Third-Gen makes a hash of it; Quo Vadis, club football?

Let me be the first to say it: ‘Whoops’. Big f-ing ‘whoops’. Not five minutes after the June-27 article praising Adebayor for reiterating a ‘desire’ to play for Arsenal was published, that same player did a flipflop not seen in football in eons.

This is not the first mistake I’ve made, nor will it be the last. I was wrong on the Adebayor count, and what pains me even more is how quickly it became evident. So let’s get that out of the way first: Jammathon was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong about Emmanuel Adebayor’s intentions.

But where to start? It was the third time (on my count) that Adebayor had refuted the rumours abounding about his future. He did seem to relish scoring against Spurs quite often, and his body language (since everyone seems to love reading that) in particularly the Liverpool match in the Champions League seemed to me that this player genuinely enjoyed playing for us.

Who knows, perhaps he did. But now something really vile has occured, not just in Arsenal’s world, but in the footballing world in general.

Player power has reached a sickening zenith that not even the doom-mongers in Bosman’s time could have imagined. I believed that if Adebayor was really going to go, it would take one hell of a contradiction to put all he had said about Arsenal previously to the wayside.

And it was one hell of a contradiction that did it. In less than an hour, all manner of contradictions came forth, with Adebayor saying:

“Barcelona have made a good financial offer. Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it is up to the directors to satisfy my demands, otherwise I will leave.

“You have to take advantage of the moment. Why not go to Barcelona if the manager there already has me in his plans. That means there is a big chance of seeing me there.”

By now I’m also sure you’ve read his comments on AC Milan, as well. The man I have placed so much faith in (the whole world can vouch for that) is practically hawking himself out. At least, it appears this way. Arsene Wenger has been much more emphatic in his view on the situation, saying that he will try and hold Adebayor to his contract:

“No. I met him already, on Friday before his press conference.

He’s under contract. That’s quite simple. I’m not worried. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal Football Club I am not worried.”

But such is the state of club football’s affairs that this sentiment can only hold true for so long. Is Adebayor going? Probably. It’s a total reversal on what I’ve said before and a lot of people will laugh, mock and scorn, but the truth seems to be the opposite of what I have been barracking for before.

With that said, we really do have to be careful of what we wish for. The majority of fans that I’ve surveyed want Adebayor to go. Given new evidence, I am inclined to agree with them. For fans that shelve out as much as they do on season tickets to the Emirates’ (or who get up at 3:00 AM to watch them religiously), who love the club and have followed them for a healthy length of time, players lacking loyalty are a brash insult.

Ashley Cole, Nicolas Anelka, Matthieu Flamini and Alexandr Hleb are feeling the brunt of insulting such fans. And Adebayor has been flirting with this for a long time. On the traditional, fan-based sentiment, Adebayor must go. In the long term, the club will always live on.

But what of the short term? Arsenal were in touching distance of putting together a very healthy squad for the coming season, and Adebayor’s leaving puts us back a peg and a half. A common criticism of Adebayor is that ‘any Tom Dick or Harry could slot in where he plays, and score twice as many goals given the service the team provides’. While not questioning the service from midfield, I have never been very sure about the idea that someone else could score the same amount of goals as Adebayor, let alone double.

What he brings to the side in goals disguises the goals he provides others, for starters. That’s not counting assists, neither. His bustling, physical presence was developing very nicely last season, and he did bring ‘a certain something’ to affairs. You can spout off all the David Villas, Guizas and RVP’s at me, but to replace Adebayor’s goal scoring will be both a necessity and a toughie for Arsene Wenger.

While Adebayor really must go, it will do nothing to stave the player-power crisis in club football. Manchester United may have the resources to keep Ronaldo in the stands, but I doubt that will happen. Adebayor’s leaving and probable shortage of goals to come could prove our popular fishwife’s tale of the curse of leaving Arsenal. But it wont do much to prevent it from happening again.

One last thought. If Adebayor does leave, I will agree that Wenger should use the cash to buy a dangerous, ‘glittering’ striker, like Villa. I will need to be convinced that such a player could come in and score as many goals in a debut season, but it is players like Cesc Fabregas that concern me. We need to show our other loyal players, like Cesc, Clichy, Sagna and Toure, that we are not a sinking ship. I don’t think Arsenal are, but the media will do anything to spin that yarn.

And it is a yarn we’re all getting tired of.



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16 responses to “Third-Gen makes a hash of it; Quo Vadis, club football?

  1. Paulinho

    Jammathon, I can understand why some would use body language to see that Adebayor was a real Arsenal man and happy here, however I consider myself an unofficial expert at the art and I could tell from day one he was a sneaky piece of work, aided by knowledge of his previous antics at previous clubs of course.

    His chest-beating antics were so fake it was untrue and that pathetic ‘give him the ball and he will score’ song was utterly sickening and probably helped create the ‘beast’ he has become. There was no real passion from him, unlike the great TH14(and even he lost it in his last year), it was all just for show. All he cared about was boosting his profile.

    As I said before, he never celebrated anyone else’s goals. Also, look at the twat for his goal against Liverpool at Anfield in the 2nd leg. Everyone runs over to the real architect of the goal, Walcott, while that knob is the doing an African dance. He then realises no one gives a shit about his part in the goal and points over to Theo. Henry, while arrogant, always celebrated with provider first if he knew they did the lion’s share of the work.

  2. Chopper

    I’m glad uve finally seen the light Jam on toast, I know it hurts, but u just cant believe scum like that, no hard feelings?

  3. Chopper

    u know what i didnt even read paulinho’s comment..and i just did i have to say that is the first time ive seen an arsenal fan talk sense on this whole adebayor thing, and what he’s said is so spot on and exactly what i’ve been saying. Super comment mate.

