 30 goals a season will be hard to replace and some of the names mentioned as a replacement are not ideal. but his behaviour today is shocking and shows complete disrespect to us fans. the way he was talking about himself in the 3rd person in the second interview was just fucking laughable as well. take a leaf out of cesc’s book you idiot.

  28. Paul


    Have you seen / head Adebayor say what he is aledged to say. Its interesting that the only Video on Sky Dports is the one where he says he is staying. They do not show the other video where he is reported to have said he has to make up his mind next week. It is certainly likely that he is angling for a pay rise and as he is on £35k currently there is obviously a case to be made. He would be stupid if he did not use Milan’s interest in him NOT to request a new contract at a higher salary, and no doubt Arsenal will offer him one, as they have already done for Cesc, Sagna and Clichy. It is all part of the negotiation – even Cesc played this game last year with his talks with Real. I have always thought Adebayor would stay and when he has always said he would stay. What his so called agents say is a different matter – from what I can tell most of the quotes are not even from his own agent.

  29. Paul


    I found the 2nd interview – all he said in this was he is to discuss his future next week. This is no diferent than any employee talking to their employers about a pay rise based on good performance. Obvoiusly like any other employee he would use the fact that he is wanted elesewhere to get a good deal. But I also expect he will get a good deal and stay at Arsenal. Wenger will only let him leave if he wants to, and I don’t think this is the case. All the rest is bullshit.

  30. TA6

    Paul – are you so blinkered in your support of Adeego, he is at best a total prick. He doesn’t meet AW criteria for an Arsenal player, humility, team ethic etc. etc. Cesc didn’t play any games with us over Real, he had the honesty to come out and say he had listened to what was on offer. Ade has said nothing while his agent works furiously to hasten his exit. Good ridence team ade.

  31. cdjones

    Ade’s not about the money. He’s about UEFA cup football or sitting on the bench

  32. Paul


    You are so blinkered in your (irrational) hatred of Ade. Has the guy done something to you – has he run off with your wife or something?

  33. cdjones

    That said, I’d like him to stay

  34. cdjones

    Just pointing out the options on offer at Milan or Barca

  35. cdjones

    oh yeah this just in, theo apparently has been given number 14

  36. TA6

    Paul – no need to stoop to talking about wives, accept I think you are blinkered just as I can accept you think that of me. It is my opinion this idiot will never pull on an Arsenal shirt again. The thing that pisses me off with this internet talk is that I would never be spoken to the way you are so ‘brave’ behind your keyboard.

  37. Paul

    I thought I was being quite mild in my comment – more of a joke than anything – not something I would have been afraid to say face to face at all. Unless of course there is something I don’t know about. I just seriously can’t understand you Ade bashers – he always works his socks off, seems to be a fairly nice guy when I see him on TV, (see the Africa tour stuff on the BBC), has never spoken badly about Arsenal, and was a key player for Arsenal last season. The only issue seems to be his relationship with Bendtner, but it appears that this may be more down to Nik’s ego than Ade, judging by the reactions of the rest of team.

  38. gunnerboy

    I myself think he is nothing but a scumbag,the agents are working for him and today he said something 1 hour and an hour later he says something different,whos to know if he did not get a call from Barca or Milan to change his mind

  39. Paul

    With all the comments from Arsenal ‘fans’ like Gunnerboy and TA6, if I were Ade I would f**k off to Milan too.

  40. gunnerboy

    why give two different interviews?????theres something up,he keeps coming out with im staying with Arsenal and hes agent says the opposite,if he wanted to stay he would sack hes agent or tell him to shut up,this is going on so long

  41. jammathon

    And awake. Time to read through all this…

  42. Paul


    “why give two different interviews?????”

    maybe there were 2 different interviewers. Doh

  43. gunnerboy

    2 different answers,doh

  44. gunnerboy

    so its us Arsenal fans that have adebayor come out and say that it would benefit Arsenal if we sold him,ya right,get rid of him quick

  45. noel reynolds

    just cos somebody works their arse off for a ridiculous amount of money of a saturday (30k a week what a fucking bind) does not mean we can’t expose them for the hypocrites they are and as such, talented player though he may be, you cannot pull the wool over my eyes for any amount of money. hes a fucking idiot.

  46. Ray

    What a prick you are.

    Shown yourself up again haven’t you?


  47. Ade should go – the guy lost us silverware last season.
    No excuses.