Eboue is one player who must not leave Arsenal

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I know I’m going to get hammered in quarters for whats in the headline and I welcome you all to express your opinions in the comments.

My friggin head! Wizziiid...

"My friggin' head! Wizziiid..."

Reports have surfaced again that Emmanuel Eboue is a ‘surprise’ exit from Arsenal this summer. The alleged destination is habitual Eboue-lovers Athletico Madrid.

I can see many saying Arsenal are better off without the utility player, but I will stick my neck out and disagree.

During a rather long, annoying blogging hiatus of mine, a time came in late 2008 when, in a game against Wigan at the Emirates, Eboue played what can only be described as an utter donkey-squat of a car-crash of a game.

The booing that followed divided many and visibily devastated Eboue.

But since that day where neither Eboue or sections of the Emirates crowd did themselves any favours, the Ivorian experienced a mini-golden period where he scored 3 goals and showed real drive and purpose in his performances.

These performances alone were not enough to convince me that Arsene Wenger must keep hold of Eboue for at least a season more.

Even amidst his more poor performances, Eboue has often struck me as one of the most direct players in the Arsenal squad.

Having cut out the diving antics which clouded judgements and caught the eye, one thing that has often got my attention is Emmanuel’s dribbling skills and ability to cut diagonally infield and make aggressive runs.

Surprisingly, it’s something that he does better than several players in the squad, including Walcott and Sagna. Only Clichy strikes me as the one player better than him in this department, but relative to the minutes each player plays per season, Eboue attempts it more often.

I’m not much of a stats man, so I’m only relaying impressions and while my subjective viewpoint won’t convince some, do bear in mind that Eboue, Denilson and particularly Song have been ‘shocking performers’ by default in many fans views, ignoring what they are actually doing on the pitch.

If competing for a place spurs him on, Eboue can contribute something tangible to this side.

If he can bring his awesome crossing ability back from the dead, he certainly could teach Sagna and Walcott a thing or two.

That and the Emirates Stadium desperately needs more players of cult status. We seriously need to work on more songs for each of the individual players. I’m aware of one song of Eboue, thanks to J Sanderson from YoungGuns, whom I stole this off of from an msn conversation.

Altogether, now!

“When the ball hits the net
You can pretty much bet

That’s all for today. Again, add me on twitter for further Arsenalified updates. Until then, ciao.



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85 responses to “Eboue is one player who must not leave Arsenal

  1. Deano

    I agree!
    He’s a good squad player and good cover for Sagna.
    From what i read too, he seems a popular squad member!!

  2. looneygooner

    He isn’t and never will be an Arsenal player, he runs around like a headless chicken, commits petty fouls, who can forget his sending off against the Spuds, sell him,Adebayor,Diaby, and Denilson, all are too lightweight and none can rise in the big games, we need players with balls and skill none of them have it.

  3. al

    couldn’t agree more. If the last 2 years have taught us anything, its that squads win trophies. look at united; the other top 4 clubs have first 11’s and even 16’s as good as each other, but uniteds ability to consistently leave players like brown, o shea, park and nani out of squads is amazing. this depth means when they play (no disrespect) a Wigan or Sunderland at home, you can say ‘go on Ronaldo/Arshavin/Cole/Riera, have a day off son, we’ve got a bigger match next week.’

    Eboue isn’t first eleven material on a regular basis, but his flexibility makes him essential.

    Good article mate

  4. For the sake of squad depth Eboue should be kept.

  5. hr

    also most other players at arsenal thing eboue is the funniest guy there

  6. rosicknote

    I agree that he should be kept. He shouldn’t be a regular first 11, but I believe that it’s good to have him as a squad player.

    Look at Park Ji Sung of Manure. He’s never the most talented footballer, but nevertheless, he can still contribute to the team. That’s what we need to win trophies. We’d always have injuries in our team, so I’d rather have him around to rely on rather than an 18-yr old kid.

    Not to say I’m against any 18-yr old kid at Arsenal, it’s just that at least with Eboue, we have someone who has played over 100 games for Arsenal. His experience is valuable if we need that bit of composure at times.

