Two reasons why Aston Villa pose a threat to Arsenal

'Gab and Young

Just in case any of you were getting complacent.

Make no mistake: Arsenal FC do not have ‘momentum’, so to speak, yet. Two different teams have played two very different matches, winning both times. What we have is the much-vaunted ‘feel good factor’ running riot.

Win – then momentum is knocking on the door. Lose (or draw, same difference) – and it’s another little bubble burst.

Aston Villa are a threat going forward, and they can be obstinate in defence if they feel like it. Of course, that is considering they have Curtis Davies and the sluggish Gareth Barry ‘running’ around, but they have never lost (or won) against Arsenal at the Emirates. 

We know all this, and we hope that we come on the other side of this match with some semblance of 3 points. What we don’t quite know are the teams.

4-5-1 against Man Utd proved a masterstroke by Wenger, though his hand was forced somewhat. I would like to see this formation tried once more. Diaby looks seriously potent ‘in the hole’ behind the lone striker, and it is an experiment that needs encouragement. Certainly until van Persie and Eduardo return, at least.

My monopoly-money is on a 2-0 win, tonight. I’m not as confident as I should be (given our recent results), but consider it conservative-confidence. With the US election finally over, that might not be the most popular thing going right now, but there you have it.

Finally, the money seems to be on us drawing Spurs (‘surely!’) in the Carling Cup. As of time going to print, that will be known in roughly five hours. I still say Derby, but I won’t be surprised if popular opinion proves correct.

More tomorrow – and to those going to the Grove, keep that noise level going. It’s working a treat.


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    Arsenal Got Smasshedd !!!