Lescott, RVP’s teeth and Third-Gen’s new direction

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A very quick one today as its late and I’ve just got back from beating my footie club’s girls’ XI 6-1. Supreme!!

More summer droll links us with Everton defender Joleon Lescott – a boy we’ve been linked with many a time while he was at Wolves and during his time with the Toffees.

With one of the best British managers going in David Moyes and a near-miss in a rather flat FA Cup Final yesterday, prying one of Everton’s prized assets will be no mean feat.

If the £12 million asking price touted is correct, that would take up almost all of our spending budget, if other reports are also true.

The man would certainly give us an aerial threat from set pieces as well as calm and assurance at the back. Who we would best partner is entirely up to conjecture, but it would add some real competition for places.

From one arbitrary rumour to another, Cesc Fabregas has been linked, by the Mirror, to a £40 million move to Milton Keynes Dons. Some of you may have been expecting Barcelona, but surprise surprise, the editors have gone for something a bit more original this time round.


That’s all I care to say about it. Arseblog summed up my similar sentiments to that drivel in his latest article, so not much left to say on that.

In one of the more bizzare stories going, Robin van Persie is to undergo an operation in the close-season to remove ‘troublesome’ wisdom teeth that will apparently diminish his injury problems.

I queried this with my partner who studies in the field of medical science and this really is a new one to her. The link between one’s teeth and muscular injuries sounds like it was contrived by a witch-doctor, frankly.

But hey, if it helps, then so be it.

Now, a quick bout of house-keeping to alert you all to some developments regarding Third-Gen.

Having finally finished my university commitments bar a handful of exams, my commitments can go back to the blog and my full-time job, which apart from being able to blog every evening for your reading-pleasure, gives me time to delve into some more work-intensive projects.

Coming up in July close to the new season’s start is a particular multimedia project that I think you will all find interesting and will hopefully develop as readers start to contribute towards it in a number of ways.

More will be revealed as time goes on, but it will involve a number of things, including interviews with Arsenal-bloggers, rival fans and journalists as well as rely on reader-submitted-content like photos from games, videos of drunken Arsenal fans chanting away (the more drunk, the better!) as well as other bits and bobs that I’m still fine-tuning.

In short, I’m very excited by it all and as the date of release draws near, more will be revealed.

Also, third-gen will be getting its own site soon, so hopefully that passes over smoothly and without drama. I’ll let you all know when to update bookmarks accordingly.

Also on the horizon are prize giveaways as well as a bit of advertising, I digress, but the increased costs that will come about will need to pay themselves off, somehow. I hope you understand and that it will not be too invasive.

Comments, thoughts, hate-mail all welcome. And twitter – gotta plug that, for sure. Ciao.



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7 responses to “Lescott, RVP’s teeth and Third-Gen’s new direction

  1. TH

    The thing about Van Persie is weird, but one of my cousin’s used to have persistent trouble with nerves throughout his body and he removed his wisdom teeth, and everything seemed to get better. It’s strange but maybe it is connected. I don’t know though as I have no clue about dentistry or medicine.

  2. chzberga

    Would love a bit of Lescott, if we got him and Barry that would add a real “English spine” to the team. Don’t think either of them are particularly likely though, let alone both!

  3. “droll”? That word means ‘funny’. did you mean ‘dross’? Do I have too much time on my hands and better things to be worrying about?

    About the wisdom teeth thing, I’ve heard it before but i’m not sure if there’s very strong evidence for it. Steven Gerrard had his removed and i think his injury problems did settle after that. And Tomas Rosicky had his done and…oh fuck, someone call the Arsenal dentist and cancel that appointment now!

  4. wobblyeyes

    I remember freddy ljungberg had the same thing done to him as RVP is having, with muscular problems cited as the reason to have them removed. I recentley had my wisdom teeth out and the doctor i spoke to told me that there are links to wisdom teeth problems and heart problems, and the heart is a muscle so i suppose they could effect other muscles.

  5. Hi mate ive added your blog onto my blogroll and it would be a great if you could return the favour.

    Great blog btw, im a regular reader. Keep it up.

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