WENGER OUT, and how to calm the #@&% down

A quick, almost arbitrary post as I poke my nose back into cyberspace.

All that can be said is that those were two distressing lessons in reality for a team just…not ready for any type of elite-level football.

3-1 against Man Utd, before a 4-1 thumping (regardless of the bright start) at home to Chelsea can only have woken up those on the inner-rings of Arsenal’s heirachy.

Make no mistake, there is no way Wenger cannot see that this side needs re-inforcements.

He will say things in public like ‘I believe in my team’, but that is just good man-management so as not to trample on already sattered confidences.

‘Abject sorrow’ is the only way I can describe Arsene Wenger’s facial expression against United. More of the same against Chelsea.

Contrast this back to that horrible thumping we got in the Champions League against Bayern Munich in Germany, in the 04/05 season.

3-1 read the score, and Wenger was furious.

Here were experienced, splendid players, plying their trade for the Gunners, having won the league undefeated the season prior.

And he was livid. Furious. Angry.

Not ‘destroyed’, like the picture his face painted in the last two games.

If an angry expression has anything to do with wrong tactics, wrong attitude – yet with supposedly the right players – a ‘destroyed’ expression only hints at one thing for me.

Some home truths have hit home.

Bloggers like the enthusiastic Le Grove, myself and others have said that this team can go places if extended upon by adding experienced players into the mix.

Denilson and Song (I used to throw Diaby in there as well, but now I don’t know anyone who believes in him anymore) could learn so much from a Lorik Cana. Look at the affect Andrey Arshavin had on this side, playing in a position we did not really need to boost.

Wenger knows these truths. What he says in the press does not have to be what he means. Just because he is avoiding expensive signings does not mean he will not buy. And it does not rule out quality (Sagna and Eduardo spring to mind, as do so many of the stars he made).

Calls for Wenger’s resignation are as premature as much as they have no contingency. There are no well-known managers that could really replace him, yet. He may be the cause of the problem, but he may be the only one to lead us out of it. Perhaps he could be digging us deeper still, but he must be given the chance.

He has earned that much, at least.

Decrying other fans as ‘immature glory hunters who can jump ship to Chelsea’, or, the older chant “AKBs get out” is not the way to go. Some fans may be younger/older and others more patient/impatient, but we’re all in this together.

But supporting Arsenal is also about supporting its values (and this is not some lesson in silly nothingness – just look at Chelsea the other night), and one value enshrined around here is stability.

Manchester United showed Ferguson a lot of faith before everything started to click into gear in the early nineties, and it’s reaped riches. Arsenal must do the same.

So lets all take a read from the little book of calm and play it cool. The season’s timely end is near, and with it comes frustration, dissapointment and a time to reflect.


PS: I return to regular writing in June. Expect a sparse assortment of thoughts between now and then.



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21 responses to “WENGER OUT, and how to calm the #@&% down

  1. kevlinefm

    Best blog article of the day to date.
    I think our downfall is related to 2 things:
    1) Tactical deficiency (in terms of quality)
    2) Lack of experienced signings
    On the tactical side of things, Wenger must really rectify it by looking at his own squad again. How should he alter his tactics to make our team defensively stable and great in attack? That will be his research topic in summer.
    Next, who should he sign for his team after formulating all the necessary solutions to the tactical side of things?
    Once he has answered these questions, we’ll see a great Arsenal again.
    Lastly KEEP THE FAITH!
    Sacking Wenger will give us more problems.

  2. Q. How long it took (Sir) Alex Ferguson to win the Champions League from taking over at Manchester United?

    A. 13 years (1986 to 1999)

    Q. How long has Wenger been manager at Arsenal?

    A. 13 years (1996 to 2009)

    So we should be a little bit more patient, no?

  3. Moray

    Agreed. We’re still trying to play as we did with Henry, Pires, Gilberto, Ljunberg etc in the team and at their peak. We simply don’t have the players for it any more. Solution? Either change the system or buy players in the areas to allow us to play as we used to and of comparable quality (Ribery, Villa etc)

  4. Surrey Gunner

    A reasoned argument, some really good points and issues that have been raised. Yes values and culture are important.

    I agree that we need to have confidence in him, and yes its good man management that he tells his players he has confidence, also good tactics to say he not buying anyone.

