There’s something very insulting about Liverpool FC

Having just had the pleasure of watching Djibril Cisse score the winner against Spurs on his Sunderland debut, I switched over to the Liverpool/Boro game that I had been watching before.

And didn’t Middlesbrough come unlucky right at the end? Having battled all match, closing Liverpool down and playing some very good football, Liverpool came back to grab two late goals from Carragher and Gerrard to steal the match 2-1.

It’s not the last minute style of the win that just irks me – it’s the general cheating culture that has permeated Liverpool that everyone can see but for the Liverpool fans.

Scousers will no doubt cry out in protest, but the Kop are the easiest litmus test here: every foul is decried as some kind of attack on their players, every dive is a stone-wall penalty followed by chants of ‘f— off, ref’, ditto every offside decision…and maybe it was just the Fox Sports’ commentator’s ‘every now and then you need a bit of British’ rubbish spouted as always.

Almost every club does the ref-belittling, every club has its one-eyed supporters…but the Kop have made a religion out of it. And frankly, it’s vile.

Ready to bury Craven Cottage memories

Song: Ready to bury Craven Cottage memories

Fulham up next, and we could see the return of Alex Song to the centre of midfield – a return of the prodigal son, in a way, after Song’s well known nightmare at the same ground some two years ago. He’s made a lot of strides since then, and I have high hopes for a player that has been treated disgustingly by Arsenal fans and some high-profile bloggers.

Update: Eboue will continue in central midfield, with Song on the bench. Toure will also replace Djourou in central defence.

Having slated Spurs and Liverpool, the football gods will look unfavourably on my scoreline prediction. It’s almost inevitable – but Arsenal should have enough in the tank without Fabregas to overcome Fulham 1-0.

Could we be seeing a scrappy game with a van Persie freekick to win it?

Ultimately, 3 points is all we want.



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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous


  3. jammathon

    I cant for the life of me think what I could be bitter about.

  4. TorreSS

    Instead of switching channels, you should have watch the hole of the game.
    The victory was fully deserved, and every shout for the referee was deserved as well!

    Come on you reds!

  5. Anonymous

    I suppose fans at the Emigrants all cheer and support the ref when he gives a decision against the Gooners. Useless article – even if LFC fans do do that – all fans do it – what right has an Arsenal fan got to be insulted by it?

  6. anon

    I know wankers who type with one hand but how do you type with one hand up your arse too?

  7. H. Rashid Khan

    Worra numpty. It is called supporting your team. Try it sometime. It is what has made Liverpool fans and the kop famous worldwide while Arsenal fans sit there in silence.

    PS – Can anyone name an Arsenal song?

    LFC have YNWA, Poor scouser tommy, fields of anfield road, liverbird upon my chest, oh campione etc but what do arsenal have?

  8. marc

    who is this dick! is it andy gray by another name

  9. John K

    Pathetic. The most successful football club in English history and their fantastic supporters deserve repect not jealous crap.

  10. daza

    What a load of rubbish i have just read, yes the kop does cry for fouls, but so does every other clubs supporters in the land, some are worse than others, i will always remember the man united “handball” chants, which isnt a far cry from the emirates stadium nowadays, that echoes around the ground just as loud.

    so please, if you are going to write a column, write something worthwhile.

  11. Sean

    Still bitter about the penalty last season maybe?

  12. Bill

    Instead of switching channels you should have just gone and played tick on the nearst motorway. You bitter twisted Manc, If anyone was cheating it was the ref and if you listen to the comentators you would realise they were complaining about his decisions we all know Rily sold his soul to the Chelski devil years ago.

  13. phil

    I think your view is blinkered. Eboue is one of the biggest divers in the premiership along with Drogba and Adebayor. Even other Arsenal supporters can’t stand Eboue diving all the time.

