Gareth Barry is Arsenal-bound after losing his voice

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First off, congratulations to Thierry Henry and Silvinho for winning the Champions League yesterday against Satan’s Choice Utd. It was a spellbinding performance from the world’s best team (at the moment!) and no-one will say they did not deserve it.

Thierry himself had a patchy game himself – most of the play came down the middle and right flank, but Henry turning Nemanja Vidic inside out just made my day. A pity about the finish (or lack thereof), but it was great to see him finally confirmed as one of history’s greatest ever.

Barca love-in stops here. Apart from Henry, Silvinho, Messi, Iniesta and maybe Keita, they’re all a pack of bastards, particularly in the admin block of that club. So enough about them.

So. Gareth Barry has his heart set on joining Arsenal – so says this article, rather emphatically.

Barry: Gunner love

What the article fails to mention is that the combative midfielder has a major case of throat inflammation brought on by a cold-front in the midlands.

The Aston Villa and England international is clearly unwell, failing to voice any quotes to the prestigious institution that is the Daily Star.

At least, him having too sore a throat to be able to speak is all I can surmise by the rag not quoting the midfielder once.

While I would love to spread rumours and poke a jab at Aston Villa (in a friendly manner), but Arsenal fans have been dragged through the Fabregas mud too many times to let this one slide.

Barry would be a terrific purchase, make no mistake about it. But I might as well say it is ‘understood’ Tim Cahill is desperate to join us. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Working in the media, I cannot see how a sports editor of any paper can let something through without a single quote.

British sports journalism must really be in a mire at the moment, if this passes for acceptable.



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30 responses to “Gareth Barry is Arsenal-bound after losing his voice

  1. KLV

    As soon as his throat clears, he will deny any knowledge of it. Or AW will do the denial on his behalf. Get used to it – AW does not conduct his transfers via the papers.

    As for the CL Final, what a display! To think of it, Arsenal gave Barca a better game in 2006 than ManU did. Hope the biased British papers will start giving a lot more credit to Barca. And get used to it – the biased British papers will, with their stiff upper lip, rather say ManU LOST it, rather than Barca WON it. I wish I could read Spanish and enjoy their reports!

  2. DT

    Seriously though, all you’ve done here is made me want Barry to sign, irrational as it may be. You’ve started the summer mentalism already. Damn you!

  3. jammathon

    Glad I could stimulate the desire, my friend.

  4. denhen

    Whether Barry’s throat is clear or otherwise, Wenger will not buy him who will cost at least 15m pounds. He(Wenger) wants to give chance to youngsters. That’s why he continues to buy youngsters(Edge is an example).

  5. jammathon

    15m pounds is a bit steep, given he only has a year left on his contract.

    Somewhere between 8m and 10m sounds more reasonable, I think.

    The British newspapers continue to lap it up, including the Daily Mail in their backpages summary.

  6. islington gooner

    15m is not steep when you want to win things.
    barry is what we need and arsen must act now.
    we pay the dearest season tickets in europe and we want to see the best.
    come on arsen pull it out the bag!

  7. Armiyau

    Am nt suprise am use 2 all dis controversial transfer dt put u in suspense.wenger is a typical african man ho of d future.we need to improve, we need to improve if nt….

  8. tommy

    this story seems to be complete fabrication. Still i would love it to happen, though. 🙂

  9. jammathon

    The Daily Star indicates a fabrication. As if failing to quote the player isn’t evidence enough.

  10. TonyB

    Wow – nice to see the blog back.

    IF this story has any legs, £8-10m is probably where the price would be. Barry is approaching the last year of his current contract. Villa can’t afford to let him see that out and go for nothing.

    An auction would see that get inflated a bit, but nowhere near £15m.

    I can see him in our team – he’s very useful in a variety of positions which is a Wenger requirement.

    As well as that, it’ll annoy my villa supporting in-laws. Muuuwahahahahaa.

  11. damn lies, do not by it pals.

  12. bal

    the price is said to be 12 million, i hope we get him
    by the way nani and ji sung park are for sale at O.T, good players to have at the emirates eh

  13. jammathon

    Nani? Park? Pass, thanks.

  14. urqnaller

    Love (hope go up) and hate (hope gets destroyed) transfer rumours and Berry would be good signing…or Xabi Alonso or…no Jar Jar won’t leave Barca, why would he. Alternatively, I could see Coquelin (strong display during the FA Youth Cup final giving Wilshere room to cause havoc) since AW might as well go home-grown full-blow.