    Only point I didnt understand, sorry it show my lack of knowledge is who is ‘Lorik Cana’ ?

  5. jammathon

    Lorik Cana is a bit of a hard bastard from Albania who plays for Marseilles.

    This should give you an idea of what kind of brute he is. Apparently, Liverpool might sign him.

    Cheers for the comments, guys.

  6. Cana seems to get booked with every tackle. Not sure he’s the man, really.

  7. jammathon

    I’m not really committing myself to saying ‘he’s the man’, but it’s just an idea. My thoughts on transfers will become clearer closer to June.

  8. Scooch

    Great article. Agree completely with what you’ve said here!

  9. gazzap

    it crossed my mind while watching a very uncommitted performance in terms of defence from midfield, that maybe the players have lost faith in Wenger? forget the fans, its the players faith that is key here and I just think they cant see where Wenger is going with his vision. another manager could whip this current squad into shape, I have no doubts about that.

  10. Gooner

    Cana is a brute. But not complimentary to the Arsenal line-up. Yaya, Inler, Veloso, or Alonson, would all be better options.

  11. Eboue's Mum

    When Arsene joined Arsenal, he described the Arsenal back 4/5 as “graduates in the art of defending”. We now look so inept in that department and I cannot understand why Arsene doesn’t recruit one of more of those guys to be our defensive coach; Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and co. are all around and I am sure they would jump at the chance. The problem is that Arsene doesn’t want to relinquish control of anything, even the things he is not good at. It has been suggested that Pat Rice may retire this summer; it would be good to get somebody like Tony Adams into that job, somebody who would not be afraid of challenging Arsene’s views.

  12. Agree 100% we should get Adams.

    Agree 100% we should get Yaya.

  13. Scooch

    Yaya won’t happen. His asking price would be far far more than we’d be willing to pay. Would be great tho. And as for Cana…..? He would spend more time suspended than playing for us. I like the thought of Alonso and Cesc in the middle with a new 8’6″ central defender

  14. Frichie

    We could get Yaya, but I have a feeling the overhaul may mean Kolo is gonna leave in which case we wont get yaya…just a gut, esp if Gallas doesnt leave… but something’s gotta give.

    I dont see why we should sell any players, we still short, and only need to make 2 aquisitions.

    All we can do is wait and see.

  15. midou

    lorik cana is a massive player 4 OM he got passion leadership and plays well in DM or CB, plus he scored some huge goals 4 his club.with his physical asset he will fit right from the start in the EPL. ps dont get an opinion on him based on that youtube record the guy can play some nice football as OM do

  16. jammathon

    Incidently fourstar, that’s some groovy hair you’re sporting, there.

    midou, I’ve had the same kind of thoughts floating around my head at one point or another. He reminds me of Petit in some ways, of a raging psychopath in other ways, and now and again as a player with a world-class spark that needs to be brought out more.

  17. Jammathon, good to see you back mate!
    You’re talking a lot of sense here. This season has been a mix of bad luck, untimely injuries and a slightly thin squad. Arshavin was a massively important addition, and it’s notable that he hasn’t been there for the last two games. United outclassed us, but yesterday was just a case of Chelsea getting all the breaks. We ripped them apart for 25 minutes and if we’d even put one of those chances away it would’ve been a very different story. Had Adebayor a bone of honest endeavour left in his body it would’ve been 3-2 instead of 4-1. Ifs and would’ves get us nowhere, of course, but it’s worth keeping a realistic perspective. United lost 4-1 at home to Liverpool not long ago, but they hardly panicked.

  18. dave

    Sack him. I’ll be dead before we win anything. Bollocks to patience. Isn’t 4 years enough when we have pots of cash! This is the worst Arsenal ever.

  19. jammathon

    When the ball hits the net
    You can pretty much bet
    That’s….Eboooooooueee (‘s Hand).

    🙂 Yay! Eboue’s Hand.

    I’m back, mate. I’m graduating soon – my full time job as a journo plus finishing a dual degree meant the blog had to go. Now uni’s getting the slip, so the blog makes one of those ‘he faked his death!’ comebacks.

    Look forward to hearing from you, more.

  20. I would love to see Wenger splash out on Jeremie Toulalan of Lyon. He is tall, skilful and is one of the best DMs in the world.

    Another I would be interested in this role would be Felipe Melo; I heard that he is on the out of Fiorentina.

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