  14. Andy

    Jaysus you really are a total tosser aren’t you. Let’s not forget you’re an Arsenal fan, Arsenal the team of Pires, Limpar, Bergkamp et al. I won’t insult the likes of Keown, Adams et al cause defenders are meant to kick the opposition but Limpar, otherwise known as Wimpar, and Pires were 1st class cheats, who can ever forget Pires running into a Portsmouth defender then o whoops going down as though he’d been poleaxed. Bergkamp’s litany of sins were horrendous from his elbowing people in the face to the the two footed lunges. The crowd are always going to appeal for decisions, some blantly nonsenseical but they do and if you’re complaining about the volume of noise then o sorry we’ll just turn it down old boy, catch yourself on. And if you ever you use the word cheat with Liverpool again and think you’re being a smart little cockney, then perhaps you should remember GEORGE GRAHAM TAKING BUNGS, PATRICK VIERA SPITTING IN PEOPLE’S FACES and the countless red cards Wenger’s teams have got. It’s always the same with Arsenal kick and run, you don’t have the balls to stand up to people cause you might get decked, Keane proved that with Viera when you lot went missing again when things got physical. Lastly wise up Toure fouled Babel it was a penalty, every top ref I’ve heard speak about it say it was a penalty, just because the ref in the 1st game missed a blatant penalty doesn’t mean it wasn’t a penalty something you lot don’t grasp. Go away and sulk like Wenger, when things go bad Arsenal and their pathetic excuse for supporters sulk.

  15. arsenal sucks

    watch ur beloved arsenal lose now

  16. Sean

    Goood point Andy, dont forget the crowd throwing coins at Carragher also!

  17. cambsgooner

    raw nerve me thinks……………………..

  18. Sean

    the Babel penalty was a raw nerve?

  19. Harry Barracuda

    Speaking as an Arsenal fan of almost 40 years, I’m embarrassed by snot nosed little turds like this.

    Apologies to Scousers, we can find plenty of valid things to insult you cunts about, but this is not one of them!

  20. fivetimes

    Is the poster of this article a footy fan?

    What an amazing charge: Kopites are biased and shout at the ref.

    Well, I know its like a funeral at the Emirates, but forgive me for pointing out when I was there last season the Arse fans were singing in their cockney twang “F off ref” when he didnt give a penalty against us.

    Thats what fans do. At least Liverpool fans applaud greta play against us and always treat the opposing goalkeeper with the utmost respect.

  21. Sean

    Very fair point Harry. If am honest have a soft spot for Arsenal to be honest. Like the way you lot play and the way the club conducts itself…Very classy club indeed..

  22. toure tribe underboss

    phil to call adebayor a dive is crap,iv never seen him dive in my life ,drogba and eboue maybe!

  23. RickGee

    …and we remember carragher throwing it straight back at us with no regard for who he might hit with children in the crowd…Would have been given a lengthy ban had he not been English. I also remember Diouf spitting more than once, Babel, Kewell, Gerard, Torres and many more are all divers. Adebayor certainly isn’t, Eboue is and he gets blasted by all corners of the crowd for doing it…which tells you what about our fans????

    I don’t agree with the article and I’m a gooner but dont try and make out that your clubs squeeky clean. As for Wengers red cards, most of the time it was down to the palyers being foreign with Vieira in particular getting far more cards than he ever deserved. The likes of Rooney, Carra, Gerard, Lampard get away with murder becuse they’re English

  24. Marc

    useless scouser cunts….. article is soo true… watch them fall apart as their board continues to come onto Benitez’ pitch…. gonna enjoy Liverpool for 5th this season….

  25. Sean

    Again Rick I would agree with most but Carra didnt throw it back at anyone…he merely tossed it back into the crowd from where it came. Every team has players who dive, But I am not sure Liverpool are any worse than any of the other teams…But I do agree the English players get special treatment

  26. RickGee

    Appreciate your thoughts Sean but he did trow it back in, I was there coupled with the fact that he was facing the other way talking to the ref when it was thrown he would have no idea where it had come from. It’s not acceptable for him to have been targeted by an idiot in the crowd but for him to just throw it back is unforgivable imo.

  27. Chief

    HAHAHAHA what a load of crap, i have respect for Arsenal and the way thry play, have mates whoma are Arsenal fans and they good lads too, pretty honest and i respect their opinion but you are an absolute turd who opinion now matters zilch!!

    We have a great fanbase that often all get painted with the same brush and with what is a dated opinion. All clubs have their chants for the ref so to single liverpool out shows how annoyed you are that we won.

    Ill be the first to admit that it wasnt deserved and we played poor and have done for the last 3 games but of coarse this is early doors and we have finished up there with worse starts that this my friend.

    Do everyone including your own teams fans a favour and clock off or **** off

  28. red

    fulham 1

    arse 0


  29. Dan

    Fuckface cunt

  30. red


    GREAT result today for your lot!!!!!!!!!






  31. justino

    Fuck me – Spectacular FAIL

  32. Anonymous

    you got it right 1-0, and Fulham deserved it 🙂

  33. anteater

    Well, just as we speak…

    “1922: An awful dive from Adebayor. We don’t need to see that.”

