Third-Gen backs Arsenal for the Title!

You expect me to say that. Last season, after the departure of Thierry Henry, I still said Arsenal should not be written off, ever. And I was 100% right in that conviction. If Arsenal sold their whole team, I would still say ‘Arsenal to win it all’. A die-hard Wenger-apologetic acronym used by a certain blog would fit me just fine, and this has always been the case.

Walcott - Reasons to be positive

Walcott - A reason to be positive

I see it as my job to be delusionally positive about Arsenal. And speaking about jobs, I, notoriously, have been awful at the blogging bit of that job. But we all expect this now from the confirmed part-time blogger.

It’s Arsenal-West Brom come noon-time; the opening match of the Premier League season, and like most of us, we’re all pretty damn excited about the forthcoming campaign.

This despite an absentee list that includes Fabregas, Toure, Diaby, Rosicky and Alex Song.

But you know what? I frankly don’t care.

If Aaron Ramsey and Denilson front up in central midfield, they get my unfading support.

The only players who do not deserve that full support is Eboue and Adebayor, and only the lanky Togolese striker has a 30-goal get-out-of-jail card.

But other than that, this transfer window just gone has shown me one thing: The enjoyment we get out of football is a thing of the past.

Now we are sucked into a pre-pubescent frenzy of Le Grove panic-mongerers, Championship Manager addicts and a football media that have read that new psyche and fed us, drip by drip, those little wrapped up sugary treats of Spurs-inspired doom we all crave.

I, however, will be supporting my team the way they used to, back in the days before I was born.

Were I going to the stadium, I’d be draped in Arsenal banners, flags and donning one of those red-and-white jester hats.

Instead, I’ll be sitting in front of my telly in Australia, wearing whichever Arsenal shirt of mine feels warmest at the time, cheering on that Arsenal team that I love, in that violent whispery way us Pacific-fans have to to stop waking up the other housemates.

Because I am an Arsenal fan.

I am not a fan of players who do not play for my side, until they play for my side.

Until the fat lady sings, I will not doubt this squad until I have empirical, mathematical reason to declare it ‘all over’.

Yes, like all of you, I’m intelligent enough to see that the youth in our side can be a setback.

But I’m going out to enjoy the football this season, not wrack myself silly with the fact that Arsenal wont fulfill its ‘divine right to win everything’.

Because I love this team.

I love what Arsene Wenger has done for this side.

And I want to love football again. I want football the way it was, pre-News Now.

That won’t happen, but I certainly will not be sucked into the Spurs/Chelsea/Liverpool model of supposed ‘success’. I don’t believe for a second the continuous tripe that comes out of the Spurs and Liverpool camps that this one signing is the final piece of the puzzle©, and I have my doubts about Chelsea’s rather overrated new manager.

Instead, I’ll just go along with what makes Arsenal…Arsenal. The team to beat remains Manchester United.

And that’s the way it should always be, for an Arsenal fan.

Gunners for the title? Call me blind: ‘Why the hell not.’

Come on, ARSENAL.

Prediction: Arsenal 3 – 0 West Bromwich Albion.



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22 responses to “Third-Gen backs Arsenal for the Title!

  1. chengiskhan

    YES!!! I will back Wenger and the boys, and I too still think we can win the title. I really think Wenger is the revered Professor that he is for very good reason. He has forgotten more about football than the rest of us will ever know.

    I am not fazed by the fact that we have more injuries than we deserve or a younger team than any other club. We will at least be in with a shout for the EPL and CL titles.

  2. greg tersakian

    Funny, honest and well written. The bottom line is: we love the club, our club, and we ask nothing less than full commitment from all our players. Some play games, some are faithfull but no one is more important than our Crest. I’m a believer in our history, a believer in our present and bright future.

  3. Evan

    Great piece here. Its refreshing to see that not all Arsenal fans have lost their heads.

  4. shutupdrogba

    A trophy or two will surely make all those you mentioned feel a little stupid :]


  5. love ur famliy love ur life and love arsenal for life we ar redy to the new seson and i’m redy 4 today game and i’m wieth the arsenal t-sit that no 8 NASRI so i can’t wit to 12.45, go.gunner go …………. gunners 4 life…….!

  6. Sid

    Gooday, mate! Nice blog. I’ve been a gunners fan for 60 years and I’ve seen it all, but I still can’t wait for the new season to start so I can give the team of the day my undying support. I like this team, they’re full or promise and the unknown, and that’s what’s great about this game. Win or draw they are the Gunners and they are my team!

  7. d.j

    THAT’S RIGHT ARSENAL ALL THE WAY!!! time to support the players we stop and stop all the should have done this and that crap because it doesn’t matter now.

  8. iceman

    Mate, brilliant post! Said it exactly how it has to be….keep the faith gooners!!

  9. tony

    One of the best blogs I’ve read all summer. I can’t wait!

  10. kenyan gunner

    halleluya!!!!!!! amen!!!!!!!!!!! finally there is a gooner on the other side of this planet that shares my thoughts and passion for the team. i have and endless loyalty for the crest. i dont care if we r in the championship but i just love arsenal with all the love i got. my girlfriend told me that if there was no christianity i woud belong to the arsenal religion!!!
    cal;l me dillusioned but i my love and loyalty for that badge and what it stands for will never fade away. GUNNER TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wayne India

    We belive therefore we exist, youre bit is inspiring even for one like me an Arsenal follower, not fan , in India . Let the games begin and thank you for the upholding the sprit of the Gunners.