  15. Rock

    dont even think barry has had a good enough season at villa to earn a move to Arsenal. I’d put my faith in denilson for another year, he’s been outstanding and if you see his stats you’ll see he’s been the best passer in the premiership all season. – i know i’ll get slaughtered for that…

    I just believe our priorities should be a central defender, two if kolo leaves and a top quality striker to replace bayor, we’ll be more than ready if that happens.

    jammathon, nice post mate but henry turned ferdinand inside out not vidic.

  16. Emperor

    It didn’t take long for the Barry rumors to kick off again! Yes, he would be good, yes, 10m would be a decent price. But agreed, he’ll kill of Denilson, so he won’t be bought. Anyway, its not the 11th hour yet, we won’t get a signing til then . . . .

  17. jammathon

    Mistake noted, Rock. The telly here is at a wierd angle from the computer while I was twittering the match. At the time, I noted it as Vidic and it stuck.

    I think we expected more from Barry this season after the hype, but he’s always been one of their star players for the last few seasons.

    Denilson’s stats are tempered by the amount of side-way passes he makes, but I am a fan of his. He has a long way to develop but a lot of time to do it. He keeps the play ticking over well enough.

  18. Please can someone tell me why the atmosphere is so bad at the Emirates? I came over from France 2 months ago to sample what I thought was the ‘great English atmosphere’ at grounds, but was bitterly disapointed, a couple of years back I went to Highburry but that was worse! Is it just Arsenal or are all grounds in England that bad?

  19. Rohan

    Exactly what I was thinking. How can they even publish this without any sort of sources or quotes. It is pure speculation in my view and has no substance until it is directly quoted from Barry himself. Oh and Henry turned Ferdinand inside out not Vidic

  20. Gary Murray

    Forget barry, we need Lorik Cana, an absolute animal. Go out and get Hangeland for CB and offload Ade and as much as I hate to see it happen Toure may be off as well. Cash in and even with buying these two players we should be on the plus side in transfer money

  21. Andrew

    According to the press, Arsenal will have a 1st team squad of 231 players next season. Ivan Gazidis is negotiating with British Airways to acquire a jumbo jet to get the squad to each away game. Of that squad, 73 are defensive midfielders that have been linked in the last week.

  22. KK

    hoping its true:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) barry is worth £10m investment, can play in various position to cover injuries too CB,CM,LB,LM.

    add hanglenad & vermalean too wud be gggggreeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

  23. max

    Congragulations to Henry & Sylvinho?!?!?
    What about Hleb?!

  24. jazbo

    What about Helb, who cares!
    Henry and Sylvinho are legends at Arsenal.
    Helb is back stabbing git.

  25. Gooner Babu

    You have empathy for Keita??

    He scored against us last year in the 3-1 humiliation in Seville, a particularly good goal if I might add! That automatically puts him on my “Dislike” list!

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  27. belovedservant

    Barry is very good player,we need him,What happing to Wengar?l have problem with Wengar, l do have respect for Arsenal fan,he take Arsenal at his owne Team, so he keeping all his children in the team, Denlson, Adb, Gala, johu, Kolo, let him let these guys go and fine Team, they not need to be playing for Arsenal,

    i am very happy that Hleb did not play, he will not play for any good Team, because he was no where,no one new him before,it is because of Arsenal people get to know, if l was near Wengar,l was going to tell him bad things,

    I am happy Henry, he is my number one in the world, i like him but l did not like Barca,

    Why Wanger? we need to be happy at arsenal fan,

    Kennedy S.Mike

  28. stevelovell

    lets face it until anyone signs we can all say anything!

    from what ibe heard fabregas will be signing for bournemouth next season

  29. CP

    Firstly, Villa is not concerned by the prospect of losing Barry for nothing if he stays and runs down his contract. The manager and chairman have both come out and said so, in plain English, with actual quotes that can printed in real articles. Villa is no longer a selling club and doesn’t need to raise funds in that way. Having said that, if Barry wishes to leave Martin O’Neill won’t stand in his way.

    As a Villa fan, while I wouldn’t call Barry irreplaceable, I’d certainly draw attention to his influence and class. He literally controls the pace of matches and pulls the strings. Any club would be lucky to have him on the books. I’d dearly love for him to stay so I hope he senses the opportunity to be part of something special with Villa.

    Before all you Arsenal fans start bringing up ‘that’ period between February and the end of the season, I don’t think many would honestly begrudge AVFC’s place among the elite English clubs. I think in 2009/10 we’ll see the Big Four pushed even harder, with a very close-fought top eight to include Everton, Villa, Spurs and City. It’d be great to see Barry stay and continue to build Villa into a powerhouse – but I’d be delighted to see him press on and make a go of it at Arsenal.

  30. TonyB

    Fabregas to Bournemouth? Speaking as a resident of Bournemouth, I’d love that!!