    Taken from the BBC website, but hey Gooners, Adebayor isn’t a diver. Dear me. Your team usually plays very beautiful football and I wish Liverpool did the same, but surely that beautiful football deserves better supporters than the author of the article above. Have you ever heard the phrase “double standards”? Yeah, thought you hadn’t.

  34. Andy

    Rickgee, firstly I forgot about that c$%t Diouf spitting, not because he spat and I forgave him, I tried to forget him ever being in a Liverpool shirt he’s a total tool. The difference is that Diouf was castigated by most reds and those who didn’t should have a long hard look at themselves, but from what I remember about Viera the Arsenal reaction was Ruddock picked on him. Now my question would be why not hit the fat git, if you’re going to get sent off at least do it for something proper. I will never defend Diouf for his actions but I didn’t see the same reaction from gooners when Viera transgressed.
    Secondly mate if you really think Carra threw the coin with any real intent then it shows what softies you are, it wasn’t right to lob/throw it back absolutely. You should have read some of the stick that Carra got of us, the general concesus was if that was a throw he was a big girl’s blouse. Jeez I know your manager has a ‘more cultured’ (circa The Independant) way of things but if you all want to make a mountain out of a molehill (the coin was thrown back with far less velocity than it was thrown in the 1st place) but Carra recieved a ban and no-one was hurt by the coin being “returned to the general area of where it came from” as Arsene may say, so please don’t make out if Henry had done it he’d had got a longer ban he wouldn’t have.
    Finally you say Adebayor isn’t a diver but you then class Babel as a diver. I’m sorry sir I can’t say as I’ve ever known Babel to dive, hit the floor without obvious reason when he was having a stinker yes, dive no. I have seen Adebayor hit the floor numerous times although to be fair this was mostly when he was settling in, so perhaps like Babel he was uncoordinated. However for your fellow fan “toure tribe underboss” to say he has never seen Adebayor dive and then say “Droghba and Eboue maybe” sums it up you see what Mr Wenger sees in all too many cases. The arguement that the foreigners get worse treatment than English players has a fair degree of truth but don’t tell me Veira was an innocent he wasn’t, neither was Keane neither was Gerrard (I use the Gerrard “was” as Rafa has told him cut it out, look at when he got sent off 3 years back v Everton Rafa ignored him, he hasn’t transgressed like that since). Don’t get me wrong Arsenal play lovely football and Wenger has done very well buying up young kids and making them stars but this article is pure tripe, every club has it’s skeletons but if anybody defends the moron who wrote this I’d tell them to wise up.

  35. A

    You fuckin suck jammathon, go kill yourself you fuckin wanker, gary glitter motherfucker, PRICK

  36. Whingers

    Beautiful little dive from Adebayor at the end of the game!
    Arsenal fans are becoming almost as bitter as Everton!

  37. Nick

    fuck you and arsenal
    you cant beat Fulham and Icant wait for the next Arsenal game
    when you come up emty
    Do you know why Wenger likes to buy young boys

  38. Mate first of all great game by Arsenal against Fulham and secondly you got the score right 1-0 to the Cottegers.

    Now to acuse Liverpool fans of cheating shows how uneducated you are. Every club has it’s fans who are either one eyed or passionate whatever you can call them. Liverpool fans are famous around the world for their support of the mighty Reds but I remember a couple of seasons ago when the gooners were 1-0 down to the Hammers at the Emirates you could have heard a pin drop it was so quite while Arsenal laid siege onto the Hammers goal. If that was at Anfield the Kop would have sucked the ball into the net. Your fans are only heard when you are winning. It must be contages at the Emirates as when Mr.Wenger whinges the whole lot start to whinge.

    Grow up mate and stop writing articles that don’t make no sense.


  39. Get in the real World mate.

    The Kop is just pasiionate about football and their heroes, of course they’re gonna stick up for them. Don’t Southern Softies stick up for your players?

    Also, if you wish to take a look at tonights MOTD, and many others over the last few years, you will see that the biggest bunch of cheats and divers is actually Arsenal FC.

    Sorry to say it but you come accross as a bitter and jealous supporter, a bit like most Arsenal fans! Talk about one-eyed!