  7. Goon

    Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Especially your comment that certain players aren’t good enough “by default”. It seems to me that a lot of fans don’t really pay attention to what happens on the pitch and rather have their opinion formed by ‘The Sun’ and, worse, Alan Hansen.
    It’s probably been said a million times before, and you’ve probably written a blog or two about it, but the fans really need to look out ourselves. We’ve been ‘underperforming’ and maybe we could learn a thing or two from Eboue and Bendtner. I’d love to know what demographic are the people who seem to miss about 20 mins of every game. arriving late, leaving early, and are more concerned with pints than the match.
    With everyone whining about about our high ticket prices, and rightfully so, why is the stadium half empty when the players come out?

    Finally, another Eboue song:
    I can’t remember the name of the real song. It’s that ” you are my candy girl song”

    Do do do do do do do
    Emmanuel Eboue!
    do do do do do do
    Ahhhhh boue boue!

  8. Steve

    The Eboue song is actually: We like Eboue, boue, We like Eboue, boue, We like Eboue,boue, We like EBOUE! (To the tune of I like to move it)

    Anyway, he is rubbish. Direct running is all well and good, but without a final ball it is pointless. Eboue is not productive, his goals and assists record in the last 3 seasons have been terrible.

    Oh, and his ‘goalden’ period was utter myth. He came on as sub and scored from a yard out and a penalty. Then he scored a decent goal against BURNLEY, the third goal after they were well beaten.

    He should go and we should get as much for him possible

  9. pooner

    great article. let’s keep the boyo.

  10. Anelka

    Eboue is is already an Arsenal players for those who say he is not an Arsenal player and never will be !

    I feel eboue has a lot of potential, and wenger has picked up on his dribbling ability, one of the main reasons he was played as a winger and also a central midfielder. Personally i have enjoyed watching eboue play centrally… on a good day it allows for quick counter-attacking and creating space for other players when he gets past his marker.

    Eboue even when not as his fully best is a great utility player to have and it would be a great shame to lose him…

  11. ballbag

    eboue is a jerkoff. just like you.

  12. TylerDrake

    This is an Arsenal blog… you shouldn’t use the phrase “spurs him on” !

  13. wafula jack

    I agree with the initiatial comment because the boy is a utility player who gives the team ancher,though he makes stupid mistakes but I would rather keep him.Remember when Fab/Diaby were injured? he helped the midfield alot before the likes of Denilson and Song acclimatised.Do not forget when we lose Sagna,he covers and covers Clitchy as well.

  14. TonyS

    Don’t mind keeping him as a squad player only. On outgoing players I’m sure everyone would agree that the #1 priority is to move Ade on.

  15. tgooner

    Much prefer Eboue to Diaby and we should at least strengthen some before we even consider selling a player who can cover 4 different positions when injuries hit (as they invariably do). Versatility is as good as any other skill and Eboue has it!

  16. steve far

    At a time when the point seems to have hit home that AW needs to add to his bodies in defence, here we are asking him to undo another hidden benefit of that – strength in depth! forget it that wenger will replace eboue(as a winger) with another player. he will simply take the opportunity save money.

    Yes eboue is one player we have needed big time when we have oft resorted to pointless square passes in the final third of the pitch. apart from him, clichy and rosicky we are simply short of such players, it would be foolish to lose what we have already instead of polishing them(eboue is still only 23 and if he has listed after wigan, why wouldnt he listen now?

    we need to look at why this player had such a fantastic run in 2006 leading to a champions league final but has not replicated that.

    is it that simple to switch a player from back to mid and expect an immediate response?

  17. RJ

    You’re right; when I first saw the headline, I thought you were insane.

    Even when I read the article, I was thinking that he is often guilty of dribbling too far, and his crossing ability is inferior to Sagna’s.

    However after reading some of the comments, I have to agree that while he may not be 1st XI material, he could add some depth to the squad.

    Sagna has generally been a warrior for the Gunners, but it would be nice to have Eboue available to spell him during midweek matches or cup games.

    Denilson on the other hand…

  18. Renan

    Don’t sell him. He is a great super-sub. And a very good back-up for Sagna as well !

  19. theo

    i agree with steve. Players like eboue have to be shipped if we want to evolve. You cant look at a few games and say he is a top player. In many more games he has played crap, gives away possesion and cant shoot.Look what barca done to utd. We want to achieve those levels and are so close. Eboue could never play for barca as his passing is terrible, he’s got a good engine but so do most arsenal players. We also got players like vela, wilshere, gibbs, more importantly gibbs who could play the eboue role but on the left.

  20. jammathon

    theo – Maybe Eboue could not play for Barcelona, but Eric Abidal would not be able to play for Wigan.

