Good times for Arsenal as Barry plays the chump

I’ll make it short and sweet: That was a swift, emphatic transfer move.

And the decisiveness of the move just goes to show how loud money can talk. Cue the Aston Villa fans chucking one hell of a hissy.

While I myself only fancifully thought Barry ‘would be nice’ to buy, there are plenty of equal alternatives out there that Arsenal can stock their ranks with.

But there is something amiss amongst the hundreds-of-thousands that footballers earn to settle for such a middling club.

Granted, if Citeh go on to acquire someone like Tevez, they’ll have the makings of a top-four side, certainly. But the lack of aspiration to join a side in the lower reaches of the Premier League at the age of 28 must grate with so many struggling in these economically ill times.

But while Man City have to do the proverbial Chelski and buy a million players while waiting at least two years before the team starts finding itself, Arsenal have a more precise, surgical job.

The equation remains the same: find a central midfielder and central defender, first and foremost. Barry is off the list (assuming he ever was at all), but there are still many handfuls of candidates out there.

But for now, let’s revel in a new footballing effigy to freshen up Ashley Cole and Robinho’s club-house.


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