Barcelona Stew With a Dash of Malice

Fabregas BarcelonaIt’s a premonition, surely. My walk this morning saw me pass by no less than five Barca-shirts, today – all smiling their little white smiles, all walking their little white dogs – little do they know of the horrors their club produces.

Very capitalist-conspiracy-like, I know. But it’s true: Barcelona FC are the most classless, tasteless club since Real Madrid got bailed out by Franco so many times. I dont give a flying toss about how ‘Catalunya was so oppressed’ and whatnot – that’s why I studied political science. Your nation may have one hell of a history, but by God your club is atrocious.

This ranting prelude brought to you by Incessant Cesc Tap-ups™. Txiki Beguiristain (his first name is pronounced ‘Cheeky’, incidently) has come out saying ‘Cesc has to show a desire to join Barca’ before they make a bid. Furthermore, Barca are refusing to pay over the odds for ‘their own homegrown player’.

I know most of you read this blog to hear a good rant, but frankly, that’s just plain debilitating. Who do they think they are? Cesc is supposedly their player, is he? If that’s the case, give us back Thierry Henry so we can do the morally right thing and ship him back to Juventus. No, screw that – Thierry, you’re going back to Monaco, lad. It’s the only thing to do. Barcelona cannot keep hold of their players because they will not approach the Spanish FA to fix up the problem – no, dont cause trouble for your FA that has kept you and Real going so favourably, that becomes a toothless tiger whenever you tap up other clubs’ players (and Arsenal aren’t alone, here), and that does not do a thing when it comes to sorting out blatant racism in your game.

No, just carry on doing the classy things you do, Barca. More than a Club. Beyond a Circus, more like. All the while, I’m beyond a shadow of personal doubt that Cesc is more than happy where he is. The real educators of his career are Arsenal Football Club – more specifically, Arsene Wenger. Barcalona would never have developed him anywhere near what he is today. Don’t for a second ‘Messi’ me, neither. The players they import, like Dos Santos, Messi and Krkic, are of notable, outrageous talent that just need big players around them to give them the ball for a bunch of stepovers.

Note I emphasize imports: Fabregas, as well as Merida, were local players that were looked upon as just any other player in their academy – how else do you explain the complete lack of uproar over the £700,000 fee at the time? Only once Fabregas outshone Roy Keane in the Community Shield of 04/05, did the first glimmers of unrest stir from Barcelona. How did this one get by? How much for? All of a sudden, the fans go bananas, screaming for blood. Then Real Madrid get a sniff once their own hide gets roasted by the boy in the Champions League Round of 16, in their own back yard.

Barcelona did nothing for Cesc Fabregas. The circumstances dictate this as fact. They let him go for a measely £700,000. Over the odds? I have always said there are very few players worth £20million – Henry, Gerrard, Kaka, Ronaldinho, etc maybe. But you could not find more than 10. Yes, only £20million – that as the ‘real’ price, without inflation. Cesc is one of them, without a doubt – and with inflated prices, I’m afraid we wont be ‘offloading’ Cesc as we did with Henry – you want him, pay £50 million. How about £60million? No, fine. £70million, my last offer. (“That’s all they’re wurf!”)

Rant over. Let’s cool down with another Barca Coup in the form of Fran Merida – labled (by tribalfootball, pay no attention) as ‘too slow’, it’s frankly ignoring many things, particularly the way he plays: a deep seated midfielder waiting to bulk up a bit before he can progress further up the field in a few years. An interesting article here on, for your reading pleasure.

Finally, Veloso is apparently the ‘new Ronaldo’. I’m glad the defensive midfielder position is getting a lot more showboaty – the game needs it desperately, you know.

I hope you enjoyed that. I did, in a masochist sorta-way. And now: Thattaway…!

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