Who could teach Lorik Cana to tackle? Wenger? Keown?

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There’re a few speculatively linking Arsenal to purchasing one Lorik Cana, the Albanian centre-midfielder from Olympique Marseilles.

Several amongst us are already sold by the tigerish tackler who seems to know nothing about self-preservation. Then again, he seems to know nothing about the sanctity of life either when jumping into one of those leg-breakers.

With the malaise of heart and effort on show from Emmanuel Adebayor, it’s understandable to see why transfer-window addicts covet Cana like we do.

"My name is Lorik Cana. You killed my brother. Prepare to die."

"My name is Lorik Cana. You killed my brother. Prepare to die."

But in a team that desperately needs defensive re-enforcements yet does not drill its players in enough defence routines, what effect would Arsenal FC, as a club, have on Lorik Cana?

The Wenger Effect:

Both Arsenal’s style of play and Wenger’s coaching would convert Cana from being a player who gets red-carded four times a match to a player sent off once every five matches (preparing for the worst, here). 

The team over the years, despite its flaws, has developed a keen sense of intercepting counter attacks when put under pressure. The best examples that come to mind are the 2-0 win over AC Milan and the recent 0-0 with Man United. 

In both games, Arsenal players seemed to catch every opponent’s pass short and put further pressure on the other team. Interestingly enough, both those examples were away from home.

Point being made is that Arsenal’s quick pace allows the players to tackle front on, rather than having to track back and come from behind as Cana seems to be forced to do. 

It’s almost as if the man has an obsession with tackling from behind, as if he were playing Australian Rules Football. In both codes of the game, he would be sent off.

So either the team’s front-on style of play would lessen the need for him to destroy someone’s calves, or Wenger steps in.

Criticise the manager as much as you want, he has proven himself many times to man-manage effectively.

And even Lorik would think twice of confronting one of France’s greatest managers.

So if the man cannot get the orders into his head to cut down the Robbie Savage antics, he’ll have Wenger to contend with.

Granted, it’s not ‘Sir’ Alex, but we could do worse.

The Keown Effect:

If anyone could find the soul-mate to end all soul-mates in Lorik Cana, it could just possibly be Mr Martin Keown.

The man that tightened up a makeshift defence of Flamini, Senderos, Toure and Eboue to set a Champions League clean-sheets record, could be the man to turn the cluster bomb Albanian into smart bomb Cana.

That, or just teach him how to show the bastards who’s boss:

Jesus loves you 'this much!'

Jesus loves you 'this much!'

Though if anyone has seen the Keown segment in ‘Wenger’s XI’, they’ll know that this guy could make a recovery tackle like no other.



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32 responses to “Who could teach Lorik Cana to tackle? Wenger? Keown?

  1. Michel

    Apparently he has got only one red card in 5 seasons in league one. Either the referees in France are very lenient or his tackles are not as dangerous as Youtube collections might suggest.

  2. Beastly the man is!

  3. bal

    i like him, dont care if he is not as good as it is said, just want a bloody bastard to play rough in this team, and teach stoke and bolton a lesson in manhandling

  4. young_gunnerz

    Just the player we need. When you look at Chelsea, Manu and liverpool to some extent u can see the pride, the drive and the determination that their players put out every week. We need a player like him to rally the troops and spill his blood and guts for the cause. Wenger needs to buy a CB that’s not afraid to put his head in as well and we should be golden

  5. str8goon

    wrote about him last season. was hoping Arsene would have bought him last term as well. he’s exactly what Arsenal needs. he’s a tough tackling midfield mercenary. his tracking, tackeling and defensive ability (in the air and on the ground) are imho fuukin AMAZING! he would make attacking as well as central midfielders fear coming straight down the middle of the park against us.

    i know many are worried about his destructive nature but his disiplinary record only protect him and aid in his defense. also Wenger and his staff would ease Cana into the league as it is faster, more technial and would need time to adapt. however, after all this is done in preseason and through the first quarter of the season HE WOULD DOMINATE! and add the MUCH needed STEEL to the middle of the park.

    who cares if people say he doesn’t have the tecnical values to be on this squad. we have tons of that neway, maybe he’s the balance Arsene and the club needs to allow Wengerball to flourish without sacrificing our defensive stability.

    if only……


  6. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Yeah, it’s about time the Arsenal had its own Robbie Savage . . . not!

  7. Duckster

    “Gets red carded 4 times a game” lmao

  8. berglane

    well, he likes just like another robbie savage of France..Can arsene change him?depends on how he adapts to the english games. I dont tink the ref here are as lenient those there..but if he’s cheap there’s no harm getting him. Looks better in the air than flamini but his finishing is poor man..

