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Gareth Barry is Arsenal-bound after losing his voice

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First off, congratulations to Thierry Henry and Silvinho for winning the Champions League yesterday against Satan’s Choice Utd. It was a spellbinding performance from the world’s best team (at the moment!) and no-one will say they did not deserve it.

Thierry himself had a patchy game himself – most of the play came down the middle and right flank, but Henry turning Nemanja Vidic inside out just made my day. A pity about the finish (or lack thereof), but it was great to see him finally confirmed as one of history’s greatest ever.

Barca love-in stops here. Apart from Henry, Silvinho, Messi, Iniesta and maybe Keita, they’re all a pack of bastards, particularly in the admin block of that club. So enough about them.

So. Gareth Barry has his heart set on joining Arsenal – so says this article, rather emphatically.

Barry: Gunner love

What the article fails to mention is that the combative midfielder has a major case of throat inflammation brought on by a cold-front in the midlands.

The Aston Villa and England international is clearly unwell, failing to voice any quotes to the prestigious institution that is the Daily Star.

At least, him having too sore a throat to be able to speak is all I can surmise by the rag not quoting the midfielder once.

While I would love to spread rumours and poke a jab at Aston Villa (in a friendly manner), but Arsenal fans have been dragged through the Fabregas mud too many times to let this one slide.

Barry would be a terrific purchase, make no mistake about it. But I might as well say it is ‘understood’ Tim Cahill is desperate to join us. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Working in the media, I cannot see how a sports editor of any paper can let something through without a single quote.

British sports journalism must really be in a mire at the moment, if this passes for acceptable.



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