Vieira, Alonso: It’s quieter than a cemetery…

A quick one today, as I am too busy to even begin to bore you of the commitments I am inundated with at the moment. My last post was met with more hatemail than I’ve recieved in a while, proving that rational debate is a luxury reserved not for those baying for blood under the banner. You’ll never walk alone, and all that.

Anyways, today we have 16 hours to go until Arsenal inevitably buys someone that will baffle the 16 year olds at Le Grove et al. ‘Who will we sign, if at all?’ is the $64,000 question.

Candidates still centre around Xabi Alonso and a popular little rumour flittering around concerning Patrick Vieira, who was seen alongside Mikael Silvestre at the Emirates during the Newcastle match.

(Incidently, thoughts on Fulham and Newcastle will come around sometime this week when thesis and journalistic commitments go away. They’re nasty critters, they are…)

I am a believer in positive thinking, and I would think that, as previous precedents go, Xabi Alonso will join Arsenal. I don’t mean that as emphatically as I could, but you will find me both ecstatic and not-so-surprised if this signing is announced come midnight.

Alonso is not the player we are in desperate need of – in that he is not an all-out defensive midfielder and could possibly clash alongside Fabregas. What he does provide is competition for Cesc, which I think is essential to ensure the creative engine in Arsenal’s side remains ticking, and to give the young Catalan a deserved rest every now and then.

Xabi - Fantasy signing leaving the blogosphere drooling

Xabi - Fantasy signing leaving the blogosphere drooling

Also – consider Alonso and Cesc alongside each other in a 4-5-1 in Europe, with a DM inbetween. Yes, I fully realise that Alonso is cup-tied in Europe, but the fantasy is enough to drive that ‘excitement level’ adholescent Arsenal fans crave so much. It certainly would be an excellent team selection to have in the lead up to a Chelsea/Liverpool/Manchester United away day.

As for Vieira, this is a fanciful rumour at best. Stranger things have happened, but I will be coloured purple in surprise if this were ever to materialize.

As for Inler, he looks dead in the water for a deal now that he’s signed with Udinese, and the De Guzman rumours were merely The Sun digging up old quotes. Annan and the usual St Ettiene players who we are often linked with seem like nothing more than vague rumours.

Look out for 10pm GMT tonight for the odd rumour to break out. Arsenal famously have always leaked the tiniest hint of a transfer at about that time to keep the momentum on deals working through.

We need some noise. The newstickers are very quiet, at time of print…

Altogether now: “Xabi Alonso! Xabi Alonso! Xabi Alonso!”



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18 responses to “Vieira, Alonso: It’s quieter than a cemetery…

  1. Eddie Mcginty

    It would be all well and good if we got Alonso, but i’m more excited about the idea of a new DM and who that could be. Although that probably wont materialise.

  2. redscouse

    we cant afford to lose him lad, no GB and an dodgy groin for Stevie G means that happily for us Xabi will probably remain a red.
    rational enough for you?

  3. charlie

    i want alonso badlyy , him and cesc would dominate the mid and would be such a great pairing seeing as they know eachothers style of play from international football

  4. jammathon

    Redscouse, that is the be-all-and-likelihood of it, yes. However, this particular article is leaving the realm over to one last dose of fantastical speculation before the window shuts good and proper.

    Admittedly, at Liverpool’s expense, but we can all say ‘about time too’. What an awful pre-season it’s been in general.

  5. I agree with redscouse, Gerrards injury has put paid to Alonso.

  6. Alonso would be a fantastic signing and if Wenger could get him for 10 million that would be a fantastic signing for the club.

    If we cant get him, we need someone who can run their socks off…

  7. JoppaRoad

    when you said quiter than a cemetery – I thought you were talking about the atmosphere on Sat. Does anybody sing anymore at Arsenal, we were never the loudest but its not like we dont have alot to cheer about. Some great football is played at home. Wankers

  8. Frichie

    I dont think Rafa will sell him too us!! But isnt Gerrard meant to be back in 2-3 weeks? So Alonso is either going to sit it out on the bench all season or move!