  9. Denzil

    Bring hm aboard.

  10. True gunner

    Now this guy is a complete package!!! This guy is solid, imposing and even shoots at goal though with the power behind his shots, he needs to improve on the accuracy of his shots at goal. Refs will get used to him the way they gave up on Viera. He is also a leader on the pitch coz am sure with his kind of game, anyone taking subsituting him has to perform at a high level. His character seems to show he doesn’t like losing which is the attitude we need injected in our players!!! GO GET HIM WENGER!!!!!!!

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  12. Stuart

    As usual, everyone’s an expert based on YouTube. I won’t pretend to be but I note that his main attraction seems to be that he’s vicious and dirty. In that case, why not buy Joey Barton? He’s going cheap and has the same attributes. The reason is because we’re not that sort of team and I hope we never become that sort of team. I’m happy if players are hard as long as they’re skillful first and hard second. Vieira was tough, but that was always secondary to his skill and ability to read the game. So, I don’t think this guys is what we need at all.

  13. Lomediatheque

    That YouTube video is an unfair representation of lorik Cana. Yes he is known for being tough in the tackle but has only recieved one red card in 5 seasons.
    He is the type of player that will always give 100% and is a fantastic leader on the pitch. He is great at both defending set pieces and scoring from set pieces- which areas that we have been terrible at.

    He is also great at in the attacking build up, as he sits behind cheyrou dispatching tri-angled passes to create space and making sure the nothing gets past him.

    Lorik Cana would be the perfect DM signing to add some much needed experience and muscle to arsenals midfield.

  14. eboue4gunners

    there is only one reason why arsene should sign this guy: TO PREVENT HIM FROM PLAYING AGAINST ARSENAL EVER.
    He tackles like a beast, I was afraid he might kill someone with one of those tackles

  15. Reetesh15

    Amazing..!!!!!! This man could be our pride.. Compared to our previous seasons where there were the like of Veira and now, there are lots of differences. Arsenal played more dirty than they do now. We need a man like Cana to show the other teams we got a veira+sissoko factor!
    Hey coach bring him.

  16. Ole Gunner

    Real season ends, fantasy football season starts.

    How about we get Diego Maradona to teach Usain Bolt to dribble and we buy him to replace Arshavin?

  17. Bone8

    One red card in five seasons.
    Seven yellow cards in 30 games this season.
    Twelve in 40 the season before.

    How is this guy going to get 4 red cards a game in the “tough” PL?

    And yes, I follow the French league too. He is a quality player who can do more than tackle.

  18. jammathon

    Bone8, admittedly youtube is all some people have to analyse the guy.

    With any luck, it would be all that opposition players look at too. Send them running!

  19. Gonners Belgium


  20. Hey mate,

    Great to see you back.

    Can you replace my old Gunners Live link with Gooner Talk?

    I’ve added yours to my blogroll.



  21. the truth

    this article is totally rubbish, if you look at his disciplinary record he has 7 yellows and one red this season and the red wasn’t for a foul, it was for an atleracation. I feel that he would add the steel to our midfield make us not get bullied.

  22. gav

    agree with evrything thats been said. lets get him! so he can kill evra and anderson.

  23. This Cana Youtube bandwagon is just cringeworthy.

    Stick to FM gents.

  24. WC

    Why are you judging the player based on a YouTube mash-up? I can put together a collaboration that makes CRonaldo look like the worst player in history, doesn’t make it true. Cana is a fighter and his tackles are no more malicious than Vieira’s were – his commitment reminds me of the old captain. The thing Cana can benefit from being at Arsenal is development of his technical skills – he’s about as good as Gilberto in that department and that’s not really a compliment but we loved the Invisible Wall for covering the back four and breaking up plays – Cana can do the same thing while putting a little bit of fear into the opposition – something we very much need next season. To be honest I don’t know if Wenger will buy him, perhaps interested but I could see Wenger being more intrigued by Cana’s midfield partner Benoit Cheyrou. Cheyrou is like a poor man’s Xabi Alonso with his skill on the ball and range of passes while anchoring the midfield.

  25. WC

    Also if Wenger wants another Flamini then please see Jeremy Toulalan, though Lyon want a king’s ransom for him he’s one of the best I’ve seen – fast and very technical. He covers so much ground every week and is another alternative to the tough tackling Cana.

  26. ghphoto

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    Check out my blog, I’m posting a new post on the hour every hour for a year.

  27. Dan

    I love this man.


  28. LUMA

    See you that…., and than …, you now if Cana is or not for Arsenal?!

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  30. Albanian

    I’m not saying this because I’m albanian, but Cana is a killer. He is young, and I’m a Man United fan, and the champions league final proved that we should buy him.

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