  21. davi

    Agree with the article completely – might i add he IS better than clichy at making those infield runs.
    Hes one of our best dribblers, but overall his attacking instincts are not good. Nonetheless they seem to be improving.
    Playing right and left back he can carry the ball 20, 30 or 40 yards several times in a game, which not even clichy can do.
    This isnt the main reason I think hes important to our squad tho. It’s mainly the fact he actually cares, he’ll always put in the effort and hes a fantastic athlete and competitor. If he were better positionally, and possibly with better discipline Id say hes perfect to take that defensive midfield spot, but Wenger tried that with no success
    Thanks for writing this article, I think this needed to be addressed 🙂


  23. Kayo Burgess






  24. JackD

    too lightweight? We are Arsenal, not Chelsea.

  25. Eboue we need him,i has that love for arsenal and he is a player you can use at any position we will regreat like our player who is now in real madread Dyara if we let him go

  26. we better let denilson go,bring in Berry from aston villa instead of letting Eboue go because Eboue can play no 2,3,6,7 and 11

  27. Bob

    Eboue is a good player in my opinion. I’ve noticed his runs as well, and his crossing is far better than Sagna’s and Walcotts, anyone who can’t see that must be blind. Definitely keep him.

  28. davi

    yes the only thing walcott has over eboue is his finishing, and maybe he makes better attacking runs off the ball

    i think in ever other department eboue is as good or better



  30. Evo

    Eboue is paramount for the spirit of the team, a lot of people don’t notice but he’s always the one urging his team mates on even when he’s been dropped.

    he’s got arsenal in his heart, to be fair i don’t care about the mistakes he makes because i know he will work his socks off the next game and come back strong, that’s in his nature and we need that. He plays his heart out for the club and we should be commending that – unlike his partner in crime Adebayor.

    A man can’t be judged on his failings – but on how he bounces back, Eboue will do just that next season and show what an important member of the squad he is.

  31. jammathon

    Capslock police, people. No need to shout.

    I think the emphasis could be that he can grow into being a very good servant for the club, given his relatively young age. Overall, we as fans have a lot to do to improve the atmosphere into a more vibrant one at the Emirates, I think.

  32. Give me a break. Eboue is not good enough. He is defensively inept, see the FA Cup semifinal, Chelsea’s first goal, and attackingly impotent.

    This is a totally lame arguement. Just because he is direct he should stay? He rarely score, gives away the ball more than any other player, and on top of that is a diver. If Atletico Madrid are willing to pay £5 million for him I would bite their hand off and thank them effusively.

    If you really want a rubbish player that runs fast towards the opposition then loses the ball you can pick one up anywhere for half that money and we would make a profit.

  33. davi

    arsedoctor – what did he do wrong against chelsea?
    He got so far across malouda he covered the far post… it was actually extremely good play by malouda but the keeper was more at fault than the defender imo.
    besides that sort of poor defending is rare for him. 1-on-1 hes awesome. did u watch him for the rest of that match?? nobody could get near him in 1-on-1 situations
    have u watched him recently? he runs up the pitch and passes it to teammates, doesnt give it away that much. I would argue walcott gives the ball away far more frequently and more often in bad areas than eboue does
    those types of runs are actually extremely useful as they open up the oppositions by allowing others to lose their markers

  34. davi

    lol take out the “that sort” from my post

  35. anon

    With players like Eboue, we have won NOTHING.

    Sell him and get someone serious.

  36. Terence McGovern

    You DO know that Eboue signed a NEW contract earlier this season right?

    Still if the mirror can oblige you with an easy (if pointless) article on cup final day why not eh! 😉

  37. davi

    lol, so its because of eboue we’ve won nothing
    besides we’ve come bloody close – last season in the league and the 2006 ECL final
    I dont think getting rid of our main utility player will solve our problems

  38. oz_gooner

    The guy cant cross the ball either…he never will..

    but few players at arsenal can..

    having players like song, denilson and eboue at best on the bench.. but still not ready in my opinion…. these players during the invincible era wouldnt even be considered on the team..

    I love arsenal but our team has fallen into mediocrity. if u dont believe me then just look at our 2004, 2002, 1998 teams with wenger..

    just pure class…..

