Rumours: Carlos Tevez

Tevez - linked with everyoneIn 2006, he was linked with all and sundry, and ended quite astonishingly at West Ham United. This time round, it’s the same story, linked with the big-four, the big European clubs – Tevez is the current hot property of the transfer market. West Ham will do what they can to keep him on their books, which might mean paying some extravagant wages, and throwing in a couple of Christmas wrappings as well. Recently, he has been linked with Inter Milan, aka The Falkland Islands of European football. The likelihood of this move occuring could be 50:50, the major drawback of moving there would see him join a plethora of forwards, mostly Argentinian, which would see him get far less game time than he would by staying in England. He has reportedly stressed he enjoys London life, and would love to stay in the Premier League, be it at West Ham or another English club.

Arsenal’s chances? Rather good, interestingly enough. Having sold the icon that was Thierry Henry, a high profile replacement is on the cards, and at age 23, Tevez is an ideal signing. The age, of course, means a high price will be slapped on his hide – but given his performances in the latter half of the 06/07 league season, it could be justified.

Clubs interested:
Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Real Madrid
Possible destinations: Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter Milan, West Ham Utd
Pros: Puts the crowd on the edge of their seat, bustling forward, very gifted attacker, runs with the ball.
Cons: Could cost a fortune, third-party ownership could deter Wenger, has not showed the greatest enthusiasm for a tackle despite his build.
Rating: 7/10 – The likelihood of this is greatly dependent on MSI’s valuation, and MSI’s ownership in itself could still put the Arsenal board off. He seems to be the man that most fans want, though. An exciting potential-signing.

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