    The serious problem is whether Wenger is looking for an experience DM (not many of them around) or just another midfielder to fill up the squad AND be in competition with Diaby, Song, Denilson and Ramsey.

  9. DM

    I don’t expect us to sign Xabi Alonso. Sure, I’d love to have a player of his calibre in our squad, but I simply don’t see anything happening.

    As it remains, so quiet with Wenger saying he’s not close to signing any midfielder yet, I expect us to sign no one. And if we do, it’ll probably be someone unexpected once again.

  10. King Kong

    The problem is that Wenger doesn’t buy expensive players. I just don’t understand why 30 million is not spent at all on players like Alonso. Clearly he is quality at the heart of the midfield. And if Carrick or Keane or Berbatov are 20million and above, surely a 26 year old quality midfield who has won the Euro Cup, CL, FA Cup, Super Cup must mean something considering at 15 million.

    It just baffles me why keep that 30 million? Just spend it ffs.

  11. Sonu

    hey if we sign alonso then dat doesn’t make any sense at all….considering he’s pretty much the same mould of player as fab…althou i’d rate fab a better player….

  12. aj

    Why do people keep going on about a defensive midfielder?

    We don’t play with a defensive midfielder. I can’t really remember the last DM we had; I suppose Gilberto was the closest but he wasn’t really a Makelele type. The reason Gilberto got little playing time last year was because Wenger saw the advantage in the more attacking Flamini. Flamini most certainly was not a DM and spent as much time ahead of Cesc as he did behind him. His greatest attribute was his energy; the fact that he could cover so much ground allowed him to both attack but also put in a good shift defending. We don’t need a DM and Wenger probably wouldn’t play him if we had one. What we need is an action-man, who can cover similar ground to Flamini.

    Incidentally, it was interesting to watch the Arsenal TV analysis of last year’s game against Newcastle. Adebayor’s first goal came from a brilliant croos from Flamini, from near the corner flag. The third goal was rifled in by Flamini from the edge of the area. He didn’t look much like a DM in that game.

  13. aditya

    I dont see any big name coming through rafa will not sell alonso for 12 milion as he is the only spark looking in reds

  14. arcalterego

    I agree with you that not many football fans (Arsenal and non-Arsenal ones) seem to be able to engage a discussion objectively without being overcome by emotion. I too watched that L’pool-Boro game and felt slightly for Boro that the result in the end did not coincide with their performance in the match. The Scousers’ next match against Std Liege affirmed that ‘get out of jail’ luck they seem to have at the moment. but enough about them. XABI ALONSO! ha ha…

  15. mike - gunner fan79

    Hello I am your new DM. I cannot reveal my name as it is not policy to do so! I cant see Viera returning to the club (good if he does) but if he were to, then how can we develop those already at the club into top class players.Remember , he was a kid when he joined us. Year long loans are only short term gains and then back to square 1 (who’s coming, why is he moving, we need a DM,GK, Striker etc). Remember we have Vela in the wings and he’s handy. I still think that le boss may announce some signing before the deadline , however I cant see him spending big which , lets face it , isn’t the be all and end all. We didnt complain when he was spending small on Viera and Henry and , and , and. Playing keeping up with the Jones’ (Chelsea and Manu didnt work for Liverpool last year (droped from 3rd to 4th & barely into the champions league proper this year). Not spending big reversed our fortunes (the injury to Eduardo was the turning point – up until then we were on top of the table and NO IT WAS NOT THE 4-0 LOSS TO MANU THAT FINISHED THE SEASON). So patience fans.

  16. Frichie

    Would anyone be happy to get Fabrice Muamba back, he is leading the OPTA Tackle stats, and has done well for Brum and Bolton. He has more experience now and could just add that extra body in MF without destroying the hardwork put in for Denilson, Song and Diaby.

    Incidentally, Denilsons passing stats so far

    Denilson Arsenal (No of passes) 202 (completion rate) 84%
    Denilson Arsenal (No of tackles)15 (Success rate) 67%

    From the Fulham game I would have thought his passes would be lower, but it just goes to show, the ones that dont come off stick out more than all the good things he does.

  17. James

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