  39. lc

    Yeha! I agree; it’s sad to realise that some of Arsenal fans are not interested in what is happening on the pitch. Some can’t even hide their racial prejudice. You have the impression that for some of our players; it doesn’t really matter how hard they are performing; they just want to see them out. Players like Eboue, Song, Denilson and Bentner are the usual escape goat.
    We are all talking so much about Arshavin having a huge impact on the team, and I agree on that; but players who helped stabilise the squad When the like of Fabregas, Adebayor and Walcott were out injured are Denilson, Eboue, Bentner and Song. We’ve lost it when our ‘Stars’ were back, relegating the above on the bench. But who is there daring to criticise Fabregas for his ambarrassing performance since the beginning of the season? I think, us , the fans need to be honest with ourself, as people say:’Often you get the type of management you deserve’.
    If we had really an ambitious management, I don’t think many of our so called first team player deserve their place to start.

  40. Andy

    When playing against the better teams i would play Sagna at RB as he is better defensively….but against weaker teams Eboue can do a great job at RB as he gets forward more and his crossing is much better than Sagna

  41. NorwayGooner

    I saw Eboue last year in Pre-Season trainingcap in Austria, and i can assure you, he is a funny guy. Actually one of the few players that made contact on several occations with the supportes to.

    We should keep him for the squad depths he gives.

  42. oz_gooner

    nobody’s using song , denilson eboue as a scapegoat you idiot… ofcourse its management employing these second & third rate players..

  43. Donjohnni

    Only read headline. I agree totally. Went from exciting, to total wanker, to cult hero to a good player.

  44. James

    Eboue is a top guy Keep him…………

  45. Reece

    eboue is more likely to make things happen than nasri, who HARDLY runs directly and prefers to pass sideways or straight to the striker when the striker comes to collect the ball which in it self is pointless as no scoring opportunity is generated from it

  46. Sooth

    Keep him, but only as a back up to Sagna.

    We have no one coming through the ranks who’s a good back up at rightback, unlike Gibbs at leftback.

  47. Eboue has to stay at arsenal because he has the spirit for club when he is at the pitch, secondly he can come as a subsitite for sagna, so let wenger buy more players other than letting them go and we regret why they left i.e Thiery henry,Flamin etc

  48. brdgunner

    We like Eboue boue we like Eboue boue we like E-boue

  49. Quite honestly, I don’t care if Eboue is the world’s greatest living comedian. His ability on the pitch is what matters.

    It is not his fault Arsenal haven’t won a trophy, but keep him does not improve the team. Eboue is one of the worst, if not, the worst player in the current Arsenal first team. Why on earth should we keep him?

    Anyone who compares him with Walcott needs their head examined. Walcott is faster, poses a better goalthreat and occasionally shows glimpses of his future potential. He should definitely be kept as you would expect him to improve each year. Eboue is never going to get any better than he is now, in fact he might get worse.

    I see absolutely no redeeming features at all, apart from his ability to deliver a punchline and make his team mates giggle, maybe he should be given the job of being the mascot?

  50. Squad player; we need him to cover for right back, right wing, central midfield. If we get quality first teamers, he’ll do.

  51. Vieirasboots

    Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh why do we have to continue this debate Eboue has strength physically and mentally. He crosses better than any Arsenal player both Titi and more memorably RVP @ charlton will testify to that. I wish Sagna and Theo could cross half as well. He is direct he does work back he is our new Ray Parlour in his versatility. He is already experienced at highest club level. As for the cock who said he isn’t and never will be an arsenal player …. Hmmm how can I articulate this …… FUCK OFF
    Eboue I can’t say MUST stay but losing him would be a loss.
    Oh and the players who haven’t turned up in the big games they’re called Theo RVP Cesc and of course Ade couldn’t give a shit bayor
    End of

  52. davi

    Eboue improves the *squad* significantly
    He’s our only real utility player.
    I cant think of who we could replace him with who has more experience and would be willing to sit out matches
    Walcott is faster true, hes also a lot weaker. He tries to dribble too often, altho he is improving with his decision making, but eboue is Far better at dribbling and can actually pull it off.
    Walcott cant track back, eboue is very solid.
    I agree walcott has potential, but if you havent noticed the massive improvements eboue has made in the last 3 months of the season You need your head examined.

    Id say this – walcott has held arsenal back Far more than eboue has over the past few years. He shows glimpses of class in Some matches but makes plenty of mistakes, eboue has also made his fair share of mistakes but his workrate is fantastic by comparison – he plays for the team, all too often walcott has thought more of himself
    (although he has improved in that department, I dont want to be too negative about theo, I just think the differences in the way he is treated compared to eboue is ridiculous)

  53. goonergerry

    Much as I would like to keep Eboue, he is a luxury as he is not a good enough defender to deputise for Sagna and he cannot finish to save his life- we need a proper midfielder or winger. If we get good money- sell him.

