“Wenger must leave for the good of the club”


Well, we might as well think up SOME replacements. With all the negativity around, let your imagination run wild here.

In the meantime, I might pose the question for the comments section: Are you an Arsenal “Fan”, or a supporter?

Give your reasons in the comments box. Wenger is not the only man accountable in the whole wide world.



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20 responses to ““Wenger must leave for the good of the club”

  1. nr790

    Thank god there is someone with a brain on the net.

  2. James

    lol, i’d like to see arsenal action in charge for a couple of weeks! wouldn’t be too long before everyone else understood how important wenger is!

  3. orim

    A Proper manager that is still hungry for silverware with out breaking the bank.
    a la hiddink

  4. Surrey Gunner

    I think everyone needs to breath slowly and deeply, yes we do have issues and yes losing to Manchester United and Chelsea hurt, but we mustnt put any more pressure on Wenger and yes with a few additions this team will be great.

  5. Comicaevil

    Van Gaal!

  6. vishnu

    everyone plz wait until wenger gets his time to make a good team with new transfers just about 2 months time.next season could be entirely cheerful for the arsenal fans.

  7. koma

    you guy are all fucked up

  8. mike - gunner fan79

    There is a terrific manager in GAA (thats Gaelic Athletic Association – Irish games such as hurling and football) that would instill what ye are looking for – Mick O’Dwyer. Took kerry to about 10 all irelands and a few league titles. Seriously though, Wenger is still a great manager and I would be very sorry to have him pushed out by fans. Now if you are looking for replacement managers here’s one for ya – Martin O’Neill. I was at the Villa Game in November and the set up was very much like us. He fell because Villa didn’t have the money to fully strengthen his squad – though I am not for buying buying buying, the odd one doesn’t go astray. but buying for the sake of it doesnt wash.

  9. gaya

    do we really think it just wenger that is the problem? was he the only one who came up with the idea of a new stadium? how come its only arsenal that spends what it makes, so what happens to the monies the board makes from the club, how come they dont share it with us fans since they are not buying players with money from their own pocket?
    i am sure most of us work and every job has a job description. if you fail to meet it you get sacked. is wenger meeting his job description and what is it? does it include trophies at the moment? maybe just maybe he is, then the board should be held responsible

  10. Arsenal FAn Forever

    Screw You man.. Screw with your comments

  11. Scooch

    Glad your article was “tongue in cheek”. Was expecting some of the stupid negativity that has been around for about a week now.

    Personally I’d like to see….. Errrm…. Maybe Zac Efron as our manager, he’d really show Arsene how to dance!

    Does seem to me that most people calling for AW’s head are “fans” that have supported Arsenal over the last 10 years. Longer term fans remember the Rioch’s et al.

  12. Reef

    I think you’ve lost it. In Arsene we trust !

  13. Ramgun

    The first requirement for any potential manager is that they will never play Diaby on the left again!
    I would love Arsene to make the changes that are so badly needed but, sadly, I don’t think he will. I am not even sure that Adebayor will leave and I consider his presence in the team as an insult to all of us who pay so much for our season-tickets.

  14. What kinda of gooner are you

    what kinda of gooner are you?!?!?

    arsene is irreplacable!!! yea hes tried something new and taken a risk this season but come on we are 4th, semis of 2 comps, its not just arsene its the players as well, wenger has agreed to sign new players look at the impact of arshavin im sure even wenger has noticed and hopefully learnt, I think a season and we will be there!! buy the CB, DM and sell ade,rvp and bring in 2 out n out strikers and we will be unstoppable!!

    Arsene is Arsenal!!!!!

  15. jammathon

    Article has tongue slammed firmly into cheek’s soft tissue, for those that missed it.

  16. norfolk gooner

    Come on and smell the coffee. Half way through the season we would not have believed how far we eventually got in the FA cup, the premiership or the champions league. 4th place in the league was a dream we aspired to. Now we are all disapointed by the end result but by god we have done well and all of that with a bunch of mostly kids. Have faith. We need Wenger to see us through another 5 years or so and then I think we will be looking at a fantastic silver ware winning team that he can then leave as a legcy on a high note.

  17. goonerphil

    yeah wenger should go.

    this current arsenal team is shit. and the cheap bastard will not spend . youth policy is shit i dont give a fuck about 5 years i only care about tropheys

    the current team r shit the lot of them. look at arsenal a few years back

    wenger made something amazing and let them all go and replaces them with shitty teens and 21 year olds

  18. goonerphil

    ok i didnt mean everything i said

    wenger should stay but he does need to spend as the current arsenal side is not great

  19. g00onr

    goonerphil go suck your dad.
    in wenger we trust!

  20. johnnymack14

    Rijkaard! simple! Wengers a good manager but he cant see the wood from the trees anymore and we DO need big changes so if he cant do em, NEW BLOOD!