  40. joe

    Well most have told you what rubbish your talking i feel it no need to dig over this. Every team hassle ref and yes Jaime Caragher does like a moan but i think this growing opinion of Liverpool cheating is getting my nerves and having go at us fans is stupid. Liverpool fasn are more honest than most i’ve seen desailly given an standing ovation, Barcelona clap off Anfield after beating us. Last time i check i did see any of this happen at Old Skipford or that Concrete soulless buliding you call a stadium. In fact does anyone at Arsenal even get animated enough to even shout or don’t you have time between you eating your Mark and Spencers sandwhichs. Oh and btw hahahahaha aren’t Fulham shit, love it keep it up

  41. You Gooner C*nt


    Didn’t you get beat by a Yank? From Dallas? From a Corner?

    But You’d take Alonso in a heartbeat from us, wouldn’t you, you f*cking pratt.

  42. Anonymous

    Having just had the pleasure of watching Fulham’s winner against a mediocre Arsenal I turned on my pc only to find this pathetic entry on this blog. Are all Arsenal fans twats or what?

  43. Anonymous

    this post was a mistake and i strongly advise u delete it before you are forever tarnished in the eyes of all other arsenal writing blogs. there are plenty of these gooner bloggers about and all they do is write absolute shit and show just how pompous and wengeresque the supporters have become. They all think they are the fucking prawn sandwich of football teams. Stick your youngsters up your arse. Why not… wenger does!

  44. Andy

    Sorry had a good drink and me Carra to score 1st bet come up so to the prick who started this FUCK OFF ye mupppet FULHAM 1 Arsenal 0 shut up moaning arsewipe. to all the decent Arsenal fans don’t worry you may not win the league but you tend to play good football and if you avoid the dicks who wrote the original arguement (bulld%&*) then I hope you come 2nd after us.

  45. Anfield Is My Church. Liverpool, My Religion.

    I realise more by the day, that the world I love & live in, isn’t heading in a healthy direction, when inbred moronic twats, like yourself, with unbalanced & blinkered views, alied to an I.Q of a seedless grape, are given the power of a platform to spout their bollocks. Let me guess……I bet you voted for Bush……TWICE!!

  46. kapetan


  47. I am an Arsenal season ticket holder and have been for 25 years, and I have to say that you are an embarrassment to Arsenal and all (well, most) of it’s supporters.

    Grow up.

  48. BC

    You are full of S#*?T. I can’t believe I just read that crap.
    Don’t waste your time and the world’s bandwidth until you have something educated to say.

  49. LFC/FFC

    Ok. so arsenal fans are accusing liverpool of cheating. did you watch the fulham – arsenal game today? remember that time in the 1st half, when fulham had a man down, and arsenal refused to play it out of play, then literally 3 minutes later arsenal have a man down and fulham sportingly kick it out. geuss what denilson does then, to return the favour? he kicks the ball out for a throw right by the corner flag. thats when the chants of “same old arsenal, always cheating” increased dramatically in volume. now are you going to tell me that because the fulham fans were (rightly) having a go at the antics of the arsenal players, that they were cheating or blind?

    Didnt think so. you are a foolish, bitter arsenal fan who needs to grow up. you know youve got a problem when your own fans are joining in with us lot and having a laugh at you.

  50. imadivaprincess

    you’re an idiot… WML!!!!!!

  51. Youbittertool

    Still smarting from the CL defeat last year are we. Bitter about what?

  52. WooltonRed


  53. Ben

    I am angry with myself that i spend 2 minutes reading this rubbish thing you idiot.

  54. Well jammathon I see very few people agreeing with your thoughts here, I suggest you think before you put pen to paper next time. Supporting your team through wind and rain, thick and thin is what us Liverpool fans do. We are more than just a football team with supporters, we ar a family, something very few other teams can boast.

    As for Arsenal, I like them and I think they have a quality manager. Its a shame that people lik you have to let the side down.

  55. Anonymous

    gone quiet now you gooner prick?

  56. John

    Arsenal are just shit!

    Learn to accept you aint a big club

  57. Steve

    Aresenal are a waste of space.

    Crappy crap crap

  58. steviegee

    Dont you feel like a twat now? I have friends with arsenal season tickets so i frequently go to the emirates. I am also a liverpool fan living in london, and on wednesday will be standing in The Kop.

    The difference between the two is that one ground has a majority of supporters, the other ground, customers. The shit that clichy and adebayor got from their own fans last year was unbelievable. I felt like chanting pro-arsenal stuff just because of the injustice of it, rather than keeping my mouth shut like i usually do.