  54. Not only for the squad depth. If he gets his head in order he’s one of the most talented players in the group. I think he’s been one of our best players in many of the games this year.

  55. fanner

    walcott is faster and younger than eboue, other then that, tell me how good the final ball of walcott is? can walcott defend better than eboue? can walcott cross the bloody ball better than eboue? If eboue need to be sold, sell walcott as well. Don’t tell me he is going to improve next season, i hear that every year.

  56. Gunner #1

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sayin we shouldn’t have signed Sagna, but Eboue is a much better at right back, and I’m not too sure why Wenger saw any point of moving him further up the pitch, that was a business move, not wanting to spend on a right mid, just move someone else there.
    Eboue can’t go, and all of those who openly, savagely boo-ed him should hang their heads in shame, for they are not football fans, not true Gooners. That will piss people off but I don’t care.
    Arsenal Football Club’s motto is “Victory Through Harmony”. WHat was fucking harmonious about the way we’ve treated the whole squad at points this season. There’s always another way of showing disappointment, some fans can learn from the Geordies.

  57. Gunner #1

    And it’s about time Walcott was pushed further up the pitch, alongside Van persie.

  58. Tom Kelly

    Eboue and Adebayor are bad apples in a squad that is not far away from winning trophies. Are only hope for next season is that wenger realizes that there are players that need to be sold as well as signed over the summer.

  59. kevin

    eboue is one of tha loyal players in english football today. a young lad who when his fitness is down he works harder to improve unlike adebayo who looks to escape 2 milan. EBOUE MUST STAY WENGER.

  60. gary f

    eboue should only be used as a back up squad player, when sagna is out or cover for right mid.

    this season he has started too many matches showing the poor depth of our squad. he would not get nowhere near the man u starting eleven

    he must be doing something in training that wenger has seen but has yet to show in a competitive match

  61. David Reynolds

    Get rid of all the smelly african nig nogs from our great club & Van Wet Cardboard Persie

  62. M.Johnson

    Totally Agree – Technically a very good player( that is more than you can say about Walcott). I hope he stays !!

  63. davi

    gary f – i totally disagree with these sorts of statements
    i for one think he would get into man utd’s squad, his role is similar to that of park, altho park has much better attacking instincts, their levels of technical ability are similar and they work hard

  64. AusGunner

    for many of the same reasons as you I was in the ‘keep Eboue’ party until not the Wigan game, but the Spurs game where he got sent off which for me was his nadir of the season and for the first time I began to think that his time at the club really was up. However since then he has acquitted himself very well and I’m pretty much back in your camp. His athleticism and occasionally excellent skill and vision make him a worthy squad player.

  65. ibbs

    the same smelly african nig-nogs like VIERA,KANU,TOURE and LAUREN who won trophies for this great great?????????
    David reynolds and arsenal fans should all be ashamed! booing your own players when they need support,how sad!

  66. Rocket Gooners

    David Reynolds..I think you sum up the thoughts of 99% of true Arsenal fans.

  67. Hell yeah, we should keep him. Unless someone chooses to offer us a sizeable amount of cash, that is. Man City will probably be in with a bid of 972 million if they hear he’s available. Though, quite frankly, I wouldn’t accept anything less than 942.65 million.

  68. harold

    why are we even considering selling any players, surely this season has shown us that our squad is not even that big, i say keep all the players and buy some more, that way we will not have to rely on som 17-18 year old to help us win in major games!!

  69. James

    If Arsenal need the money, sell him.

  70. Rocket Gooners

    Sell Bentdner…he’s a prize prick and Van Persie is probably the most overated player in an Arsenal shirt since that other powder puff 3 goal a season non flying cross eyed dutchman Bergkamp.

  71. jammathon

    Seriously, Rocket Gooners – what are you smoking? Bergkamp…overrated? That is tantamount to blasphemy.

    And TAFKA Eboue’s Hand…it is an honour to have you on these boards. We are not worthy!