  4. jean lu pooty

    really hard for me to eat my words this week as well jamm. i too, stood behind Ade (and Hleb) when all were shaming him but what can you do. for one i never thought he would in reality garnish the amounts that are being speculated . especially seeing it was his first “superstar” season so maybe if he were to do a little polishing and emulate last season, maybe then it would solidify him as being world class. then comes the time to loosen the purse strings justifiably but now,as you stated given our midfield performances was he all that clinical and unlike henry he never looked like turning more than 1-2 defenders a run . given that it is really hard to measure him because he does cover space nicely and has a pretty firm engine nonetheless he has acted the kings ass of late and i for one will not argue for his behalf again. with that being said sure was happy to see Wenger snap it off.
    but in the end not sure emirates would let him off tis last week.

  5. gaya

    there’s more to this Adebayo u-turn.
    i still believe in the 1st interview he spoke how he trully felt
    and then after that he was must have gotten scolded by his agent
    telling him saying such doesnt give them a chance to negotiate
    for new wages.
    and if it really happened like that, which can only explain the u-turn of the century
    then am afraid we have a dunce on our hands and that it where the problems starts for

  6. alanc

    it could be a lot worse guys these guys hleb/edebayor could be in last year of contract etc.. we will get 40/45 million for them and they will be replaced i as a season ticket holder have seen him plenty of times and i think he is NOT hard working yes he chases the ball around for 5 minutes at a time but then will noth bother for 20 minutes and will always be offside and dont tell me about his awfull touch i think we will miss hleb more

  7. gunnerboy

    No hard feelings Jam,we all make mistakes,good write up there by Paulinho and alanc you are right,dont know how many times last season ade had me pulling the hair out of my head for getting caught offside for silly reasons,i know he will be hard to replace but take the money and trust our manager,Huntelaar is available so lets try him boss

  8. otariq

    Ade is just another dumb uneducated Footballer. I’m and African just like Ade and yes I’m saying it. This man is an Idiot plain and simple. To think that I supported him in getting a pay raise? Regardless of education he must have common sense and I think he said what he said about being paid like Henry to force Arsenal fans to hate him, Wenger now have no choice but to sell him. We will never forgive him for this he must be sold, we must use the money to buy quality strikers and defender.

    If Ade is playing for Arsenal Next year I will not be watching, he is a goat.

  9. Alex

    The whole Ade episode smacks of a mismatch between the player’s (unrealistic) expectations and (inflated) self image and that of the manager’s more sane and realistic judgement of his abilities and worth.

    Its not often that you hear Wenger say things like ‘ Any striker leading the Arsenal line would not be starved of service’ or that he expected Adebayor to frankly score only 15 goals last season. He also went on to say that Ade shouldnt let the hype and media publicity go to this head but get his head down and continue to work his socks off.

    Ade is basically planning his retirement at the age of 24 and doesnt care if the push for a big payday affects his career adversely or not! This isnt a state of mind to be encouraged (ala Anelka) and AFC should look to move him on unfortunately.

    The challenge apart from finding a replacement who requires minimal adjustment time is to actually hope that Barca, Milan or any other club match our 25-30 million quid valuation AND Ade’s terms of 100k + per week!

  10. cdjones

    Went for the cash
    ‘Cause he’s a whore”

  11. cdjones

    Ow well. Maybe we can dupe Barca into taking Eboue too so they can work on their goofy dance at the Camp Nou

  12. I feel embarrassed now to have ever stood up for this idiotic prick. What he has done is right up there with Cuntley and is unforgivable. Hopefully he fucks off to Barca for the right price (though he’s put us in amuch more difficult bargaining position now, the wanker)and has an Henry season, culminating in an own goal knocking his country out of a tournament. The levels of vanity, stupidity and greed footballers exhibit never ceases to amaze me. They really are entirely undeserving of the time, money and effort that people using up supporting their teams. if it wasn’t for the likes of Cesc I might have given up on Arsenal entirely.

    Fuck you adebayor, fuck you very much.

  13. Danny M

    Adebayor & Eboue in a cash + player deal for Yaya Toure. Frankly, I would like to see such a transfer, and I wouldn’t have to worry about Bendtner being petulant on the bench for 2/3s of the season! I liked the Togo-nator, up until about February of this year when his touch started to fall off (along with his hair) and his goal scoring record diminished.

    To be honest, I could stand to see Alex Hleb stay for one more term, he has been far more sophisticated in using the media to engineer a move away from the Arsenal. It would provide cover and he could teach Merida, Vela & Walcott a few tricks, such as how to leave hotel rooms for discreet ice cream runs. At least he hasn’t come out in the press and repeatedly stuffed his own boot into his big mouth. I say one more season, or till January at least, for him. Adebayor might have cast himself away in the same mold o’, “one good season & done,” that Le Sulk previously occupied.

    Ahhhh the hot days of summer.

  14. Arsenal Tom

    ‘To all the fans who chastised him for being a ‘money-grabbing c***’…there are two words I have in mind for you. One begins with ‘F’, and the other begins with ‘Y’. In some countries, it’s often abbreviated to ‘F.U’ as a matter of courtesy.’

    Oh Jammers, how I laughed.

    If you had your sensible hat on, you would have had a quick look into his past.

    That may have prevented you from acting with such haste.

    So I shall leave you with this comment,

    ‘The striker ‘those in the know’ wrote off as egotistical and ‘thinks he’s Henry’ has now shown up all the scaremongers for what they are: know-nothing, knee-jerk reactionists.’

    Absolute gold Jammers, GOLD!

    There are two words we call people like you where I come from and one begins with a ‘F’ and the other with ‘I’. We don’t abbreviate it though, fucking idiot.

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