Arsenal Stalloned in Experience: Silvestre Signs

Fans cuss and swear demanding that Wenger buy ‘experience’ and add to ‘strength in depth’, amongst other cliches. Cue Wenger signing someone who ticks both boxes, and the cussing and swearing begins anew. Will we ever learn?

Experience, Depth, Options

Silvestre: Experience, Depth, Options

By now most of you will have read somewhere that we have officially singed Mikel Silvestre from Manchester United. Some exceptionally unexpected news; especially when you considered how quickly it seemed to fall into place. Regardless of the club we signed him from, Silvestre, in my mind, could be an excellent piece of Arsenal-business.

The centre-back who can play on the left will bring know-how, grit, aerial authority and versatility to the club’s background, which can now be thought of as set. As it stands, no more transfers are needed in defence or in the strike-force. Now to sort out the midfield…

But sticking with Mikael Silvestre; he will be bagging the Number-18 shirt previously donned by Pascal Cygan and Gilles Grimandi. A truly french number, if ever there was one.

Already a number of blogs have continued the superstitious distates for rival players, barracking against Wenger’s decisions for not signing players palatable with the fan’s tastes. If that had been Wenger’s template, we’d be in a lot worse situation as a club than we find ourselves in at present.

This is Wenger heeding the fan’s advice. The fan’s ‘demands’ have been based mostly on logical concerns, and Wenger is not one bereft of that.

van Nistelrooi and Roy Keane might have been asking a bit too much. Mikel Silvestre is welcome to try his luck with us – and if it means competition for places, then you won’t find any complaints this side.

As for the now speculated future of Johann Djourou, my inside circles tell me he is too valued at Arsenal to just be sent out on loan. I dont give any credence to the Kolo-in-midfield argument (he has not the brain for the position, and has been spending so many seasons at the back); Kolo, Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos will be fighting for those places, certainly. Could we see Djourou in midfield? Or will Gokhan Inler be the newest player to plug that gap?

If it’s the latter, we are set for the season. The former? I would not write it off, but it is certainly intriguing as to whether it will work. The cynic in all of us doubts it muchly.

Expect a preview for the Fulham match – so far, no injuries reported from the internationals. Keep being positive for the new season, readers…



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5 responses to “Arsenal Stalloned in Experience: Silvestre Signs

  1. Fabregas' Dad

    I agree about Kolo not playing at CM and also about Djourou being too important a player now to be loaned out. I would like to see someone like Inler come in at CM but at the same time I wouldn’t be overly dissapointed if Song or Denilson became Cesc’s midfield partner. Diaby needs to get over his injury problems if he wants to fight for that place, and he also needs to learn when to release the ball and when to keep hold of it.

  2. ASNLthruNthru

    Despite being a Gooner thruNthru, I am pleased with this new “acquisition” from the enemy camp.
    Sylvestre has always seemed to me to be a player of great calibre and will create a powerful and determined “melange” in our froggy back4.
    Wenger has always stated that he beleives that central defenders need to be older and more ewperienced,let’s hope we can allow Sylvie to metamorfoze from a manure defender into a “mature” one.
    As for Kolo becoming our “messiah in midfield”…10 more days to go in order to “know Arsene’s” mind on that issue (Arsene knows pun,ho,ho!@?&$ ).
    Message to Adebayor! Congrats for signing…by the way,it’s payback time!

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  4. gaya

    no, my issue is not with the signing. its a brilliant one.
    but i have an issue with not giving Pires and the likes the extra 2 yrs they demanded for.

  5. Joel Cairo

    Gilberto played for Arsenal for nine years. He didn’t want to be mired on the bench. He wanted to seek brighter vistas. In appreciation for his loyal service, Arsene agreed.

    Sivestre played for MU for nine years of loyal service. He didn’t want to be mired not just on the bench, but far down the bench. He wanted to stay in England so much he was ready to play anywhere (aka Sunderland or Man City.) Because of his loyalty and long service, Ferguson said he could go for 750K. MS jumped at the chance of Arsenal, and even though it was Arsenal, he is not Heinze, and Arsenal are not Liverpool, who had come sniffing around for Heinze, so Fergie honored his promise. Arsene had done to Gilberto.

    Its a straight swap. It is opportunistic, like Gallas and Diarra were. He’ll start some games when someone needs a rest. Her strengthens the team the way Gilberto would.

    That’s what he is — a very valuable role player. I’m glad we have him.

    As for Pires, he was 33, and if he couldn’t be in the first 11, he wanted out.