Chelsea do have their funny side…

I am going to go on a little diversion from the other voices out there that spotted Ray Wilkins’ delightful irony yesterday, lambasting the man for calling up Arsenal and their youngsters as ‘devaluing’ the competition. No such harsh words from me, I’m afraid. Just some kind whispers of understanding.

Give Wilkins a chance!

Ray Wilkins, clearly, must be allowed to express his team more often. The more Chelsea FC are made a joke of, the brighter a place the world becomes.

We all know that heaven smiles upon a denegrated Chelsea side. Soon enough, the world will smile more on the similar fates of Manchester City, or perhaps a DIC-owned Liverpool, should such a thing eventuate. But that blue team from posh-London really does leave a bitter taste.

Arseblog has already done a good enough job at wrapping everything up before I had a chance. The price one pays for taking too long to write something, in a way.

But to Chelsea’s assistant manager, I say this: Please keep talking. Never stop. With any luck, you’ll be floundering against the relegation strugglers in the league tripping you up, matched by mid-table, and overtaken by more worthy opponents.

To Burnley, I thank you for showing Obama-esque hope in this dark, depraved world.

With the league leaders (both Chelsea and ‘Pool) tripping up to inferior opposition, Manchester Utd slipping up to us (and sneaking past QPR with a lousy penalty) and the kids demolishing Wigan, we have a chance to capitalise on some feel good momentum. It’s the perfect tonic to approach Aston Villa coming up on the weekend.

Use those good vibes well against them, then all of a sudden Man City looks rather beatable.

And then, it’s back to Mr Wilkins. Unfortunately, I don’t see him saying too much before that particular match-up. Will Chelsea’s performances improve, free at last of the Indian-sign that is Wilkins’ uninformed opinions?

Whatever. I always enjoyed a challenge.

In other news:

Jack Wilshere fever has officially struck. If he’s not the new Gazza (promptly vomits), he’s the next Liam Brady (but oh! he’s so well grounded!), Arsene Wenger bigs up his academy to the England coach, and the Carling Cup quarter finalists are as follows:

Arsenal, Blackburn, Burnley, Derby County, Manchester United, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford.

Out of those, obviously I’d like to take a break from the Premiership opposition. Someone like Derby would go down quite nicely. No doubt we’ll get Mancester United away, though.

Which relates to a slightly more permanent poll on the side bar, there. Predict who we’ll get drawn against on Saturday for the Carling Cup quarter final.

Until then, auf wedersehen.



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7 responses to “Chelsea do have their funny side…

  1. Jigga

    yep he is funny. In ur face wilkins!

  2. Chris Bedlow

    Bound to be Stoke away, score three wonder goals, lose 4-3 to four Delap throw ins, perfect summary of season so far

  3. goon

    chelsea have a racist fanbase that handed out BNP leaflets at emirates stadium. i know english fans talk about foreign players an that but cfc are just nasty. ‘stay english’ an all that. i’m glad we have foreign players, and i like all of em, great multicultural arsenal squad. like north london.
    well done burnley you beauty, we love you for this cos i hate cfc fans above every1.

  4. Allan

    was on the game last ntie at chelsea and ive got to say that the chelsea fans were the wrost ive seen in a long time , the only time they made a noise is when they scored and all they shouted was Yess!!! , ive been to alot of away games in the championship at far smaller grounds and there is more noise made by the supporters there.

  5. GunnerG

    Yep. It’s going to be Stoke away.

  6. Mrs van Persie

    Stoke at home would suit me……..poetic justice!

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