  72. Rocket Gooners

    It makes me sick the worship Bergkamp got for doing very little. He averaged around 5 goals a season in his last 6 years, he was never top of the assists, NEVER EVER scored a direct freekick (1 deflected goal in his whole career for Ajax, Arsenal & Holland), let his team mates down in Europe by not flying, jumped out of every tackle, no pace, couldn’t head the ball, went missing always against the big teams…not in Henry, Pires or Overmars league…PS ..watch Thierry Henry’s DVD of his first 100 goals…Berkamp set up… just 5…you couldn’t make it up!

  73. Jazbo

    Sell Eboue? what the hell for, some of you seem to think all mour problems will besolved by getting rid of your scape goat, not so!
    Eboue brings genuine threat to the team when he’s on the move, he moves defenders around and is a real pain in the ass to get the ball off, we have no other player like him except Arshavin, but some you seem to feel that he’s not good enough to wear the shirt, that’s a load of bull crap you all know he’s good enough, but just admit you don’t like him as a person because if it was an english player doing those runs down the right hand side of the pitch you’d be creaming your selves over him.
    So in closing he stays, he’s a good squad player and I’d rather have him in the team than that headless chicken wallcott or Diaby.

  74. Buck

    Keep him but use him for cover at the back. I love Wenger but his insistence of playing player out of their natural position costs us games.

  75. ballinst

    Arsenal need senior player to teach the young guns, Wenger willn’t make the same mistake as he sells Henry 2 years ago.

  76. Afterward

    I have an Eboue song for you…

    (in the tune of Blame it on the Boogie)

    Don’t blame it on Clichy
    Don’t blame it on Sagna
    Don’t blame it on Nasri
    …blame it on Eboue…

    Thank god Wenger is being brave and getting rid of the dead wood in the squad. May Silvestre and Senderos follow him out of the club too.

  77. He’s grown in confidence and is showing his true worth although in brief cameo appearances.
    It’s not just he can make diagonal runs; he’s always looking to support players, making triangles and can attack outside and inside.

    In a increasingly utilitarian game, you need wingers who can do more than just dribble, able to make more passes and come inside and go on the outside.

  78. Gunner #1

    Rocket Gooners, are you normally a twat or do you just put it on for the audience? Seriously, any man who thinks Dennis “The Ice man” Bergkamp wasn’t a legend for this club is a complete and utter C***.
    And David Reynolds, do you watch football from NASA’s spacestation using only binoculars? YOur views are about as bad that would be, you’re an idiot and not a “true” Arsenal fan.
    It’s people like these two that have reduced our players to tears this season, made others want to leave, you two make me sick.
    Victory Through Harmony.

  79. Rocket Gooners

    Gunner #1..people like you are the problem at our club, football shirt wearing, scarf waving wallies, sitting there with your pack lunch singing “Super Nick” to a total waste of space instead of barracking him when he doesn’t make any attempt of running for a ball, thinking Berkamp was a legend because that’s the thing to do without knowing why you’ve formed your opinion. Anyone could see Bergkamp made our team looked like they were playing with 10 men. Pires was 10 times the player Bergkamp was, someone who did it week in week out and not once every 6 games. When did Bergkamp get man of the match in his last 7 years..I tell you the answer, 3 times in his last 200 games, don’t believe me, then check it out, stats don’t lie.

  80. bobbygee

    What Arsenal needs is to find players to put the ball into the back of net..Keep him… Check out my blog..Thanks Bobby Gee

  81. M.Johnson

    Thank You – Davi & Fanner. I am glad I am NOT alone in the assesment of Theo Walcott.
    Yes he has speed – but that is where it starts and end. There is no-way Theo should start any games for Arsenal – He has no control, he cannot run with the ball, cannot finish, cannot pass, cannot cross….. should I continue?

  82. M.Johnson

    Rocket Gooners – You are a Complete idiot!!

  83. Somoye

    Have u anti- Eboue forgotten how Eboue contributed to Diaby’s super goal against Aston Villa at Villa Park? Or how he covered fo Clichy and Sagna when they were injured? Pls give the guy a break, we still need him.

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  85. true fan

    You may recall i havent always agreed with yoru opinion, but this one i agree with you 100% on. Eboue cares, tries hard and has enough technical ability and directness to his game to make him a useful (i would go as far as to say essential) part of the squad. Its a squad that will win the premiershjip over the course of a season remember.

    As for David Reynolds and ROcket (up your arse) Gooners, you are first class pricks the pair of you. In fact, i think u are racist spurs of chelski fans over here on a wind up because theres no effing way that you could ever consider yoruselves to be arsenal fans. Get a life and stick to supporting your own shit teams.