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Arsenal Sign a String of Players; Third-Gen’s Blog of the Week: Coming Soon.

Arsenal defeated Newcastle by a convincing 3-0 scoreline on Tuesday, leaving them top of the table until a Ronaldo-inspired Manchester United ripped Portsmouth to shreds a day later to reclaim the Number One on goal difference. Continue reading



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Relief for Toure and a Lifeline for Lehmann.

It’s Newcastle United again tonight, after a day where the whole world seemed to forget how satire worked, and I was accused of everything from racism to ‘a complete lack of intelligence. Such is life. Continue reading


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It’s Manchester United at Old Trafford in the FA Cup

One more update to make up for a missed day.

The most predictable draw tonight was Chelsea’s home match against Huddersfield.

Arsenal were drawn against Manchester United. At Old Trafford.

The full draw as follows:

  • Bristol Rovers v Southampton
  • Cardiff City v Wolves
  • Sheff Utd v Middlesbrough
  • Liverpool v Barnsley
  • Manchester United v Arsenal
  • Preston v Portsmouth
  • Coventry v West Brom
  • Chelsea v Huddersfield

A review of tonight’s mess tomorrow, friends.


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Newsflash: Arsenal to Steal March on Spurs by Snatching Jonathan Woodgate

I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, but here we are.

Jonathan Woodgate, ex-Newcastle, Real Madrid, and now Middlesbrough (and English!) defender, is apparently considering a contract from Arsenal. Continue reading

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Bendtner Is Five Times the Player Adebayor is…

A day off yesterday after taking care of some private-business matters. I know most of you will be baying for my blood with the chants ‘no holidays for bloggers’, but your efforts will be in vain. My exile is both extremely secure and ultimately secret. Bwahaha. Continue reading


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Give Senderos Your Belief, and Kolo’s Absence will not be felt…

A preview and focus on just the one major news-story today – Australia Day has taken the best out of me. All beached out and ready to collapse somewhere, it was good reminiscing with some old South African expat friends of mine, though… Continue reading


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The Arsenal Story set to be Flaminified

As we all wait for the dust to settle after the ever-falling fallout from the Carling Cup, Arsenal are suddenly hit with some rather pomp and proper good news – some of it involving people getting leniently off the hook, and a certain midfielder giving some very good vibes off with wink-of-the-eye hints. Continue reading

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