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‘Third-Gen’ is simply that – Wenger’s so-called ‘third generation’, or so we hope, of great players. I’d settle for a great team, but who am I to complain? I’ve never set foot in England, have yet to see a match live (that is, never to have set foot in Highbury, Ashburton Grove or The Dell – my loss). Indeed. I’m the poor, deprived plastic foreigner you all love to hate who’ll throw the towel in and mope off to Chelsea the minute the going gets tough. Or so I’ll have you think.Third-Gen is being born into the post-apocalyptic world of AFC without Thierry Henry, a media insisting we’re a club on an endless downward spiral, a board enjoying its lowest popularity levels since 1496, and a manager (quite characteristically) not renewing his contract at present. All’s well, it seems.

Call me a Wenger-apologetic, or a PHW lover (though Messrs Kroenke is still an interesting subject), or a communist, but at least we’re off on an honest foot.



Third-Gen is all a one-man, hard-slog project. If you would like to thank Jammathon for joyously altering your socio-political discourse, or chasten him for revealing the unfriendly membrane of social stigma, give us a yell at


Just replace the [bits] and *bobs* where appropriate.


18 responses to “About / Contact

  1. Good work, mate.
    I, too, am a ‘deprived plastic foreigner’ being forced to forge my way while clapped in chains in Texas. I’ve never seen a live Arsenal match, either, but I did get to Highbury on the day they released the Black Currant kits last summer. Here’s hoping for a trip to the Grove some day.
    I found you through the excellent “A Cultured Left Foot” and have subscribed to your ramblings. Keep up the good work.

  2. That foot, honestly needs some applause… cheerios 😀

  3. goonerbo

    looking forward to read your works
    – another hated deprived plastic foreigner

  4. Great Work for Thirgen, it’s nice name and blog. Keep working. I’m from Indonesia and I make a blog too. Your blog give me influence and inspiration.

  5. freekicker

    great work bro…
    Go Gunners

  6. arsenal will win the league this yr


  7. another foreigner i wud say but who said that foreigners aint as loyal fans as the ones frm north london … thats just bush-shite … newas, added you to my blogroll .. hope u do the same soon 😉 btw how foreign are u 😉 i mean wher in the world outside the motherland are u frm ..

  8. Anonymous

    I LOVE MAN U!!!!!!! HINT HINT (International House)

  9. Turki

    Nice blog, and an articulate blogger!

    It’s nice to see people have that muchpassion for Arsenal without being North-Londoners.
    Needless to say, I am one of those people, and am proud to be in the global community of the classiest Football Club around.

    Whether they win the title or not; I’d still be looking forward to every game, every week, season by season.

    Cheers, and keep on the good work.

  10. A Gunner!!! Hello gunmate!! Nice blog!!

  11. Sajit

    Nice blog. Starting to read this regularly.

  12. gogogunners

    nice blog! u r in my fav list! haha

  13. Cjones

    I too am a ‘plastic foreigner’ with an unabashed love of the Gunners, being seduced by Bergkamp and Overmars. But living on the other side of the world makes it difficult. Was able to make the trip to Paris in 2006 and have been to Highbury but have never seen a game in the stadium. Most of the top Arsenal blogs are Anglocentric, but am really enjoying your contribution to the mix. Cheers.

  14. dfsadfasdfsadfsadsdsadf

  15. Paul Witham Gooner

    I am English (Essex) born and bred, still live in England and have been a gooner for 40 years. I dont personaly have a problem with fans from other parts of the UK or the world. So long as you are passionate about the club, loyal to one club, dont moan every time we have a bad result or performance and make plenty of noise when we play, either if your in a pub or lucky enough to get to the ground. Corporate fans are a problem however I accept that they do put a lot of money into the club. Let me know what parts of the world you are from and what type of following Arsenal have there.

  16. jamesgillesp

    Nice blogggg Third-Gen, I haven’t been blogging for a while, see you’ve got a nice new skin!!!

  17. jamesgillesp

    Fancy a link swap mate?
    I’m at http://arsespeak.wordpress.com

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