    Is it any wonder that Arsenal’s best players agitate every summer to leave the club?
    Torres has one top class season – ‘I love this club and will definitely not be leaving’
    Adebayor has one top class season – ‘I want a pay rise or I’m going to Barcelona’.

    For Adebayor exchange pires, henry, viera, flamini, hleb and every other player who owed wenger and arsenal their fame and fortune and yet have shown no loyalty whatsover. Perhaps you need to look at yourselves gooners. Do you support your best players like this nobhead’s article claims that koppites support theirs?

  59. REMY

    DICK Head get a life

  60. Remy


  61. pete

    knobhead, shut up

  62. Shoot the author

    The author of this article is obviously retarded you sad little man Liverpool deserved the win because they kept on going right up to the 96th minute Boro stopped playing after they scored.And as for the screaming at the ref for every call shut the fuck up you spastic every team’s fans do it.

  63. Remy


  64. karim

    clearly you know nothing about football, fulham beat arsenal 1-0. arsenal are nothing at the moment.

    plus if they want xabi they can have him. as long as barry and mascheraco can fill the void. Xabi is world class but LFC is bigger than one player.

  65. shanah

    fuck off…you bitter goooner

  66. wayne micallef

    haha, what!!! mate this is football, you show emotion, passion, you get into the game and cheer your team on and get behind them no matter what.. I’d hate to watch a game with u.. boring idiot

  67. paolo

    ha ha done by fulham you sad little gooner twat

  68. the master

    I was at the game yesterday and Mike Reilly’s performance as referee was very poor, even for his standards. At one point he even played advantage to Liverpool then blew for the free-kick once we had gained an advantage (Kuyt’s run into the penalty area).

  69. Come on fellow pool heads! I must admit that some pool supporters get it all wrong. Over the last 40 years I have managed to persuade most of my friends, also pool die hards, that the majority of pool supporters are giving the rest of us a bad name! They are like a horse with blinkers and simply cannot be objective. If you want to have an intellignet conversaztion about football, don’t have the conversation with a pool supporter is my advice! You guys are simply too bias. You are either too stupid or too blinkered to be objective. Call a spade a spade; we were extremely lucky to even get a point out of yesterday’s game, (let alone win it). That performance will not be good enough to beat the manc’s who have far more quality that the two teams we played. ÂŁ7.5M for dossena but where was the width yesterday? We play far too narrow and the buck stops with Benetiz. We are simply too predictable.9 Yeah it’s a good start but unless we can show considerable improvement, I can only see the title going to Chelsea and as much as it hurts me to say, it will be another year in the minnows for us. But of course none of you blinker boys will stand up and admit it. Instead ye will blame everyone else when it is our clu that is rotting from the inside out. Parry out!!!

  70. Mike

    Mate no offense but your wrong, every football stadium is the same, fans are always abusive and you must genuinly be a real idiot to think that your opinion is right. Doesn’t matter which club you look at, doesn’t even matter what country you look in, this is football… Whilst i can understand your frustration at losing to the team that got beaten by hull on opening weekend, you really need to think before you start preeching such wank.

  71. LFC

    jammathon you’re a right twat.

  72. Peter LFC

    I would say by now you are sorry you opened your big cockney mouth maybe a hint of green i think last year paid back 10 times over M Thomas goal suck eggs prick

  73. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


    Ha ha ha ha

  74. Noblelox

    LOL @ Harry Barracuda’s post…

    Well said Harry, this is the one thing that gets to me about Arsenal, a team I hate less than they others, is that you seem to have this obnoxious clique of younger fans, who have this arrogance that comes with thinking they are whiter than white and think they can look down their noses at other teams and fans. They have this desire to be judgemental, as if they are lords of football.

    So what is it with the Arse that attracts these cocky little turds with half formed and ignorant opinions???

  75. L.F.C.Y.U.

    Obviously still very upset about the peno in the champions league… typical moaning southerner get a grip…..please



  76. Hi,
    I’m a Liverpool fan, and i totally disagree with the liverpool article. have you observed what happened at Old trafford last season when the big four went there to play. It was either a red card, a false penalty, a ronaldo set-up free kick or whatever.

    i think liverpool at home is a safe playing ground for visitors.

    What about the controversial penalty that helped chelsea beat man u at stamford bridge last season.

    I think Liverpool comes clean and will milk out teams this season. By the way arsenal was too woeful against Fulham.

  77. Anonymous

    Without doubt the author of this piece of crap is a complete bellend.

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