  12. ASNLthruNthru

    Love your Aussie enthusiasm! Thanks for rekindling the old flame of Goonerism! I started cheering the Gunners on the terraces of the North Bank in 1965.We were in the doldrums then despite having George Eastham,Alan Skirton and Joe Baker leading our attack and Jim Furnell and Ian Ure protecting our rear end (no wonder we were in such a state),my mum reminded me always that dad had supported The Arsenal in the 1930’s from (in those days)far away Austria,where he played on the left wing for Hakoah Graz (one of 2 jewish teams that played in the local league before the Nazis took over).It was the hand of God that brought my parents to Ingerland in 1939 and allowed my father to become a regular visitor to the Hallowed halls of Highbury.Today my 4 year old son runs around the streets of old Jaffa (in the Holy Land,for those who dont recognise the place) cheering the Gunners in his Emirates shirt (he can’t wait to get the yellow version so he can be like his dad who wears the 1971 Cup final replica).
    There is no team like the Arsenal
    Not United
    Not the Scousers
    Not the Spuds
    and certainly not those pretenders from S.W London
    We are legendary
    We are the Premier League
    For generations to come!!

  13. wow sid, how old are you? keep faith on wenger, he knows football more than we do.. as an arsenal fans, our task is to support the gunners all the time..

  14. That is more like it, I share your sentiments. I actually think that with a holding midfielder brought in which Wenger has said he will do more than one occasion we will be stronger than last season. Vela already makes us stronger going forward and Nasri will be more productive that Hleb (Even though I rated him highly)

    All the players are a year older and hopefully a year improved. I am very confident for the coming season and I expect us to finish as champions.

    It appears to be fashionable to be negative and anti Wenger so it is very refreshing to read something positive from a proper ‘supporter’

    I shall be reading your blog from now on thats for sure.

    Keep up the good work mate

    Mean Lean (

  15. Sammy Boy

    Bang on!

    Totally agree that the Spurs/Chelsea/Liverpool model is doomed for failure. Arsenal is the only big club in UK that is run the way a good football club should be run!

    I trust Wenger’s instincts in sticking with his young guns. There is no reason to doubt. How many times does he has to prove us wrong?

    We don’t try to “buy” trophies at our club by paying obscene amounts for seasoned mercenaries. we groom players, teach them the best way to play beautiful football, give them our trust, and hope for success. I’m not a glory hunter to write off my club if we didn’t win a title for three years, looking at the kind of football we played and the amount we spent on the team relative to other big teams. If big signings and buying success was all I cared about, I might even go and support Chelsea!

  16. summer

    this has got to be one of the best articles i have read by a fan. i agreee 1000% with every single word. why cant arsenal win? becayse we are young? big deal, we are JUST AS GOOD. and if we dont win, so what? i am still a gooner and will always be even if we get relegated.(GOD FORBID)

  17. RAhul

    fantastic man!! this is one of the best posts this summer. Yeah we have a young squad!!! Big deal. Making into first XI in arsenal means u are talented, qualified and sincere in your game. 100% commitment is all we ask of the team and if we lose a game, it shows that on that day, the other team played better and deserved a win.
    Common guys… this is it….

  18. GunnerPete

    whoever you are i like your style mate. Yes you are a real Gunner of the old type. I know because I am an original of 58 years of suffering and happiness.

    As for this season I am as optimistic as I always am, but with the usual reservations ie;

    We should have won the title and the cup last season but lost due to lack of top cover (injuries) and a lack of talent in the heart of our defence. Not being able to hold a lead and so many times giving others the lead with their very first attack….cost us 16 points!

    The avert that AW should have purchased a great fast tall stopper who can dominate an area…a la Tony or Bouldie…. Again sadly he has not done so. This leaves us with the very poor pairing of Gallas & Kolo…very prone to mistakes at a big cost. I think Djourou & Senderos are much better as a team and would give us stability. This would allow the boss to use Gallas & Kolo as (a) defensive midfielders (because thats what they are really) or as back up to the back four. My own personal preference would be to sell Gallas and fast and replace him with Zapata…but that wont happen.#

    Anyway well done again and look forward to your reports.

  19. cdjones

    This is one of the best days of the year

  20. lifelong

    Finally someone who remembers what it is to SUPPORT a team. I can’t agree with you more, I SUPPORT ARSENAL. It is not my job as a SUPPORTER to continually harangue or harrass our players or manager, it’s my job to SUPPORT.
    There are going to be some so called fans who will say that they pay good money to watch matches etc so they have the right to complain and voice their opinion. That may be true but so do I and I also was still paying to go watch Arsenal in the boring long gone days of the 80’s when we just hoped for a decent cup run and to beat the yids.
    Yeah we might have a right to complain but are the ceaseless whines and complaints of this new breed of petulant want it all now supporters going to actually change anything? I don’t think so.
    This is the most successful AND entertaining time to ever be an Arsenal supporter. We are consistently challenging on all fronts and be lauded for the brand of footbal we play. For all the bile and hate that spouts so readily off the lips of the yid supporters, don’t think for one second that they wouldn’t gladly trade places with us for all the success and near success we have enjoyed.
    So if you claim to support Arsenal, then SUPPORT Arsenal and keep your complaints for your missus and your pillow.

  21. claptongoon

    Nice one mate!
    Up the gunners.
    1-0 to the arsenal!
    scum lost 2-1
    Arsenal til I die

  22. Tyeh

    Yeah you’re great! Nice post, 100% love! I believe in their ability to win the title too! :):)