Samir Nasri Signs. Sock it to me, Baby

So yay. He signed. Does that just do it for you?

I have been away in the lovely city of Mackay for a bit, hence my absence. A big thanks to M, K and I, who were exceptional hosts (and I’m sure they just love their first initials on the web. I could add glitter if you like?). While I was gone, absolutely nothing took place, Arsenal wise.

And frankly, I didn’t care. The break was too nice, and there’s far more to life than sitting in front of NewsNow.

But with Hleb looking like leaving for a juicy fee, and Adebayor 50:50, we’ve only really covered their departures, plus those of Flamini and Gilberto (shortly, word goes), with Nasri, Ramsey and Vela. If you want to hear further rumour on the beanstalk, we’re going to be pushing for more signings until the 21st, at which point, that will be most of the shopping done.

So who else is likely? At this point I would like to quash all Huntelaar rumours as effectively as I can. If Wenger had a choice between the ill-advised Adebayor or Klaas from Ajax, I would not bat an eyelid at him siding with Adebayor everytime. There’s no doubting there’s a dose of pedigree in Huntelaar, but we already have Eduardo. And Adebayor does a lot more for the side than just ‘feed (and often fumble) off service’. That’s Eduardo and Bendtner’s job. Adebayor can create quite a bit, both positive scoring opportunities for the team and havoc in the press, the hick.

One potential signing that could get us all a bit excited would be that of Andrei Arshavin. I honestly reckon Arsenal have more of a chance than most would give us credit for, when it comes to possibly signing Andrei. The most likely destination of his is Barcelona, but don’t discount the Hleb-repelling pleasantries of London, and the need to teach his kids English over Spanish, so he himself says.

Are we the club that offered a large sum of money to Zenit? Possibly. We have compensation coming from several channels with player departures, and our Reyes/Wiltord transfer record will be broken one day, given inflation.

Falcao is another, but I’d take a bit of caution with this rumour. Anybody remember Palacios? Still, his stats are rather handsome. And what about that hair? Phew. Getting hot in here.

Finally, Robert Pires made #6 on Arsenal’s greatest players of all time. This makes me happy. Quite, quite happy. Who is left to complete the list?

My guess is:

5) Patrick Vieira
4) Ian Wright
3) Dennis Bergkamp
2) Tony Adams
1) Thierry Henry

Or am I wrong? Time will tell. In the meantime, give us your punts of who’s left on the countdown…



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6 responses to “Samir Nasri Signs. Sock it to me, Baby

  1. spike

    So, how was your stay in Roy makaay then?

  2. cdjones

    That’s gotta be the top 5, and probably in that order. But never count out Gus Caesar.

  3. Nasri is going to kick ass!

  4. jlp

    think tony adams might squeeze in the top spot for all time greatest gooner no. being he is english and his entire 2 decade+ career dedicated to highbury. my guess is perhaps TA is the sentimental choice and TH the obvious choice

  5. cdjones

    TA6 at #3? I was bummed until I realized that Cuntley Cunt made the list at all, and all credibility went out the window

  6. Watch Carlos Vela in Arsenal…